The Blood Typing Game
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The Blood Typing Game

The Blood Typing game is an educational game
that teaches students about the human blood types by administering virtual blood transfusions
to patients. When you receive your patient, you need to
discover their blood type before performing the transfusion. First, use the syringe to draw your patient’s
blood and deposit it into three test tubes. The test tubes contain three different reagents
with either A, B or Rh antibodies. The antibodies attach to antigens on the patient’s red blood
cells if they match. No agglutination in test tube A indicates
that the patient does not belong to blood group A. Agglutination in test tube B indicates the
patient does belong to blood group B. In test tube Rh, the blood is Rh positive
if there is clumping, and Rh negative if there is no clumping.
We know that this patient’s blood type is B positive because clumping occured in the
test tubes containing B and Rh antibodies. Check to see how many bags of blood your patient
needs. Select the bags of blood that are compatible with your patient’s blood type. People can safely receive blood from the same
blood type as their own, but also from some other compatible blood types. This “Compatible
blood chart” shows which bloods are compatible with the others. Our patient can obviously receive B positive
blood, but can also receive B negative, O positive, or O negative. If you give your patient the wrong blood type,
the red blood cells from the donated blood will clump, which can have fatal consequences
for the patient. The blood typing educational game helps students
understand blood-typing through visual enforcement in this hands-on animated game. It is an excellent
tool for teachers to use in the classroom. The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to
Karl Landsteiner in 1930 for his discovery of ABO human blood groups. Later, he was also
involved in discovering the Rh blood group system.


  • Prakash madathil p

    You can increase or decrease blood through the universe and may be possible this process automatically after a century later

  • Jonathon Janson

    In the spring of 2017 I was in a community college Biology class we were studying blood typing. I found this game to be a easy and fun way to learn about the different types of blood! I showed it to my teacher and he shared it with the class. Halloween 2018, about half a year has past, I try to find the game, unfortunately it seems like its been taking down! ): . I wish I could play this fun educational game again. Can it be put back up please!.

  • Deanna Ryan

    WHY did you remove this game and ALL the other interactive games on NOBELPRIZE.ORG? All the site does now is have biographies… it doesn't actually teach anything any more. SO SAD. This used to be in my TOP TEN educational sites on the web. BRING IT BACK.

  • Nobel Prize

    Keep an eye on ( ) for good news regarding this game!

  • Nobel Prize

    We've brought back six of our most popular and most-requested games. Check them out here:

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