• InfoLit in Arts & Humanities – Module 2 (Animation 1)
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    InfoLit in Arts & Humanities – Module 2 (Animation 1)

    Thanks for coming to the meeting. I have received funding from the university for a research about the impact of local movies on the development of the local culture of Hong Kong. I definitely need help from you guys. I would like to invite you to take part in the research project with me. We also have to put on an exhibition about the research topic. The exhibition targets the general public and will be held on the campus. You will gain much from this project, knowledge in finding, evaluating and disseminating different resources. I am sure the experience can benefit your study! What do we need to do? Professor

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    Cass Business School: MSc Careers Team Advice on Assessment Centres

    The role of the Careers service at Cass is to provide students with the tools to become employable. So we provide you with access to employer presentations, workshops and then we give advice on interviews, application forms, CV’s and cover letters. An assessment centre is often the final stage of the employee selection process and they’re carefully designed to measure and evaluate job related skills and they’re are great opportunity for an employer to see how you perform over a sustained period of time in a variety of situations. I’ve used the careers service at Cass quite a lot during my time here. They can offer you workshops in terms…

  • North Metropolitan TAFE. Reimagine your future.
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    North Metropolitan TAFE. Reimagine your future.

    Advances in digital technology and the rise of automation is changing the future of work. Australian employers are increasingly looking for workers who can present creatively, and think critically to solve problems. North Metropolitan TAFE delivers training that embeds the 21st century skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow, to over 30,000 students a year. We’re focused on producing skilled workers in the health, aged care, community, and disability sectors, to meet the demands of our ageing population. We work closely with the world’s largest engineering and mining companies to provide customised workforce training to support this rapidly changing sector. At North Metropolitan TAFE, we integrate traditional trades training with…

  • Australia’s First University Accredited Islamic Education Programs
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    Australia’s First University Accredited Islamic Education Programs

    As The Director of the Center for Islamic Thought and Education I’m delighted to announce Australia’s first University accredited Islamic education programs These programs include the Graduate Certificate in Islamic Education the Graduate Diploma in Islamic education and the Master of Teaching Secondary with a minor in Islamic Pedagogy Focusing on Islamic education and indeed Islamic schools has been a signature project of the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education the programs are taught by experienced professionals World leaders in their field and these programs will be able to give the students and the teachers the skills To further the career and make a difference to the future of Islamic…

  • Types of Tuition Teachers | MostlySane
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    Types of Tuition Teachers | MostlySane

    The other day I was having a conversation with my friends the other day More than being depressed about going to school was going to tuitions after school These are your knuckles This is a tuition class not a football stadium Who comes wearing shorts to tuition classes You know everything now, should I ask you questions now? Sit down, sit down Get closer, get even more closer with each other, let her sit on your lap Get closer, get even more closer with each other, let her sit on your lap How much do you want to score in your finals? Aren’t you a little too ambitious? That much…

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    For most of history, the overwhelming majority of the Earth’s inhabitants have owned, more or less, nothing. The clothes they stood up in, some bowls, a pot and a pan, perhaps a broom and, if things were going really well, a few farming implements. Nations and peoples remained consistently poor. Global GDP did not grow at all from year to year: the world was an aggregate as hard up in 1800 as it had been at the beginning of time. However, starting in the early 18th century, in the countries of north-western Europe, a remarkable phenomenon occurred. Economies began to expand and wages to rise. Families who’d never before had…