• Brown v. the Board of Education
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    Brown v. the Board of Education

    At some point in their school careers, almost every American student is taught about Brown v. Board of Education, but who was Brown? What was this famous court case about? In the first half of the 20th Century, throughout the United States, segregation was the law of the land. Schools, as well as other public institutions and businesses, were commonly segregated on the basis of race. This had been upheld in the Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson. Linda Brown was an African American third grader who attended Monroe Elementary School in Topeka, KS. This was the all-black school she was required to attend because of the segregation laws in…

  • eTAP Special Education Success

    eTAP Special Education Success

    etap was formed in the year 2000 as a nonprofit our content has been prepared by experienced teachers with advanced degrees a 15 day free trial is provided to evaluate how etap meets your learning needs PT provides learning resources that meets the needs of special education students our success stories show how at-risk students tripled their pass rate when using etap to prepare for the high school exit exam etap help special education students by providing number one access to all grade levels to easily find their learning level 2 instruction that is easy to read by using short sentences and words and including many pictures and graphics 3…



    hi guys welcome back to too cool for middle school I have been meaning to make this video forever I've been saving footage for like a year and I just really wanted to commemorate this because it's like really a once-in-a-lifetime thing I really doubt that I'll get to be on the cover of a magazine again anytime soon but it was so much fun to do once in my life so if you're wondering what I'm even talking about a little over a year ago a writer from the magazine California educator emailed me and asked if I would be interested in doing an article for like their back-to-school…

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    American History Road to Revolution Documentary

    unto your flags because assignment discovery is battling the British in American history Road to revolution first we'll examine the laws that stir rebellion in the American colonies in the price of Independence then we'll diagnose the causes and effects of one of our nation's great tragedies in Boston Massacre facts and fiction next we'll learn about the hardship and heroism of soldiers in colonial Americans at war finally we'll set our sights on understanding the tactics used by American soldiers in the Revolutionary War rebels and redcoats america's march to freedom coming up next as you watch the first half of this program keep these questions in mind why…

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    Rosa Parks: Bus, Facts, History, Life, Legacy, Biography, Quotes, Education (1999)

    good afternoon I'm Nancy Damon and I'm on the program committee for the Jew Virginia festival of the book like to welcome you on behalf of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the Virginia has to look to this one of the opening day programs of the Book Festival for 1999 I'd like to thank our sponsors the city of Charlottesville the county of Albemarle the daily progress sprint Wachovia and hundreds of other individual people and companies that made this book festival possible we hope you'll fill out one of the forms that you received from the volunteers yes they're showing them there in yellow and if you…

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    The Great Age of Exploration 1400 1550 Documentary

    six centuries ago European civilization stood at the threshold of the new yet at this time most people still knew very little of the world beyond their own small communities no matter where in Asia or an F in fact in the 1400s most people still thought the world was flat and understanding of geography was so cool that the best map of the world is over 1000 years old having been made not long after the time of Christ but by the end of the 1400s as new ideas took hold knowledge of the world and its people improved rapidly as more and more ships set out from European…

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    How America became a superpower

    the modern United States is the most powerful country in human history with over 800 military bases and 37 percent of global military spending the US has become the leader of a vast interconnected global system that has helped usher in an era of unprecedented prosperity and low levels of conflict to understand America's position in the world and why hits so pivotal for world politics as we know it you have to go back to the country's founding back to when America wasn't a global power in any sense of the word during the first 70 years of its existence the United States expanded in both territory and influence…