• Will a robot take my job? | The Age of A.I.
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    Will a robot take my job? | The Age of A.I.

    This is kinda wild. “Will a robot take my job?” is one of the most googled questions. It kinda makes sense. You know, when phones were first invented, there was probably horse messengers freakin’ out all over the joint. Vinyl’s making a comeback, but fidelity aside, why bother, when you can have a curated playlist with thousands of songs right on your phone? Come to think of it, I can’t tell you the last time I shot a film… on film. See, change makes people panic, but things evolve regardless, so we accept it, we move on. And now that we’re entering the so-called fourth industrial revolution, yeah, automation’s gonna…

  • SERC: A New Era in Scientific Exploration
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    SERC: A New Era in Scientific Exploration

    [music] This is SERC, the Science Education Research Center This is a new building which will feature interdisciplinary collaborations in frontier science and education. Inside of SERC we have a mixture of experimental science. In the basement we have stable space, which minimizes vibration so that nanotechnology research can take place. [door slams] We have state of the art cyber infrastructure, which is the enabling technology for high-performance computing, and the use of high-performance computing in frontier scientific research that impacts from genetics and genomics all the way through to computational drug design. So all of this is represented in the building, which is way makes it very special [music]…

  • Why Parents Should Play Video Games With Their Kids
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    Why Parents Should Play Video Games With Their Kids

    – We don’t really play games with our parents. – Oh, game playing, um… – Probably, maybe once a month. – Video games, I usually am like, no. – I haven’t really played anything since the early 90’s. – Once a week? – Mmm. – [Kid] No, Dad. (soft playful music) No, no. – Family learning, let me think. (chuckling) Let me think. When her and some kids get together to share experiences and explore the world together. My name is Sinem Siyahhan. I’m an Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Learning Sciences at Cal State San Marcos. My gaming skills are average. (mooing) Sorry. (laughs) I just wanna make…

  • What is STEM Education? | Ask the Expert with Associate Professor Cameron Denson
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    What is STEM Education? | Ask the Expert with Associate Professor Cameron Denson

    My name is Cameron Denson. I’m an associate professor in STEM education I develop innovative interventions that helped create technical I mean to help create pathways to technical careers for underrepresented student populations. So STEM education is the discipline area that is concerned with the teaching and learning of science technology engineering and mathematics education You would have a collaborative teaching effort where students would be able to apply their math and science skills that they learned within those content areas. They will use engineering as a way to problem solve and then usually the result is some type of technology. We are not going to be able to meet…

  • 40 Years of LEGO Education
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    40 Years of LEGO Education

    The eighties. A decade of innovation. One would forever change the face of learning: LEGO® Education. Created with one goal in mind, LEGO Education set out to reimagine the way we learn. And for 40 years, that’s exactly what we’ve done. In our earliest days, we pioneered the advancement of STEAM learning before it even had a name- helping lay the foundation for understanding complex concepts. We recognized the power in bringing a hands-on approach to education- ensuring that even the most intimidating STEAM subjects could be fun and accessible. And we saw that by building confidence in learning through exploration, collaboration, real-world application, inspiration, and innovation, we could ignite…

  • Time Management for Teachers (v2)
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    Time Management for Teachers (v2)

    Many teachers have a poor work-life balance. I know, because I’ve had years of experience as a teacher in the classroom. I’m here to teach you how to handle your workload and restore that work-life balance. If you follow my time management methods, long days should be a thing of the past. You’ll be able to go home on time, worry-free, knowing that you’ve done everything you need to do. Let’s begin. One of the biggest challenges you face as a teacher is your uncooperative coworkers, your students. Sometimes they try and do as little work as is possible and it can be tempting to let them get away with…

  • These Fish Eat Scales
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    These Fish Eat Scales

    [♪ INTRO] You’re probably pretty familiar with the Hollywood image of piranhas. The water starts churning, and suddenly an unlucky animal is nothing but a bare skeleton. And yeah, piranhas can definitely do some damage, but most of them aren’t these ferocious monsters. They eat lots of different things, and many piranhas — along with other tropical fish — have evolved one pretty creative feeding strategy: they steal scales off of other fish. The act of eating another fish’s scales is known as lepidophagy. Part of the reason this is a thing at all is that scales can actually be a pretty good food source— they’re high in protein and…

  • The Paw Patrol Game with Chase In Real Life – Mashems, Slime, Superheroes and Toys – Spin the Wheel
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    The Paw Patrol Game with Chase In Real Life – Mashems, Slime, Superheroes and Toys – Spin the Wheel

    Hi Paw Patrol Fans! Welcome to the Paw Patrol Game! It’s me, Ellie Sparkles. It’s time to spin the wheel again and this time it’s our favorite pups from Paw Patrol! And Today we are going to play the Paw Patrol Game with a surprise guest….It’s Chase!!! Hi Chase! You look so excited to play the game with us. OK Chase, we need you to spin the wheel for us to see which character we open. But before you spin the wheel, let’s see which characters we have in today’s game. We have Chase the police pup, Skye the pink pup, Zuma the orange water dog, Rocky the green recycling…

  • How To Get Into Inquiry-Based Learning: Part 2 – Working Towards Open Inquiry
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    How To Get Into Inquiry-Based Learning: Part 2 – Working Towards Open Inquiry

    VO: Inquiry-based learning can take on many different forms, from highly structured play to students spontaneously asking questions and figuring out how to test them. VO: Inquiry is not a free for all where students are expected for example to spontaneously rediscover Newton’s Laws of Motion by themselves. VO: Newton made use of thousands of years of combined knowledge to make his discoveries. Students can’t be expected to make bold conclusions in a vacuum of knowledge. That’s why Andrea decides to start her lessons by laying down a foundation of basic content. Andrea : What simple machines do is they move objects. They help us move objects. VO: In other…

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    The Boss Baby vs The Smurfs Lost Village Slime Game Part 3 – Trolls Movie Ellie Sparkles

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the Smurfs Movie Slime Game! It’s Me, Ellie Sparkles. In the Smurfs slime game, we have to open surprises from all of our favorite smurf characters without getting slimed by the evil villain team. Let’s see which characters are in our game. We have: Smurfette…Papa Smurf…Melody…the villain Gargamel…the mean Gaston from Beauty and the Beast…Francis the villain from Boss baby…Brainy Smurf, Blossom, and Mystery Character. Let’s see if you guess who the mystery character is…The mystery character is a baby, but he wears a suit and tie just like an adult. Press the thumbs up button if you know who it is already! OK Everyone…are you…