• Multicultural Diversity and the Educational Experience (2017)
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    Multicultural Diversity and the Educational Experience (2017)

    [MUSIC PLAYING] A lot of people will try to say, oh, we’ll just put a person of color in something. That’s diversity. I think that’s one of the main misconceptions. People just think diversity is everything physical, everything that you can see right off the bat, but it’s absolutely not. Diversity is more than race. It’s more than sexuality. It has to do a lot with experiences in life. Diversity for me– it’s not only that you’re supposed to be different, but you’re also supposed to do different things. Diversity is recognizing the different flavors of cultures and people that are a part of our campus, part of our society.…

  • What to Consider Before Quitting Your Job | Fast Company
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    What to Consider Before Quitting Your Job | Fast Company

    – [Narrator] You might wanna write this down. Three questions you should ask yourself when you want to quit your job. Number one, why do I feel the need to quit? We tend to quit something when it makes us unhappy or uncomfortable, but to ensure that quitting will really make you happier, you need to look closely at your reasons. If it’s pride and ego, think twice. But if you find that you wanna quit because your motivations no longer align with your job, then it’s a valid reason to leave. Number two, have I done everything to make this work for me? Sometimes, your frustration with a job…

  • Strategies for Teaching Very Large Course in Canvas
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    Strategies for Teaching Very Large Course in Canvas

    John Johnston: I am John Johnston of the University of Michigan, and one of the things I do there is I help with our canvas implementation. We’re in our third year of a pilot there. We’re here to talk about strategies for teaching in very large courses. Keeping in the theme with the musical, this is my rock star bio here. One of the things I really like about Instructurecon is it’s sort of a celebration of the profession, right? We get to be the rock stars. You guys are the rock stars. So, turn to your neighbor and say “You are a rock star,” and if you really want…

  • Putting Machine Learning to work for culture  #GoogleArts
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    Putting Machine Learning to work for culture #GoogleArts

    At the Google Arts and Culture Lab we asked ourselves a simple question – what if we could explore centuries’ worth of art, history and heritage using the latest technology, and that’s what we’ve been experimenting with at the Lab. Machine learning is so exciting, I mean there are so many things you can do when a computer, when software starts understanding what is inside the content. The project with Google Arts and Culture came about when they came to us asking whether there were any problems that they could solve using machine learning. They had a treasure trove of archival photographs dating back to the 1930s and we were…

  • The NBA Data Scientist
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    The NBA Data Scientist

    If you’re a basketball fan, you know your team’s big stars, head coach, maybe even the rookie bench warmers. But you probably know very little about the Ph.D. mathematicians like this woman. Her job is to crunch the numbers of the game. We’re all in sort of an arm’s race to acquire information. And she’s turning basketball into a hard, cold science. My name is Ivana Seric and I’m a data scientist. For many years, Philly was a tough place to be a basketball fan. But having reached the top eight in the playoffs for a second season in a row, the 76ers right now are in a renaissance. Embiid…

  • ISB Education: An Animated Video
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    ISB Education: An Animated Video

    Year after year, Mr. Armstrong has been teaching the same old way. Lectures. Reading. Assignments. He’s noticed his students are low energy. Disengaged. Distracted. Mr. Armstrong wonders if there is a better way. Principal Moreno is wondering, too. She is aware that there are new science standards. Students are supposed to be thinking and acting like real scientists. But, what does that look like? Where to even begin? They know their students are capable and eager to learn. They just need help finding the way. Other schools have seen transformational change after partnering with ISB Education. ISB’s team of education experts and STEM professionals take a systems approach and work…

  • Teaching Skill Sets – Steve Frederick
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    Teaching Skill Sets – Steve Frederick

    The Institute for Advanced Manufacturing was created to serve a strict purpose in Plattsburgh, it’s to train employees for great jobs for the future. We’re trying to recruit wonderful new companies to relocate to Clinton County, but they always wonder “where am I going to find my workers?”, “how do I find people who have a skill set that I can start off at a really good job?”. So this Institute was created to help attract new jobs to Clinton County and to provide opportunities for our residents to get experience and skill set that they can take to these new jobs.

  • Department of Special Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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    Department of Special Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    As a student in the Department of Special Ed We will support your development but we will push you we will push you to learn more to try new things to develop new skills and knowledge but we’ll also be there to support you as you are on your journey to earning whatever degree it is be it a bachelor’s degree a master’s degree or a PhD. So we’ll be there for you but we also will really encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to try new things and to think differently than maybe how you came into the program as students you’ll have lots of opportunities…

  • Connected: Disrupting Education Through Technology
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    Connected: Disrupting Education Through Technology

    [In] 20 years I feel like maybe the world will have flying cars, people wouldn’t have to go out to buy stuff anymore, it could just be mailed to them. It would be very fun and technology everywhere. What we’re seeing here is the evolution of education. The thing that excites me most is I grew up in this area, I know a lot of the families still, and this program— what is happening here at FDR—is changing the trajectory of a lot of kids, because they have the opportunity to use technology in a way that they didn’t before. So things started transforming for us a few years back…

  • Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas
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    Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas

    A great way to start, I think, with my view of simplicity is to take a look at TED. Here you are, understanding why we’re here, what’s going on with no difficulty at all. The best A.I. in the planet would find it complex and confusing, and my little dog Watson would find it simple and understandable but would miss the point. (Laughter) He would have a great time. And of course, if you’re a speaker here, like Hans Rosling, a speaker finds this complex, tricky. But in Hans Rosling’s case, he had a secret weapon yesterday, literally, in his sword swallowing act. And I must say, I thought of…