Video: Is it good to study in the city? | New York University

Hi, my name is Courtney and I’m a
graduate student at NYU studying fundraising and grant making. Coming here to New York City has been really beneficial in terms of the people
that I get to meet and the internships that I have access to. There’s research
that I can do in the form of going into different organizations and speaking
with their staff and getting access to seeing what they do all day. Which is
really beneficial in terms of shaping my idea of what I want in my career and really
getting an understanding of what the field has to offer at different points
of view and different career opportunities in the field. New York’s an exciting city. It’s definitely the epicenter of philanthropy, so it’s really
perfect in terms of what I’m studying. But certainly if you wanted to go into a
whole number of things, be it finance, the arts, anything, you’ve got it here in
New York. It’s just a tremendous place. I’m here at New York University right in
New York and one of the things I want to talk to you about is–prospective students, you think a lot about where you want to go to school and you think about the geographic
location you think about the size, all those important elements and one of the things
you may be considering is, do you want to go to college in a city? So here in New York you
have so many different opportunities to take advantage of. From wonderful museums and theater and great internship opportunities, and that’s fantastic for a
lot of students. But some students may a feel a little bit lost when they come to a
big place like this and so it’s important to think about, what kind of
student are you? And how will you seek out the opportunities and how will you
find the help you need if you do try to go to a bigger school?
So while there’s lots of different advantages of going to schools in a big
city, it’s also important to think about you and your learning style. Opportunities that you will take advantage of
when you go to college.

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