• Manish Patel, Alumni, Initial Teacher Education
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    Manish Patel, Alumni, Initial Teacher Education

    My name is Manish Patel. I undertook a PGCE at the University of Birmingham in Physics Secondary Education. I graduated in the year 2007 and I’m currently an assistant head teacher at Q3 Academy Tipton. I chose to do my teacher training at Birmingham, because at the time when I was looking into teacher training providers, University of Birmingham came out as one of the top providers with the best rate of graduation and with some of the best lecturers available to help me succeed in that career choice. When I graduated from university I moved back from London, didn’t quite know where to go. Looked into some graduate fairs,…

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    (music) I love watching our students like learn to work with kids with disabilities. It’s just the best thing. It opens their eyes to a whole new world that they never really planned on doing. I love seeing the progression of our students across the two classes because when I first see students in the PT 276 class, many of them have never thought about working with people with disabilities before and it kind of opens their eyes to the fact that they will get to, and they kind of have to as a part of their teaching. But then you know the experiences that they get the hands-on experiences…

  • PGDE Secondary Education: Nicole
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    PGDE Secondary Education: Nicole

    The course has been great. It’s been a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Especially with the support that you get. You get told everything you need to know before you go on placement, and then there’s always people to ask when you’re on placement, when you need it. I did three different placements, three different schools. For Dual I did one in maths, one in physics, and one which was combined, so teaching both in both departments. And they were all really great, the schools were all very different areas, so it gave me a really good chance to see what teaching was like in…

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    Teaching Is the Easiest Job for Drunks – The Jim Jefferies Show

    – There’s a lot of important late breaking news happening in my native Australia and I like to keep up with current events back home in our reoccurring segment, What’s Up, Down Under? ♪ Do you come from a land Down Under ♪ (audience laughing) – G’day, g’day! This week an elementary school teacher in Australia was suspended for two years after a little, tiny incident, that barely seems worth mentioning. – [Newsreader] The woman who can’t be named drank vodka from a water bottle, fell asleep on a computer desk in a grade two science classroom and was unaware of an incident involving a child being punched. (audience laughing)…

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    Restoring Meaning To Teaching (part 1 of 2)

    Most teachers go into teaching because it’s a movement of the heart. You don’t get into teaching to get rich and famous. You go into teaching because you have a passion about a subject, about students, and about showing students this new window to the world. The first day in the classroom as a brand new teacher is unforgettable. After years of study, at last you have the opportunity to educate and nurture young minds. But all too often, and all too soon, the passion to teach is lost in the bog of paperwork, problems, and politics. Parker Palmer is a writer and teacher who addresses the issues that affect…

  • World’s Worst Teachers – 9 Insane Things That Got Them Fired
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    World’s Worst Teachers – 9 Insane Things That Got Them Fired

    Teachers- we’ve all had our favorites, and we’ve all had some that we hated to be around. Despite how we may feel about them though, theirs is one of the most important jobs in the world, as they are responsible for teaching the next generation. Part of that instruction is not just arithmetic, grammar, and history, but also proper codes of conduct and morality. Many studies have shown that due to the sheer amount of time students spend around teachers, they can be one of the most influential figures in a child’s life. But what happens when good teachers go bad, or when bad teachers are given responsibility over a…

  • Teacher tips 2: Practical strategies
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    Teacher tips 2: Practical strategies

    There are some practical and very simple things that teachers can do to help the child with SLI in the classroom It’s really important to create an environment where asking for help is seen as a positive thing and to really encourage the children and praise them when they do seek help when they’re not understanding what’s going on This can be very difficult for children with language disorder especially if they have low self esteem. Some of the words I don’t understand. I can’t, I, sometimes I’m scared to ask what the word is, what it means. Another good thing is demonstration showing them what you want and making…