• Machine Learning – Part 5 – Human Body & Human Head Extraction – Flame 2020.2
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    Machine Learning – Part 5 – Human Body & Human Head Extraction – Flame 2020.2

    Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. With the Flame 2020.2 update… Two new machine learning models… have been introduced into the Flame products. So part 5 in the Machine Learning Series… Introduces Human Body Extraction… And Human Head Extraction. Both machine learning models… allow Flame to look at an image… And identify parts of the human body. So Human Body Extraction attempts to identify the entire human structure… Whereas Human Head Extraction concentrates purely on the human Head. In both cases, you can then use the extraction… as part of a selective or composite. For example, you may need to roto someone in a shot… Or perhaps blur…

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    Teachers Support Differentiated Learning Through Professional Development and Collaboration

    >>Sometimes, y’all when we’re researching we find out things that we think we knew already might not be exactly true. Is that okay? Yes.>>Narrator: The teaching team at Forrest Lake is a tight knit group. Many of them have worked together for several years collaborating to improve their teaching skills and supporting each other as they embrace rapidly evolving technology.>>All right, we need to look at home life.>>How they travel in transportation. Transportation.>>Narrator: Every other week grade-level teams meet in what they call “Collaborative Corner” to discuss challenges and plan interdisciplinary lessons together. With the support of Instructional Technology Specialist, Paulette Williams.>>Because we have plenty of resources on everything.>>Narrator: Media…

  • WHICH VERSION? Windows 10 Home vs. Pro vs. Education Comparison
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    WHICH VERSION? Windows 10 Home vs. Pro vs. Education Comparison

    The free upgrade period for Windows 10 is behind us now, and – despite some initial wording that suggested otherwise – Microsoft has drawn lines in the sand between the multiple “Editions” of Windows 10 – Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education. But what are these differences? I’m EposVox, helping make tech easier to understand a more fun through free educational videos. Today we’re going to be focusing on Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Education to see which version you need to pick up for your needs. We’ll be using the comparison charts directly from Microsoft and discussing them within more practical, realistic expectations. Let’s start with the easy one –…

  • How Malala and her father Ziauddin are creating a network of education advocates to help girls learn
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    How Malala and her father Ziauddin are creating a network of education advocates to help girls learn

    Malala Yousafzai is leading the fight for a more equal world by making sure all girls can go to school. But her campaign for girls started small. When the Taliban invaded her home in Pakistan and banned girls from going to school, Malala and her father Ziauddin began to speak out. They challenged the extremists using the only resource they had: their voices. It is time to take action. So it becomes the last time that we see a child deprived of education. Every day, educators and activists around the world fight for girls in their communities like Malala and Ziauddin did. But too often they lack the funding or…

  • The NBA Data Scientist
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    The NBA Data Scientist

    If you’re a basketball fan, you know your team’s big stars, head coach, maybe even the rookie bench warmers. But you probably know very little about the Ph.D. mathematicians like this woman. Her job is to crunch the numbers of the game. We’re all in sort of an arm’s race to acquire information. And she’s turning basketball into a hard, cold science. My name is Ivana Seric and I’m a data scientist. For many years, Philly was a tough place to be a basketball fan. But having reached the top eight in the playoffs for a second season in a row, the 76ers right now are in a renaissance. Embiid…

  • Practicum: Teaching at Beaver Works Summer Institute
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    Practicum: Teaching at Beaver Works Summer Institute

    I’m Melanie Chen. I’m a computer science major at MIT. and I’m interning with Lincoln Labs this summer. Part of my internship has been helping to prototype and to help design the curriculum for the Beaver Works Summer Institute, specifically for Cog*Works. In Cog*Works, high school students are taught various applications of machine learning. We are essentially building up towards helping them develop their own autonomous cognitive assistants, sort of like Siri or Alexa. We gave each team an Echo Dot from Amazon, so they’ve been able to actually see how speech-to-text processing, when done right, can work really well, and they’ve been able to program their Echoes to have…

  • Let’s Talk Teaching: Gaming The Classroom
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    Let’s Talk Teaching: Gaming The Classroom

    (upbeat electronic music)>>Thank you for all coming out. I think this is the beginning of something beautiful on campus. (chuckling) Or for those who are following in the footsteps of the people that have already pioneered in this area. So, Lisa, if you would not mind coming. So, we’ll have them do their presentation and then we’ll open it up for discussion, Q and A, brainstorming consulting, all these different things.>>I also have handouts afterwards, too. I do an entire workshop on producing simulations specifically in the social sciences. And, so, what I have is a handout that gives you the entire presentation for the workshops. So, if you… It…

  • Stages of Service Learning
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    Stages of Service Learning

    [Music] [Learning to Give Stages of Service Learning] There are a lot of ways to help and get involved in what is called service-learning, but how do you start? Service-learning is a process of connecting your learning to needs in the community. Here’s how it works. You create a plan, follow a process, and make a positive impact for others and for you. It all begins with investigation. Take some time and look at the world around you. Think and act like a detective. What are some issues you care about? What resources or talents do you have to make a difference in the world around you? What does your…

  • What Is A Food Chain? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids
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    What Is A Food Chain? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

    Wohoo! I am no insect, Mr. Frog! Let me go. Hey there! What a lovely morning isn’t it? Well, it indeed is for me. I just got saved! Oops, this reminds me that I gotta tell you about the Food Chain in our Ecosystem. Zoom in. A food chain describes how different organisms eat each other for survival. The chain usually starts with a plant and ends with an animal. Just like how you saw the plant being eaten by a caterpillar and how it ended up in the frog’s stomach! The food chain comprises of the Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers. Plants are producers. They absorb sunlight which is readily…

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    Milky Way Galaxy/Milky Way for Kids

    i am the milky way galaxy look in the night sky to see apart of me i am the milky way galaxy your solar system’s just a tiny part of me the milky way name came from a greek goddest named Hera who spilled milk across the sky greeks beleived in that era when you look at the darkest sky on a clear summer night and you see the image of the milky way clearing sight remember you can only see a small part of me called the galactic core in my galaxy astronomers can’t look at me from outside the galaxy because i’m so massive and you don’t have…