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    – Man, that one’s really hard – This is for young kids; you’re making an old 50-something year old lady do it JESS: Hey guys, welcome back to my channel My name is Jessica and today I’m here with my mom[CHEER]and we’re gonna learn Tik Tok dances together I saw Emma Chamberlain’s video on learning how to do Tik Tok dances and I thought since my mom’s in town, it would be fun to do one together so, yeah JESS: Let’s start with an easy one MOM: Yeah, just a easy one JESS: We’re gonna start with “Say So” by Doja Cat I’ve seen this around a few times; it’s…

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    Learning from Japanese PRO Manga Artists|”Mangaka Channel”

    What kind of YouTuber did you like? Wait, you’re the one asking me the questions now? Who is this? They say it’s easier to draw the leaves with the brush If you don’t know this, you would draw with a pen People who don’t know will start from zero Hello! Hello! Hello! No? – Whyyy? It is correct though…. Why does everyone mimic me? This is Kawakami san and Urata san from Mangaka channel I’m Kawakami What is Mangaka channel? A channel with manga artists in it? We both are manga artists reaching out to people who like manga, who want to be manga artists It’s a channel talking about…

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    How to Fix iPad Sound Problem: no sound on iPad games, iPad Apps without sound. Easy! iOS 10,9,8 & 7

    You have an iPad with iOS7… …but, some apps to make any sound? Let’s fix it! First: take a look at the “side switch”… …see the red mark? The iPad is “on mute” Switch it up! Second: put the volume all up! But, if your side switch is used to lock the rotation of the screen, …then you bring up the “Control Center”, and take a look at the Cut Bell: if it is ‘bright’… …just turn it off. Again, put the volume all up, dismiss the Control Center… …and we should have sound! Still, no sound?… let’s close all the running apps: Double-tap the ‘Home Button’… …and there might…

  • Teaching Tips 6: Using chants, rhymes and rounds
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    Teaching Tips 6: Using chants, rhymes and rounds

    Music is part of the English language, even if we don’t realise. (Chanting) Concentration. Concentration. Concentration, are you ready? Concentration, now beginning. Rachael. Concentration. Are you ready? Concentration now beginning. And so they’ve had the same words twice, first time they’ve stressed every syllable and then the second time they’ve condensed it already to two beats. So when they’re putting a name, they have to decide which syllable they’re going to stress and how they’re going to fit it into the rhyme and this is of course what we do with stress timing naturally as English speakers. Concentration. Concentration. Concentration, now beginning. Concentration, are you ready? Rachael. Stacy. (Laughing) So…

  • How to use Chopsticks in Japan -One minute learning –
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    How to use Chopsticks in Japan -One minute learning –

    It ’s wonderful that you can eat anything with just chopsticks The end of the chopsticks is left facing since right-handed people are common At first, practice with one chopstick.Hold it like a pencil and move it with your index and middle fingers Once you get used to it, let’s move it with two chopsticks It is easy to practice with carrying small food Breach of manners Do not move the plate with chopsticks Don’t grab one food with two people Do not point or swing with chopsticks In Japan, you can become a hero if you are good at using chopsticks Even if you are not good at using…

  • The Future of Deep Learning Research
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    The Future of Deep Learning Research

    Hello world it’s Suraj and what is the future of deep learning? That’s the topic for today? Inspired by something that Geoffrey Hinton recently said this talk is gonna be divided into three parts. I’m gonna talk about how backpropagation works what the most popular deep learning algorithms are right now and Finally seven research directions that I have personally hand-picked, okay That’s the talk in three parts, so let’s get started here So this whole video was inspired by what Geoffrey Hinton recently said in an article so Geoffrey Hinton is the Godfather of neural networks? He’s the guy who invented the backpropagation algorithm back in 86 Which is…

  • 3. Installing necessary Modules On Unity from Unity Hub – Game Development Course using Unity and C#
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    3. Installing necessary Modules On Unity from Unity Hub – Game Development Course using Unity and C#

    Welcome back again to Game Development course using Unity Engine and C#. In previous lecture, we have already installed unity. Now, we have to add necessary modules to unity engine, such as development tools and platforms, for which we are going to develop our game. Let’s begin with starting unity hub from your desktop. If you have logged in to unity then it will appear here. If you have not created unity account then sign up for new account and login your account before continue At the left sidebar of unity hub your will find Installs. Click on it. Here you can find the unity, which you have installed on…

  • Practical Machine Learning Tutorial with Python Intro p.1
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    Practical Machine Learning Tutorial with Python Intro p.1

    Well, girls and guys and welcome to an in-depth machine learning tutorial series. The objective of this tutorial series is to give you a holistic understanding of machine learning and how it works and we’re going to be doing this by covering a variety of algorithms so first we’re gonna be covering regression then we’re going to be moving into classification with k-nearest neighbors and support vector machines and then we’re going to get into clustering with flat clustering a hierarchical clustering and then finally we’ll be getting into deep learning with neural networks. So, each step of the way with each of the major algorithms we’re going to cover…

  • DIY School Supplies! 10 Weird DIY Crafts for Back to School with DIY Lover!
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    DIY School Supplies! 10 Weird DIY Crafts for Back to School with DIY Lover!

    In this video I’m going to show you 10 crazy, unique and a bit weird DIYs for back to school. Notebooks, pens, school bags, pencil cases and much much more. Check it out! Hey guys! It’s almost time for school! Yeeey… I hate school. OK, I know that going back to school may not be your favorite thing in the world, but you got to admit that preparing for new school supplies, backpacks and all that stuff, is a pretty exciting part. And this year I want you guys to have the coolest school supplies at your school, so I put together the most crazy, unique, epic DIY school supplies…