• Miroz

    same rallies expected as of when 6G, 7G, 8G, etc. will be launched. There'll always be opportunities. Just sell everything and buy Crypto 😛

  • 40 Finance

    Software stocks are definitely high right now but the recurring revenue base makes them an attractive investment over the long haul. I'll take Adobe and MSFT all day over Beyond Meat and Uber.

  • Dennis Vivanco

    5G is not as big as you think and you're over-hyping it. There's so many restrictions with that technology not to mention it will cost an enormous amount of money to adapt to 5G just in one city. If you understand the tech, you will understand why there isn't much attention to it.

  • Juan

    Jeremy, have you heard/read about all the more recent research about possible health effects of 5G? Some ppl are going all armageddon about it, prob won't be as bad, but still concerning. Stock wise- something could come up that brings them all down.

  • Enco 8

    What about solar panels, lithium miners and copper miners .. there is lots of growth potential and the stocks are really under valued

  • Dave

    5G operates on microwave length. If the world wasn't insane, 5G tech and 5G stock would go under and never be supported. But being that the world is crazy and our politicians are bought, 5G will more then likely move right through even with the extensive studies showing 5g's direct relation to the cause of cancer,.. so the best companies to profit from 5g tech will most likely be Pfizer and any drug maker that will produce cancer drugs.

  • Andrew Browning

    I’ve been watching ticker Teum for a while now, massive short attack recently dropping the stock 50%. They have had a great inflow of institutional ownership and will be part of the Russel 3000 next month. This is a player in iot and 5g, do you have any thoughts?

  • Joe

    So they collect pension and social security taxes then buy corporate bonds. The corporation then take that money and buy their own stock. Rinse repeat. Poor boomers are gonna feel it if rates ever rise…if they drop this money will seek even riskier assets. Not good either way. Country in a bad bad spot. There wasn't much of a recovery and what we did get was printed out of thin air…

    Also did you know your pension, Medicare and social security are underfunded to the point these funds much seek out on average a 7.5% yield? What could go wrong? I mean, it's only a fed budget deficit of over 1.2 trillion and rising. We totally got this.

  • Joe

    Assets are bubbled so high now, in every category. We are on our way to becoming Japan imo. Rise of the zombies. Zombies gonna feast if rates drop!

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