Young Americans Center for Financial Education Overview

Young Americans Center for Financial Education Overview

children who learn how to make wise financial decisions at a young age grow up to be more financially savvy adults what is credit and how do you use it responsibly why should you have a budget how do you build savings as a former bank regulator and as a parent I can tell you that the future economic success of our country and really our world depends on how we prepare our youth today the only American Bank is awesome because it teaches kids about money and you can also buy piggy banks here I have a savings account when I'm 12 I plan to get a checking account and a credit card I might even apply for a loan to get a computer young Americans Bank a place where young people can actually experience finance inspired the nonprofit young American Center for financial education our programs teach in a fun hands-on way before today my classmates and I spent eight weeks learning about banking budgeting civics and philanthropy at school we filled out applications and interviewed for jobs now it's our day to run young the mayor town which has sixteen shops in its own government over 26,000 young people experience young American every year that's almost 40 percent of Colorado fifth graders and now with two permanent locations and two on the road version will reach even more our curriculum focuses on baking specifically how to use credit cards responsibly currency exchange trade interdependence diplomacy international business and opportunity cost this 16 country world is the only problem of its kind that teaches students in a hands-on way about their role in the world economy youth this has helped me prepare for a successful future by teaching me critical thinking self direction and invention besides programs that inspire and support young entrepreneurs supras offers opportunities for sales through youth this marketplace and for business development through this startup and through the youthful star's business competition start your own business young Americans can help you with the program like youth this take a summer class talk to your school about participating in our program or bringing young American on the road to your community stop by and open a bank account at young Americans Bank support our mission and help prepare our youth to be successful productive members of society


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