• Teaching rural and remote – QUT education graduate Emily Craven
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    Teaching rural and remote – QUT education graduate Emily Craven

    I think what I would say to someone who is considering Mt. Isa or a remote community is, to just do it. You are not going to know what you are missing out on if you just stay at home, stay in your comfort zone. Coming out here, you will experience stuff that you will never have experienced before. Genuinely, the best thing I have ever done. Hi, my name is Emily Craven and I am a QUT graduate in Education and I now teach full time at Spinifex State College in Mount Isa. My dad is actually a phys-ed teacher, I saw all the fun that he had while…

  • Competency-based Learning in 60 Seconds
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    Competency-based Learning in 60 Seconds

    There’s been a lot of discussion lately about how to better engage students in their learning. One promising strategy is Competency-Based Learning, or “CBL.” But what exactly IS CBL, and how will it change a student’s learning experience? CBL organizes learning around students’ interests, needs, backgrounds, or aspirations. It provides authentic assessments of student progress, through demonstrations or products, which establish students’ mastery of the subject. Students advance only upon mastery of the subject matter, not according to a calendar date. CBL offers transparency for students, teachers, and parents. Both teachers and students have clear objectives, and parents are kept in-the-loop about their student’s progress. Why should we adopt CBL?…

  • Teaching Tips 6: Using chants, rhymes and rounds
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    Teaching Tips 6: Using chants, rhymes and rounds

    Music is part of the English language, even if we don’t realise. (Chanting) Concentration. Concentration. Concentration, are you ready? Concentration, now beginning. Rachael. Concentration. Are you ready? Concentration now beginning. And so they’ve had the same words twice, first time they’ve stressed every syllable and then the second time they’ve condensed it already to two beats. So when they’re putting a name, they have to decide which syllable they’re going to stress and how they’re going to fit it into the rhyme and this is of course what we do with stress timing naturally as English speakers. Concentration. Concentration. Concentration, now beginning. Concentration, are you ready? Rachael. Stacy. (Laughing) So…

  • Microsoft Education: Take a Test
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    Microsoft Education: Take a Test

    [MUSIC] Pop quiz. Do you know how to create a secure environment on PCs for high-stakes and formative assessments? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to set up a safe lockdown mode that doesn’t allow students to run apps, use the web, take screenshots, and more, using Take a Test. To set up a device for high stakes assessments with Take a Test, first, open Settings from the Start Menu and choose Accounts. Then select set up an account for taking tests. Select an account and paste in the link to your test. Your test is ready to go. When students log in, Take a Test launches instantly. [MUSIC] Next,…

  • Digital Education – the future school of teaching and educational  smart classroom technology
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    Digital Education – the future school of teaching and educational smart classroom technology

    hello friends welcome to first episode of new web series called digital education we have successfully concluded seven episodes of happy school web series from today we are going to publish episodes of digital education today’s episode is all about intro of digital education and its importance in education and its effectiveness overall in the schooling sectors let’s begin the episode when we talk about digital education everyone think of computers, cameras mobiles, Bluetooth, mic but Digital education is not just these computers and hardware it is broader than what we see in today’s world so today I am going to briefly describe what do you mean by digital education.…

  • Universal Design for Learning Explained with Lego
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    Universal Design for Learning Explained with Lego

    This is Ken. And these are Ken’s classmates. This is their teacher. He has a goal for them. and has asked them all to follow the same path to reach that goal. Some of the students follow the path with no complications, easily and quickly reaching the goal. Some students may wander off the path and need additional assistance staying on track. For some students however the path is completely inaccessible presenting barriers that make it impossible for them to reach the goal. This is where Universal Design for Learning comes in. UDL recognizes and values the variability that exists in students’ backgrounds, abilities and interests. And helps educators design…

  • Will chatbots take a teacher’s job?
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    Will chatbots take a teacher’s job?

    Did you know that there´s a chatbot for education that you can actually use today? but the question is, can it replace teachers? when some people hear about artificial intelligence, chat bots and machine learning they might think of humannoid bots, like those from the Sci-Fi movie, I, Robot or, they might think about not so smart bots like maybe, uh, a failed conversation with a chatbot and these two are both pretty much extremes so to answer the question, can a chatbot take a teachers job? the short answer is absolutely not. so why should we use them? According to a study done by Scholastic and Bill & Melinda…

  • LiveLab – Game Based Learning Workshop
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    LiveLab – Game Based Learning Workshop

    (music – uplifting) For the last two days, I’ve been teaching a workshop on game-based learning. Game-based learning is an old construct that’s several thousand years old. In the last 30 years or so game-based learning has become more prevalent in our classrooms. And, so we’re sharing foundational concepts of what are games games as a medium that can be used to enhance the learning environment. To engage our students to increase mastery to enhance competency and to really give our faculty another tool. During the last two days the faculty got experience in creating their own games. Learn some fundamental concepts in terms of learning game design specifically and…

  • Help us to Provide Free Education to every Underprivileged Child of India
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    Help us to Provide Free Education to every Underprivileged Child of India

    I am M. Laal. I have been teaching Chemistry since 23 years. Since Starting I have been teaching in different Super 30s. In 2008, When Abhyanand sir Started Rahmani 30 Then Till 2016, I have taught Rahmani 30 Students also. After Then Patliputra Super 30 was started in 2010. . Because only minority students were taught in Rahmani 30 Since 2010, I have been managing Patliputra Super 30. I have also taught Chemistry in Super 30 at Kanpur which is supported by Gas Authority of India Limited. I have also taught in Ang Super 30 at Bhagalpur There is no NIT or IIT or Medical College where my students have…

  • Time Management for Teachers (v2)
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    Time Management for Teachers (v2)

    Many teachers have a poor work-life balance. I know, because I’ve had years of experience as a teacher in the classroom. I’m here to teach you how to handle your workload and restore that work-life balance. If you follow my time management methods, long days should be a thing of the past. You’ll be able to go home on time, worry-free, knowing that you’ve done everything you need to do. Let’s begin. One of the biggest challenges you face as a teacher is your uncooperative coworkers, your students. Sometimes they try and do as little work as is possible and it can be tempting to let them get away with…