The Stages Of Learning – Which One Are You?
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The Stages Of Learning – Which One Are You?

The stages of learning. I wasn’t going
to teach this but I will just cuz I’m on it. I’m on a bit of a random tangent. This how it goes. That says ‘unconscious incompetence’. That means you don’t even know that you don’t know. You don’t even
know you suck Ignorance is bliss, right? But then what happens is all of a
sudden, you might learn something Go “Wow! I can actually be doing this better”. So you actually get what’s called ‘conscious incompetence’. So you know you suck. You’re like “Ah, man I do actually suck at this”, right? I dunno, that’s pretty better, right? Like “Now I know I suck”, right? Then what you get is ‘conscious competence’ That means you know the right way of doing it but you have to think about it to make it work. And if you’re not thinking about it you default to the old way You go “Ah sh1t, that way, that way, yeah”. You gotta think about it, right? But what happens is, just
like this guys: Consciously at first you’ve got to go that way… But after a period of time it becomes hardwired and then you get what’s called, what?
[Audience] Unconscious competence? [Ben] That’s right. Unconscious competence, right. So that means you do the right thing without even thinking about it. So that might be like some of your mates that you might know who are good with women but they
don’t know how. And when it doesn’t work it’s actually better to have done it this way because when it doesn’t work, you actually know how to troubleshoot. Because you know how it should be working and you know the mistakes And so go “Ah! That’s right! I didn’t change. Ah cool. Back on track!” I actually believe in some ways you’ve actually got the edge on your ‘natural’ mate (friend) if you know how to do this
because you can learn to be natural. Like now I do it right without thinking about it most of the time but if I make a mistake I go “Oh, change that, ah, back on track” and then I just forget about it again.

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