• Is population a problem? — with Julian Simon (1994) | THINK TANK

    Is population a problem? — with Julian Simon (1994) | THINK TANK

    Ben Wattenberg: Hello. I’m Ben Wattenberg. The population argument is on the front burneragain. In September, a massive UN conference willtake place in Cairo. World population is way up. Some people fear that the so-called populationbomb is exploding. Others say it’s no big deal. Joining us to sort through the conflict andthe consensus are Jessica Matthews, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relationsand former deputy to the undersecretary of state for global affairs in the Clinton administration;Samuel Preston of the University of Pennsylvania and former president of the Population Associationof America; John Bongaarts, director of research at the Population Council; and Professor JulianSimon of the University of Maryland and…

  • Antifa Origins & Tactics Exposed, After Andy Ngo’s Assault At Portland Protest—Jack Posobiec

    Antifa Origins & Tactics Exposed, After Andy Ngo’s Assault At Portland Protest—Jack Posobiec

    with an Tifa in the spotlight again what is the longer-term significance of the recent brutal attacks on journalists and II know what is an Tifa exactly and what are its historical origins how has media coverage of an tyfa influences behavior today and how do anti masking laws fit into the picture this is American thought leaders and I'm Eunhyuk elik to maybe sit down with Jack a sobic a1 America News Network host who is once a US military intelligence officer and later acted as special projects director for citizens for Trump he is author of 40 warfare a doctrine for a new generation of politics Jack Pacific…

  • What Is Communism?

    What Is Communism?

    随着古巴和美国之间外交关系改善,我们想看到 这个长期被禁运的国家的政治哲学。古巴是世界上仅有的 共产主义独裁国家之一,又因20世纪中期极端反共产主义情绪, 这种哲学已是政治讨论中的常客了。所以我们想知道, 共产主义究竟是什么? 有若干重叠的哲学和社会经济体系可以被称为 共产主义。但共产主义最基本的意义是所有的制造业, 或“生产资料”由国家所有的成员平等地拥有。意图 消除资本主义引起的阶级制度,一阶级干所有的 活儿,其他人赚得所有的钱。 尽管相似的理念自创世以来就有意无意地存在, 共产主义最普遍的形态来自德国哲学家卡尔·马克思 和弗里德里希·恩格斯的作品,在今天称为“马克思主义”。马克思主义尤其 关注工人被剥削。这基于任何工人产生的利润 都进企业主手里是不平等的形态,并应该 被废除的想法。 在近代历史,包括苏联、中国、越南和古巴数国都试图 建立自己的共产主义版本。然而可以说绝大多数皆是 社会主义而不是共产主义。两者间最大的不同是社会主义 说所以的工人应得到利润和财产的平等的一份,而共产主义 说通常不应该有钱或所有权,每人都应该各取 所需,尽其所能工作。不幸的是,试图实现此政治 哲学导致了更低的生活水平、政府腐败, 就苏联来说,该国全面崩溃失败。 有许多原因被提出来解释为什么共产主义在历史进程中不能成功。 但最强有力的批评理论是共产主义消除了 人们努力工作的动机,他们不得不被动工作。这也导致怨恨, 工作不努力的也能得到一样的。总之共产主义在历史中,理论上很美好, 现实完全失败。世界的国家看起来都同意 这一看法。 如果你想学习更多政治理论,请务必看看这些 自由至上主义和无政府的视频。请务必你订阅了很多,让我们知道 你愿意登陆Facebook或Twitter页面。说明中有链接。

  • Debunked: "Socialism Has Never Worked"

    Debunked: "Socialism Has Never Worked"

    Socialism has never worked It's become a "truism", repeated by right wingers and people who just don't know much, about political theory It could be something someone tries to say when you tell them you voted for Bernie Sanders. "Pscht, Bernie Sanders, don't you know that socialism has never worked." Many don’t know much about the history of socialism or even really understand what socialism actually is. They hear the word socialism and they think of authoritarian regimes like the Soviet Union or North Korea or even worse they might say “Hey, socialism doesn’t work” when they are having a conversation about someone like Barack Obama implying that Obama is…

  • Mark Levin | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 56

    Mark Levin | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 56

    autocracy is a bad thing whether it's practice one-on-one in the playground or whether it's practiced by government and that's why I started to say well I'd like Liberty I like individualism like to be left alone I like to kind of do it I want to do and if that's the way you think and big government and left is not hey and welcome this is the Ben Shapiro show Sunday special I am super excited to welcome to the show the great one Mark Levin author of the brand new book on freedom of the press we're gonna get to all of our questions mark levin in just…