Tania’s Story: Morse code meets machine learning
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Tania’s Story: Morse code meets machine learning

[device beeping] Tania: Hi, I am Tania. This is my voice. I use Morse code by putting
dots and dashes with switches mounted near my
head. As a very young child, I used a communication word
board. I used a head stick to point to
the words. It was very attractive to say
the least. Once Morse code was
incorporated into my life, it was a feeling of pure
liberation and freedom. boy: See you later. Love you. Tania: I think that is why I
like skydiving so much. It is the same kind of feeling. Through skydiving, I met Ken,
the love of my life and partner in crime. Ken: It’s always been very,
very difficult just to find Morse code
devices, to try Morse code. Tania: This is why I had to
create my own. With the help from Ken, I have
a voice and more independence in my
daily life. But most people don’t have Ken. It is our hope that we can
collaborate with the Gboard team to help
people who want to tap into the freedom of using Morse
code. woman: Gboard is the Google
keyboard. What we have discovered working
on Gboard is that there are entire pockets of
population in the world, and when I say “pockets,” it’s,
like, tens of millions of people who have never had access to a
keyboard that works in their own language. With Tania, we’ve built support
in Gboard for Morse code, so it’s an input modality that
allows you to type in Morse code and gets texts
out with predictions, suggestions. I think it’s a beautiful
example of where machine learning Can really assist someone in a
way that a normal keyboard without artificial intelligence
wouldn’t be able to. Tania: I am very excited to
continue on this journey. Many, many people will benefit
from this, and that thrills me to no end. [gentle music]


  • Jordana Pew

    My father Sheldon would love to see and speak with your wife he will come over in the left side arm of the lower bill

  • Scott Warren

    Morse code is not dead, infact seems to be becoming more useful. As a ham radio operator, Glad to see its helping someone in such a way. 73's, … _._. _ _ _ _ _


    This is the best technology …..for the humans….it can change a life and make more development for the peoples who just can't speak but can express through such technology

  • Keith Watson

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  • Keith Watson

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  • Keith Watson

    I use Grammarly to help me because I am dyslexic, Grammarly has set me free as a bird, I now wight poetry like never before.

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  • Keith Watson

    Tania's, Story is so meaningful to me, personaly. So wonderful, she can now move forward into her life with a sense of hope and understanding, to show her self, thanks to new Technology.


    Thank you for your effort to help make peoples dreams come true. I see all these youtubers who may have hard lives and may live with the thought and hope of YouTube dreams. It is a positive outlet for people in a world that has many ills.  I represent puRg clan llc.  On YouTube.  My goals are not for fame,but for means to help others. I appreciate u someday I will own orphanages and use my acquired life perks to help others. The weak ,the meal, and the poor. Thank u again

  • Dave Farrus

    Wanted to show you what we are working on. Are system is based on a number of pages with buttons the allow users to control a PC with as little input. We did also test in Morse Code a few years ago using word prediction.

    Also eye tracking, simple sounds, tabbing between button and clicking after a few sec.

    Are design is based on if a client can cause a click we can use the click to run a system for them. You can create a click even with any sound made by the client.

    In are area, Cincinnati, Ohio, we could find no support from ALS, United Cerebral Palsy or local Children's Hospital. The groups like ALS would not even return are calls. We asked if we could show the families or meet with the client to see if we could help.

    We felt they had vendors who sell devices and They are trained in and make a good profit.
    We were not selling anything The family would only have to purchase a Lap Top PC, no charge for the software.

    We found out that the speech trainers, skills were in the devices the vendors were selling, so they didn't want anyone coming in even, if we could offer a solution that could help the client .

    We gave up after a few years, and only now with the hand held PC's have the prices come down.

    This is an old demo we made to show the direction of are design.


  • M A#np

    this can also help amputee with only one hand.. or even double hand amputees etc etc. do you have more info on how to download install the gboard morse code and tutorial on using it?

  • Antonio Cezar

    People with Reduced Mobility Now can Use Morse Code in GBoard, but Functional Braille is Still Missing on Android!
    Why this is important
    Many visually impaired persons are still literate in Braille, and the Soft Braille Keyboard is the 1st truly functional Braille keyboard on Android.
    But what about Brailleback ?! It is only an Android driver for braille displays, which requires the user to acquire, and still carry with them, more an extra accessory.
    However, for functional braille on Android, Talkback still has to be disabled / enabled, a major drawback to Braille on Google's system.
    But, just like Morse Code, Google can also integrate into GBoard the Soft Braille Keyboard, an open source keyboard with Apache 2.0 License.
    With this, for example, it becomes easier to automate the deactivation / activation of touch exploration in Talkback, thereby resulting in the use functional Braille on Android.
    Please sign this petition, share with all your friends, and collaborate with us in favor of functional Braille on Android too!

  • MTube 731

    Dear google.the youtube has a glitch… the supermariologan gets in every vid age-(idk) and he didnt have money…plz help him

    Thanks Mitsos

  • Wrath

    Wow! Google did this?! A website browser?! swiftly clicks to app store and downloads Google
    Google thanks for being helpful to this woman.

  • Pozole

    Please fix this, whenever anyone searches me up, its shows things I do, Some kids found my channel by google and started making fun of me for those searches, please just dont have a search option for my channel, google ;(

  • Vikas Tatawat

    hey HI google! I am having some problems with youtube. Whenever i am jumping to a particular time of the youtube it just freezes. Not expected from you guys. Hoping that you will correct this bug soon.

  • Sunshine Bundle

    tania? I think I'm gonna owe you huge! After 34 years of using morse Exactly same way you do, i almost had to resort to Scanning because Windows has refused to update the morse program. But the creation of this program has literally been my saving grace. Thank you! I really think you and I should be email support buddies because I have a feeling we're both chatterboxes and go through the same challenges. Do you want to?

  • MilMike

    why are so many people disliking thist video? Some people are just heartless asshats.
    I am playing with the gboard morse right now and I think it is cool how old technology (morse) can be used nowadays to help people be more independent.

  • Witold Banasik

    Love it… am excited… and do no mind one day someone has implemented the stuff enabling them to invade my already corrupted and rusty and smelly smartless brainy stuff or so.
    Don't mind me anyway… just carry on like that. I'll be around to help you out Google with your passion to improve the world… I do pretty much the same… yet in my own WAY ! Cheers …

  • Luficarius Ratspeed

    The Morse keyboard really needs to have traditional single button option. Morse is supposed to be tappable with a single finger and respond to the length of time you hold the key down.

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