• Natural Family Planning - Introduction / Educational Video

    Natural Family Planning – Introduction / Educational Video

    thank you very much um I have been teaching natural family planning for about fourteen years I first got into it when this is too low okay my OBGYN told me there was nobody doing that and if P in the Oshkosh area after I had my third son you know they come in and do the birth control talk and after you have a baby and I said I could do that I was recently stay-at-home nurse so we'll give that a shot the rest is sort of history I'm also gainfully employed somewhat by the Diocese of Madison I'm the natural family planning coordinator for the diocese and…

  • Effects of Having a Special Needs Sibling

    Effects of Having a Special Needs Sibling

    this is violet she's 2 years old and lives with her dad her mum and her new baby brother Jack violet loves being a big sister it's like she has her own real-life doll to play with now that violet is in kindergarten she's starting to notice that Jack acts different than the other boys of age but she doesn't really understand why all she knows is that he doesn't like to look people in your eyes and he prefers to play alone violet wonders is he sick well I get it – did I do this to him violet tries talking to her mouth but she seems to think…

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    Higher Ed & Our Cultural Inflection Point: JB Peterson/Stephen Blackwood

    I'm Stephen Blackwood I'm part of a small team of people found in a new University in Savannah Georgia I'm the president of that new institution I'm here today at Cambridge University an ancient August and beautiful institution and I have the great pleasure today to have with me dr. Jordan Peterson professor of psychology of the University of Toronto and I think it is safe to say an unknowable figure of our time Jordan it's a real pleasure to have you here today thank you thanks pleasure to be here this unbelievable place Jordan and I are going to talk today about what he has called the inflection point…

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    Oprah on Taking Responsibility for Your Life | Oprah's Lifeclass | Oprah Winfrey Network

    okay we're here in life class again after last night knowing when you know better you do better we're ready to move on to what I think is another powerful lesson that I started to get when I was a really young girl having been raised by my grandmother and then it's six years old being separated for my grandmother being moved to Milwaukee and suddenly in a foreign environment for myself I remember walking into that new space and recognizing that in many ways I was alone which is a terrible feeling if you're six years old but I have always had the deep understanding for myself that if…