• Singaporeans Try: Sex Education Quiz

    Singaporeans Try: Sex Education Quiz

    the smart local.com Mahina is a dog then on to is the hallway he said we're in fertilize my bag well this is the place I'm still 1 to 10 rate your knowledge on sexual health I think you pretty higher like 9 I don't give myself a 10 because there's always room for improvement sexual health so I biology yeah I think I'm a strong tool ah ha me damn uh 5 holoband claws once I think I'm 6 my sexual half knowledge is very limited to what I learn in primary school like sexual education then like diseases and stuff and that's pretty much it I would say…

  • Cilla Chan (aka Priscilla Chan) Singapore American School Class of 2009 Graduation Speech

    Cilla Chan (aka Priscilla Chan) Singapore American School Class of 2009 Graduation Speech

    watching mr. Sheldon right now we have a student who is speaking on behalf of our 2009 graduating class you've already had the opportunity to listen to this individual sing a little earlier this evening it's my great pleasure to introduce the speaker for the class of 2009 Priscilla Chan I contemplated in brainstormed hours and hours for topics worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion such as this eventually I settled on three worthy topics dedication hard work and perseverance all of which would have led to the most boring speech in SAS history so I've decided to be a little risky to take the sidewalk less traveled to go into…

  • SMU: Your Ideal Study Abroad Destination

    SMU: Your Ideal Study Abroad Destination

    so I think my semester abroad at SMU was by far the most formative experience in my college years it taught me to be more accepting and open and also to view the world is a very big place the world is moving toward Asia and to see it firsthand from a place like Singapore was amazing I chose us in you because I also haven't been to Asia before I thought it'd be really interesting to discover my origins in Asia I chose SMU because it gave me the opportunity to dive into a culture and an environment that I'd never been able to experience before the most interesting…

  • Thank you, Teacher | A Butterworks short film

    Thank you, Teacher | A Butterworks short film

    I haven't yet your parents are there on the way one all right then let me tell you something areas you know bikini for your man so use of triangle which is the one kiss why are you sleeping with everybody's reading do you know that your eyes are getting from bad to worse since we have so much time that you can even still do a reading session from today onwards you are going to be the class Bonita what I do one you better Saturday work your idea and lead by example otherwise I will not work in the road dude was gonna save it for us today…



    hi everyone welcome back to my channel if you're doing well I'm trying to look all new kind of setup today do let me know your thoughts below fir this to my old setup I'm using like a green light and I just thought a white background would be better than my mutant background so do let me know what you think in today's video I'm going to be talking about some cultural differences you will experience when you come to Singapore if you already lived here you probably already know these but if you'll maybe I mean some Singapore or if you're moving to Singapore then these tips should…

  • Cross-Cultural Trust | SMU Research

    Cross-Cultural Trust | SMU Research

    I am tan human I'm a associate professor of organizational behavior human resource management at the Lee kichan School of Business at the Singapore Management University my area of research is trust in the workplace and I'm very interested in why people trust how people trust and what the implications for organizations when people trust each other I am currently involved in longitudinal study that has been happening of the last three to four years I'm trying with a bunch of researchers in the u.s. to do work on cross-cultural trust we have collected almost data from almost 20 countries and we are about ready to analyze them so that…