• Vicki Phillips: The Technology Wave Hits Education
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    Vicki Phillips: The Technology Wave Hits Education

    I think we’re just beginning to realize the power of technology in education actually. And isn’t it interesting that education’s sort of the last profession that technology has transformed. And I think a lot of that is because we can’t just plop down, you know, new tools into an old system and expect that to work. So a lot of where we’re seeing the Internet be the most powerful is in these blended school models where schools are starting to flip their classrooms and use the Internet and technology enabled tools. Whether that’s videos of experts talking to students or whether it’s students getting online and doing assignments in a…

  • RSU 10 cuts jobs, funding for school programs
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    RSU 10 cuts jobs, funding for school programs

    áááÑ FACING LAYOFFS. RSU-10 IN DIXFIELD AND RUMFORD RECEIVED 1-POINT-1- MILLION DOLLARS LESS FROM THE STATE FOR ITS BUDGET THIS YEAR..AND BECAUSE OF THAT THEY’RE ELIMINATING POSITIONS AND CUTTING SOME MONEY FROM EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITES. WMTW NEWS 8’S ALY MYLES HAS MORE ON THE CUTS FROM DIXFIELD. 44 fulltime positions. 44 fulltime positions. That’s how many people are being eliminated from rsu 10 including a principal at dirigo middle school, 9 teachers as well as educational technicians, a bus driver and two secretaries. The superintendent says these cuts are not easy. Take VO THEY’LL ALSO BE SPENDING LESS MONEY ON AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES LIKE SPORTS AND DRAMA. THE CUTS ARE SPANNED…

  • Be a Partner in Your Child’s Education
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    Be a Partner in Your Child’s Education

    So, Jake is seven and he is a fun-loving little guy. The very typical thing: you ask what they would do at school and you get “nothing.” So with FreshGrade, it was nice to have that consistent and frequent content information. You’re able to have content-specific conversations with them. I could both acknowledge what he was doing, if he was doing very well at something, and support him in that. And equally, if he was struggling with something, I would know exactly what it was that they were working on and be able to give him support at home. So, rather than waiting until the reporting period, which could be…

  • Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Education
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    Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Education

    The lands on which we live and learn hold many stories. Some new, some old. Some yet to be heard, some yet to be told. Narragunnawali named after the Ngunnawal word meaning alive, wellbeing, coming together, and peace, is a program designed by educators for educators and everyone in the community. Schools and early learning services can get involved by embracing our land’s deep history and fostering knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures, and contributions. Reconciliation Action Plans can be developed through the Narragunnawali online platform to guide educational institutions to make commitments to reconciliation in the classroom, around the school or service, and with…

  • ABSTINENCE-ONLY?! Sex Education USA vs. Germany | German Girl in America
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    ABSTINENCE-ONLY?! Sex Education USA vs. Germany | German Girl in America

    S: It was like don’t have sex for marriage… N:They had a pregnancy class for the girls who were pregnant… G:We would literally look at pictures of diseased genitalia… Hallo, Servus and welcome back to my youtube channel. My name is Felicia, I’m originally from Munich Germany, but I have been living in Cincinnati, Ohio for about 3 years now. Those of you who have seen my video on dating differences already kind of know what today’s video is going to be all about because I touched on that topic in that video, too and I may repeat some of the things I said then but this video is actually…

  • Education Source (EBSCO) Database
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    Education Source (EBSCO) Database

    Education Source database is a great place to find information on topics ranging from early childhood education, higher education, and instructional design. To locate articles in this database, you’ll want to add keywords to the search box. I’m going to start with academic achievement. So that’s quite a broad topic. In order to get a little bit more specific, I’m going to add the term “AND school lunch”. My search was very specific so I returned about 36 articles which is pretty good. If 36 was too many, you can also go and limit your search. In the Limit To section, you can change the Publication Date range. You can…

  • English – Parent Teacher Interviews (Elementary School)
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    English – Parent Teacher Interviews (Elementary School)

    Going to school, it’s an exciting time. Yes, free field trip. What about a fraction? There’s so much to do… Who can give me an example of a… So much to learn. Richard. So much for a child to try and cope with in a new country. This video is about one of the important ways that parents can help their child succeed in school. Okay, so, boys and girls, I have a letter here that I’d like you to take home to your parents please. It invites your parents to come to our next parent teacher interview, okay? And it’s really important and I’d like to see each and…

  • Curriculum Design in Religious Education – #balancedRE
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    Curriculum Design in Religious Education – #balancedRE

    What do we want young people to get out of religious education? Basically, the ability to hold balanced and informed conversations about religions and world views. OK, but what does that look like in reality? Well, like any area of study, religious education is multidisciplinary. There’s Theology, Philosophy and the Human/Social Sciences. By engaging with these disciplines, we want young people to have meaningful conversations about religions and worldviews. Think of it like sitting on a three-legged stool: we can talk, teach and learn from each other because the stools give us a secure place to sit. If one of the legs were shorter than the other, we’d fall off!…

  • The Birth of Adventist Education | Episode 22 | Lineage
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    The Birth of Adventist Education | Episode 22 | Lineage

    The Adventist Church was in its infancy with a membership that was only in the tens of thousands, and yet it had already made ventures into the publishing work and the health work. Despite a small membership, it would soon move into the educational field as well with a vision far greater than the reality of church life at the time. A school had started in 1868 by Goodloe Harper Bell that was supported locally here in Battle Creek. But in 1872 James and Ellen White would call for the upgrading of this school into an advanced educational institution, and also for the denomination to support the school. [music] As…