• Map of Computer Science
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    Map of Computer Science

    We built computers to expand our brains. Originally scientists build computers to solve arithmetic, but they turned out to be incredibly useful for many other things as well: running the entire internet, lifelike graphics, artificial brains or simulating the Universe, but amazingly all of it boils down to just flipping zeros and ones. Computers have become smaller and more powerful at an incredible rate. There is more computing power in your cell phone then there was in the entire world in the mid 60s. And the entire Apollo moon landing could have been run on a couple of Nintendos. Computer science is the subject that studies what computers can do.…

  • Multicultural Diversity and the Educational Experience (2017)
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    Multicultural Diversity and the Educational Experience (2017)

    [MUSIC PLAYING] A lot of people will try to say, oh, we’ll just put a person of color in something. That’s diversity. I think that’s one of the main misconceptions. People just think diversity is everything physical, everything that you can see right off the bat, but it’s absolutely not. Diversity is more than race. It’s more than sexuality. It has to do a lot with experiences in life. Diversity for me– it’s not only that you’re supposed to be different, but you’re also supposed to do different things. Diversity is recognizing the different flavors of cultures and people that are a part of our campus, part of our society.…

  • TRAILER: Careers After School in Wenatchee
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    TRAILER: Careers After School in Wenatchee

    The Careers After School events are really awesome. I wish I had this in high school. Students get to test drive a career. They get to see what kind of skills and training are needed, what education they might need to pursue to get where they want to be. It was great to be able to get the hands-on information. We want to champion the community’s success through economic vitality and strategic partnerships, so that we can watch the community flourish.

  • Game of Thrones Gambling Odds: Who Will Take the Iron Throne? | Inverse
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    Game of Thrones Gambling Odds: Who Will Take the Iron Throne? | Inverse

    – Game of Thrones Season Eight is here, and we wanna know who is gonna rule Westeros, who’s gonna sit atop the Iron Throne? We think we have the answers, because we went to the Vegas online betting odds to figure out what people are putting their real money on. Let’s get into it. Real quick, let’s go over how these odds work. They’re pretty simple actually, they’re just based on a spread and it’ll be a number with either a plus or a minus before it. Positive odds literally just mean it’s how much money you’re gonna make based on a $100 bet. So if it’s plus 500, you…

  • Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS
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    Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

    This is a rocket-powered Golf Club. Professional golfers have an average swing speed of 110 miles per hour. But using two F sized motors she swings at a hundred and fifty miles per hour, every time. Usually for builds on my channel I just show you guys the final thing and don’t really talk about the process of how we got there. But rest assured, today, we will get to see huge drives, WOAH! golf balls shattering glass in super slow-mo, pulverized watermelons, and even a handheld version. But this build, I think, is a great chance to pull back the curtain and demonstrate how the engineering design process actually…

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    Understanding the DSM-5: What every teacher needs to know

    [MUSIC]>>JONES: We are delighted. Our next speaker is Dr. Greg Neimeyer who works very close by, I think. You work very close by?>>NEIMEYER: Very close by.>>JONES: He is the current Associate Executive Director and Director of the Office of Continuing Education in Psychology here at the APA. His background. His BS is from. He has a BS from the University of Florida. His MA is from…>>NEIMEYER: Notre Dame.>>JONES: And his PhD is from the University of Notre Dame as well. He will be speaking to you about something that he knows a great deal about and something that we are all learning about and that is, changes in the DSM-5.…

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    Who won the space race? – Jeff Steers

    On October 4, 1957, the world watched in awe and fear as the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the world’s first man-made satellite, into space. This little metal ball, smaller than two feet in diameter, launched a space race between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. that would last for eighteen years and change the world as we know it. Sputnik was actually not the first piece of human technology to enter space. That superlative goes to the V-2 rocket used by Germany in missile attacks against Allied cities as a last-ditch effort in the final years of World War II. It wasn’t very effective, but, at the end of the war, both…

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    My Ants Are Learning

    Oh man! My Yellow Crazy Ants are showing some alarming signs of learning, and I’m not sure what to make of it! Behold the Hacienda Del Dorado, the massive terrarium and home of our yellow crazy ants, a colony you have voted to be called the Golden Empire. Initially, I knew ants were intelligent creatures, but I didn’t think they were capable of learning and remembering to the extent you will see in this video! If you’ve been following our Golden Empire for awhile, you will surely be impressed with how they now deal with food placed into their territories! Also, a lot of you have been asking for an…

  • University of Minnesota Duluth: Take a Tour!
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    University of Minnesota Duluth: Take a Tour!

    Welcome to the University of Minnesota Duluth. Today we’ll take a quick tour through campus and show you the how, why…and especially the where UMD Bulldogs get it done. Are you ready? Let’s go! The Kirby Student Center is home to the Kirby Student Lounge, where UMD students gather to study and relax. The first floor includes the Welcome Desk; as well as many student organizations. Located on the second floor is UMD’s Multicultural Center. The MC includes the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Disability Resources. The MC supports programs that focus on diversity and equity and promote an inclusive community. It houses 13 student organizations…

  • What Is A Food Chain? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids
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    What Is A Food Chain? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

    Wohoo! I am no insect, Mr. Frog! Let me go. Hey there! What a lovely morning isn’t it? Well, it indeed is for me. I just got saved! Oops, this reminds me that I gotta tell you about the Food Chain in our Ecosystem. Zoom in. A food chain describes how different organisms eat each other for survival. The chain usually starts with a plant and ends with an animal. Just like how you saw the plant being eaten by a caterpillar and how it ended up in the frog’s stomach! The food chain comprises of the Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers. Plants are producers. They absorb sunlight which is readily…