• Encouraging Teacher Moved to Tears by Big Gift for His Community
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    Encouraging Teacher Moved to Tears by Big Gift for His Community

    So should I call you Robert or Mr. Dunham? Well, it’s your show. Whatever works for you. Oh, it’s my show now. Thank you, Robert. We’ll tell Ellen quickly. [LAUGHTER] Now, I saw a photo of you cutting a kid’s hair in class, right? Mm-hmm. And this went viral. [EXHALES] Yeah. Yeah. So how did this happen? How did this come about? So in Richmond, we have this thing. It’s called the Moving On Ceremony. And some people call it a graduation ceremony– whatever. But we have a Moving On Ceremony, and we do it every year for fifth grade. And so as we were preparing, I just saw that…

  • Taking your first steps into higher education (Free Course Trailer)
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    Taking your first steps into higher education (Free Course Trailer)

    Applying for a place in higher education can be a life-changing decision. Going to university is a big step, particularly if you don’t have a specific career path in mind. In this free introductory course from the Open University, you’ll look at a range of British institutions, what going to uni might mean to you, as well as looking into the types of subjects on offer. The course discusses all areas of study, looking at arts subjects like English and History through to science, technology and maths. You’ll develop ideas about identity and how social circumstances affect what sort of opportunities are available. You will also pick up a greater…

  • What Baby George Taught Me About Learning | Dr. Michael Wesch | TEDxMHK
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    What Baby George Taught Me About Learning | Dr. Michael Wesch | TEDxMHK

    Translator: Phương Lê Reviewer: Theresa Ranft So, I’m an anthropologist, and I study all humans in all times and all places. And I’ve been to a lot of pretty strange places, a lot of places all over the world. But the strangest place I’ve ever studied is actually right here. This is my classroom, one of the first classrooms I’ve ever taught here in K-State. A lot of you have been in these classrooms. I want to just have you go inside there mentally and think about how strange this place is. First of all, outside of those walls is what’s called the “real world.” This place is so strange…

  • Postsecondary Education and Employment Pathways of Minnesota Public High School Graduates
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    Postsecondary Education and Employment Pathways of Minnesota Public High School Graduates

    In 2013, Minnesota passed the World’s Best Workforce legislation. This legislation is aimed at providing high-quality education for all students. One of the key goals of the World’s Best Workforce is to prepare students for college and career success. To inform the state’s college and career readiness efforts, Minnesota state and district education staff wanted to learn more about students’ pathways after high school graduation. Regional Educational Laboratory, or REL Midwest, in partnership with members of the Midwest Career Readiness Research Alliance conducted a study to describe the postsecondary pathways of Minnesota public high school graduates. The Midwest Career Readiness Research Alliance brings together policymakers, practitioners and researchers to conduct…

  • Let Charter Schools Teach
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    Let Charter Schools Teach

    America’s schools spend lots of money, but often, barely educate kids. Our public schools are failing Philadelphia’s failing public school district I went to the neighborhood school Elaine Wells is a mom in Philadelphia. There were fights after school every day. It was horrible. So she walked her son to another school. We went to go enroll and we were told, “No, he can’t go here.” That was my wake up call. She’d discovered that although with most services, we get to shop around, that’s not true for so-called “public schools.” Instead, parents are often stuck with the school the government assigns them. But a new kind of school has…

  • Partner Spotlight: Got STEM? NASA lesson plans hit on science, technology, engineering and math
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    Partner Spotlight: Got STEM? NASA lesson plans hit on science, technology, engineering and math

    How’s it going everybody? My name is Matthew Wallace and I’m here at the Hacking STEM booth where they’ve partnered with us at NASA to create eight new lesson plans featured around the International Space Station. The one we want to talk to you about today is the heat shield lesson. Come check it out! So in this lesson, students are going to walk through these different materials and try and determine which one of these is going to be the best heat shield for their lesson. So they can cycle through these different ones here. They might have already received a block of instruction about heat capacity, melting point,…

  • Teachers Tell Their Worst Horror Stories
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    Teachers Tell Their Worst Horror Stories

    so I looked down and she had peed on me all over me my name is Stephanie and I substitute teach and I teach ESL I have been teaching for three years hi my name is Salani I teach science and I’ve been teaching for five years my name is Vanessa and I’ve been a preschool teacher for over 12 years now today we’re gonna talk about teacher horror stories I got some recently I was teaching a program for students who come here from China you teach the pronunciation and vocabulary and help them with their English and at the end we have a ceremony where some of the…

  • Lifelong Learning
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    Lifelong Learning

    Everyone believes in lifelong learning, right? But today, there’s so much to keep up on, and there’s so many new ways to learn. Plus, it’s not always easy to stay in the learner mode once you leave school. That’s because, the real world? It’s structured in the doing mode. But when it comes down to it, you still need to stay smart about doing things. Like learning the newest tools and knowing what would make work easier. Or finding a way to make a difference in your community. Even figuring out things like how to fix your car. The challenge? Staying in the mindset of a learner after you graduate.…

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    Teacher doesn’t have enough money for groceries and supplies | What Would You Do? | WWYD

    There’s a lot of school supplies, you must have a few kids. it’s for my class actually its for the man living in the basement my school is boring anyways have u seen Laura lees apology vid? Today this teacher is shopping for more than just her own bread and butter. You have to supply all this yourself? There’s never enough to go around and most of my students can’t afford to provide their own supplies. In fact a recent study found that 94% of teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies For many years now teachers have been fighting for higher wages With mass Protests recently making the…

  • The Reciprocal Learning Strategy
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    The Reciprocal Learning Strategy

    Hi.This is Jennifer Gonzalez for Cult of Pedagogy In this video I’ll show you how to use the Reciprocal Learning strategy. They say the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. In Reciprocal Learning, that’s exactly what students do. Working in pairs, students take turns coaching each other through the material. Reciprocal Learning works best with the practice and application of material, when students have already been introduced to a topic or skill and are ready to practice it. Because students need a basic understanding of the topic to coach each other, this is not a good strategy for introducing new material. Tasks that work…