• Vicki Phillips: The Technology Wave Hits Education
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    Vicki Phillips: The Technology Wave Hits Education

    I think we’re just beginning to realize the power of technology in education actually. And isn’t it interesting that education’s sort of the last profession that technology has transformed. And I think a lot of that is because we can’t just plop down, you know, new tools into an old system and expect that to work. So a lot of where we’re seeing the Internet be the most powerful is in these blended school models where schools are starting to flip their classrooms and use the Internet and technology enabled tools. Whether that’s videos of experts talking to students or whether it’s students getting online and doing assignments in a…

  • Archaeology Distance Learning Lab Week at the University of Leicester
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    Archaeology Distance Learning Lab Week at the University of Leicester

    My name is Kerry and I am studying Distance Learning Archaeology. Like a lot of people I had seen all of the coverage on the excavations for Richard III and I was at a time in my life where I didn’t know what I wanted to do going forwards and after a bit of research I saw that Leicester did an Archaeology degree that was distance learning and I just thought that’s the one for me. This week I am on campus and I am doing my third-year lab week, which means that I actually get a bit more interaction in person with my tutors and I’m having tutorials and…

  • Someone Pinch Me
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    Someone Pinch Me

    It’s been a month and a half since I moved And I’m still amazed at the beauty of what is Portland A city built within nature, So many colors and scenery. As I walk with my friends through the forest, I marvel at the beauty. This place that I never knew about up until this year, Has a type of wonder to it. It pulls you in, hypnotizes you and won’t let you go. Some days it hits me like “Whoa I’m here, I’m actually here.” Other days, like today it hits a little different, “Someone pinch me, I must dreaming.” “This is a beautiful and gorgeous plac!” “I can’t…

  • The key to successful co-teaching
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    The key to successful co-teaching

    (upbeat music) – Really, just working with a partner and coming up with the best way to teach the students. It personalizes learning a lot more. Oh, you have to learn that you’re not trying to be better than the other person. You’re trying to work with the other person and both become better yourself. They can see the teachers working as a team together, so they know how to work with each other. (gentle music)

  • What’s New in Microsoft EDU | Episode 38
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    What’s New in Microsoft EDU | Episode 38

    – G’day, everyone. This is “What’s New in EDU,” where we bring you all the latest innovations and announcements in education technology. (upbeat dance music) As a teacher, you already know how much technology is changing the nature of work, just as it’s shaping the demand for workforce skills. Today, we will hear from a few teachers just like you who will share how you can participate in Hour of Code, learn about artificial intelligence, and use STEM learning tools to further develop your students’ creativity, resilience, and problem-solving skills, all top skills for jobs of the future. That’s according to the World Economic Forum, and they know a thing…

  • Teaching teenagers – how to get their attention and keep it
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    Teaching teenagers – how to get their attention and keep it

    An important aspect of teaching teenagers is getting their attention and keeping it. In this video we’re going to look at three tips to do this, along with some practical ideas you might try with your classes. Knowing what your students like and dislike both in terms of activities and general interests will naturally help students to stay more motivated during classes. At the start of the course, a competitive quiz can help you learn something about your students, and also familarise them with the organisation of your coursebook. Split the class into teams and ask one student to be the spokesperson. Only the spokesperson can give the team’s answer.…