The Teaching Series Update (Frequency Change)
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The Teaching Series Update (Frequency Change)

Friends, hello there! Hey, a quick update
from Walking the Text, and specifically about the Teaching Series. And I have to
begin by saying thank you. Thank you for engaging the teaching series, thank you
for sharing the teaching series with your friends and your family. As a result,
a number of amazing opportunities have been surfacing with us at Walking the
Text. And over the last couple months we have been prayerfully considering some
of these opportunities, and we believe God has led us onto some really cool
things. And I’m not at liberty to share those yet, we are still in development
with some of them, but here’s what this means with respect to the Teaching
Series is that we have to change the frequency. So for nearly the last two
years we have released a brand new episode every single Tuesday, but going
forward we’re gonna have to release a new episode every other Tuesday.
Now for many of you this is really good news, because one of the biggest forms of
feedback we’ve gotten over the last year is because every episode is so content
rich you are not up to speed on where we are at with the Teaching Series.
You’ve mentioned many times over, “We can’t keep up!” And so we took that into
consideration and I know this is going to be really helpful for you. For others
of you, however, this news is going to be disappointing. And I know it’s going to
be disappointing because it doesn’t matter where I speak, where I go, I have
people who come up to me and say, “I watch the teaching series every single
week and God is meeting me in powerful ways as I understand how to read the
text in context.” So knowing that this is going to be disappointing for you,
let me offer you four ideas. The first is know that more content
will be coming your way, not just from within the teaching series.
So one of the things that is unfolding is I am beginning to speak more
at other churches, and specifically at my local church where
I have just been a congregant for the last couple of years. And so we’re going to be
sending you those sermons as they become available on our website. Secondly,
speaking with respect to our website and our sermon library, we have more than a
hundred teachings there. And so if you have not engaged all of those teachings
that is additional content for you to explore. Third, perhaps for those of you
who are totally caught up, that you go back and look at some of the teaching
series episodes that have had an impact on you and you revisit those. I mean,
we’ve almost done 90 of those episodes, and knowing that you are in a different
place than when you were when you first watched them, you will engage that content
differently. And so maybe you just choose a series, or you choose just a series of
episodes, that spoke to you before and you rewatch those during the weeks that
we are not releasing a new episode. And then the fourth idea is this, is that you
watch the same episode two weeks in a row. So I remember when I was learning
how to communicate, and I was being mentored by this pastor, the church that
he was part of that I was at they had three services during the weekend.
And while I was mentoring under him I went to all three services every single
weekend because I was interested in ‘how is he going to make changes from one
service to the next?’ And so we would discuss that. But one of the big AHAs for
me was that he said the exact same thing in all three services, but there were
things that I heard in the second service that I don’t remember him saying
in the first service. There was even things he said in the third service as
well as in the second and the first, but I only heard it for the first time in
the third service. And so what I realized is that when we are processing
information there is a lot that we miss. And so I would encourage you to watch
the same teaching series episode two weeks in a row in order to engage that
content more fully. And then the final thing that I will say is just to any of
you who are watching this who somebody shared this with you, if you’re not
signed up at I would HIGHLY encourage you to do so. This
allows us to do two things. One is I can send you a free ebook I wrote called The
Number One Mistake Most Everyone Makes Reading the Bible. This is a really
helpful resource. This answers the questions that I got for so long: what do
you mean by studying the text in context? Is there a framework for this? And what
are the best resources to read in order to go deeper? It’s all in that free ebook.
Secondly, it allows us to communicate with you all of the incredible things
that are going to be brewing and beyond the horizon in the months to come as a
way of being able to serve you better as we go into the future of understanding
the text in context. And so that’s a quick update for all of you I hope that
is helpful. Thank you for all the love, thank you for all the encouragement,
thank you for all the support, and thank you for allowing us to journey with you
on this trek that we’re all on to better understand the Bible so that we can
learn, love and live it out every day. Grace and peace be with you.


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