• REALISTIC BALDI!!!  ** scary warning **
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    REALISTIC BALDI!!! ** scary warning **

    Oh my goodness, this looks.. terrifying. Hey chickens! Dan here, and welcome to Baldi’s.. ..remastered. That’s right. Someone’s taken the original Baldi’s game, and made it super realistic and super scary. ‘Cause let’s face it, a bald guy slapping his stick is only scary for the first few times that he gets you, but this one, even judging by the title screen, is going to be terrifying. I can already tell. On the left are the, um, the updates. Bigger challenge, more story elements, new maps; there are maps down the bottom, which is quite cool cool. There’s only one at the moment, but it looks like they’re adding another…

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    Baldis basics in education and learning is a state-of-the-art fully 3d interactive funtime Educational game the teaches a slew of subjects from math to spelling you’ll learn a lot meet baldies friends along the way Don’t download this game. Once you anger Baldi, there’s no turning back. And if he finds you look just trust me Okay, I’m warning you if you end up playing this avoid Baldi at all costs Hey guys, Dan here. Welcome back into another video And today we’re playing a game that you guys really really want me to play This baldis basics warning in case you haven’t figured out yet. This game is intended…

  • It's BALDI'S BIRTHDAY.. and I Still Don't Like Him..

    It's BALDI'S BIRTHDAY.. and I Still Don't Like Him..

    welcome to the ball these basics birthday bash hello have a blast I was talking but it's fine welcome back Baldy how's how's it been you are now one year old and you still have no hair I guess there's not many 1 year olds that have hair right I have no idea ok welcome back you'd see the one of only bold ears can you believe this man is now a single year old I can't believe it's actually been that long it's insane but I have back to the Kickstarter for this full game which is going to come out soon but the creator updated all the people…

  • I've Played a SECRET Version of MINECRAFT!

    I've Played a SECRET Version of MINECRAFT!

    wait wait am i feeling okay a Minecraft video yeah it's happening and you know why because today I have discovered a secret version of Minecraft okay it's not that secret but I don't feel like many people knew about this or they did and I just miss the memo but anyway today we're gonna be playing Minecraft a 3d I know what you're thinking minecraft already 3d what you thought it was but this version of Minecraft is completely different to the version of Minecraft you are used to so let me just let me just load it up and you'll see why look at this it's from 1994…