• Quantum Adaptive Learning and Assessment Software
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    Quantum Adaptive Learning and Assessment Software

    You know the drill. The big test is coming up and students are scrambling to study. It’s late and the instructor isn’t available to help or answer questions Grinding through the textbook is time-consuming and creates information overload Many students don’t read it at all. The homework system is no help it’s the same feedback “BZZZZZ!!!! Please try again…” wrong answer, wrong answer, but what’s wrong? After several failed attempts still no personal help or feedback The adaptive diagnostic software isn’t helpful either It’s time consuming and the flashcards focused on memorization all the study materials, all the money spent… all the study time…what a waste! The exam is tomorrow!…

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    (music) I love watching our students like learn to work with kids with disabilities. It’s just the best thing. It opens their eyes to a whole new world that they never really planned on doing. I love seeing the progression of our students across the two classes because when I first see students in the PT 276 class, many of them have never thought about working with people with disabilities before and it kind of opens their eyes to the fact that they will get to, and they kind of have to as a part of their teaching. But then you know the experiences that they get the hands-on experiences…

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    Machine Learning: About the class

    This fall quarter, Stanford University will be offering online for free, the Machine Learning class that I teach. Machine learning has a typical enrollment Of 350 students in Stanford, and this is one of the most popular courses offered by the Computer Science Department. Over 200,000 people have watched my Machine Learning lectures on YouTube. Based on this popularity, this year we are doing something completely new. We are not just showing you videos, we are inviting you to sign up for actively participating and take the Stanford course. What is machine learning? You’ve probably used it, dozens of times a day, without even knowing it. Each time you do…

  • 2019 NSW International Student Awards – Education Provider Finalists
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    2019 NSW International Student Awards – Education Provider Finalists

    International students bring an amazing richness and value to university life. They help both staff and students broaden their cultural perspectives and knowledge. International students bring a sense of belonging and intercultural diversity in addition to tolerance. And that’s reflective of today’s global workplace. We are proud to have one of the world’s largest global student communities. We really do celebrate the contribution that our international students bring, not only to UNSW, also to Australia and the entire global community. The winner is UNSW Hero Program. I just feel amazed. It’s really great to see that level of validation and it just makes it all worth it.

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    ‘YouTuber’ ranks 3rd on top 10 dream jobs for elementary school students, “athlete” tops the list

    student’s shop references often indicate what’s trending among their age group this year it’s no different with content creator coming in third among elementary school students after making his first entry on that list last year Eagleman tells us more a recent survey shows this year’s hottest trend among elementary school students was the mobile video sharing platform tik-tok and the popularity of video content is also reflected in their job preferences according to the ministry of education in Korea Research Institute for vocational education and training on Tuesday content creator was picked as a third most popular job elementary school students want to do when they’re older the results…

  • All About Command Education – Christopher Rim
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    All About Command Education – Christopher Rim

    Hi my name is Christopher Rim and I’m the founder and CEO of Command Education At Yale I worked as a research assistant for four years with Dr. Mark Bracket and throughout my research I found out that the top three emotions that students felt in schools were tired, stressed, and bored. If that’s how students feel in schools, how are they supposed to feel comfortable and motivated to join extracurricular activities, get involved with community projects, and really add value to their world? Colleges today want students with more than just 4.0 GPAs and perfect SAT scores. They want students who have added value to their communities, who are…

  • Give Your Child the Power of a Connections Academy Education
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    Give Your Child the Power of a Connections Academy Education

    At Connections Academy®, our students are at the center of everything we do. We provide personalized, tuition-free, accredited online education for students in grades K through 12. With tailored learning plans, flexible schedules, and a variety of classes, your child has the opportunity to learn in a way that suits their unique needs and can find what excites them. Give your child the power of a great education—and feel confident that he or she is prepared for success now and in the future. To learn more, visit www.ConnectionsAcademy.com.

  • World’s Worst Teachers – 9 Insane Things That Got Them Fired
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    World’s Worst Teachers – 9 Insane Things That Got Them Fired

    Teachers- we’ve all had our favorites, and we’ve all had some that we hated to be around. Despite how we may feel about them though, theirs is one of the most important jobs in the world, as they are responsible for teaching the next generation. Part of that instruction is not just arithmetic, grammar, and history, but also proper codes of conduct and morality. Many studies have shown that due to the sheer amount of time students spend around teachers, they can be one of the most influential figures in a child’s life. But what happens when good teachers go bad, or when bad teachers are given responsibility over a…