• I Decided To Take Over My Education | Angie King, Scholarship Recipient
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    I Decided To Take Over My Education | Angie King, Scholarship Recipient

    [Applause]. First, I want to start off by thanking all the staff members that helped us get this together, and I want to send a special thank you to all the donors tonight. Without your generous donation, we wouldn’t be here tonight. So, a little bit about me, because who doesn’t love talking about themselves? As an infant, I was placed into foster care because both of my parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol. From there, I became a part of a very diverse family. Most of us were adopted. Unfortunately, my adopted situation was also not able to set me up for a future, nor my siblings. My…

  • The Reason Why Many Educated People Are POOR
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    The Reason Why Many Educated People Are POOR

    The reason why many educated people are poor When I was 15, I started dreaming of becoming an accountant though at this time I had my only two business since nobody in my immediate environment talked about entrepreneurship I didn’t even know that any poor boy like me could build a company So I wanted to work for a company as an accountant since I wanted to be a great accountant I looked for a newspaper and cut out the image of one of the most successful bankers in those days. I Pasted that is photo in my room where I saw it every day I also read about him…

  • A Huge Surprise for Two Teachers
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    A Huge Surprise for Two Teachers

    – Earlier this season, we asked viewers to send in videos doing a dance called the Penguin Shake for a chance to win $10,000. We got a lot of great responses, including this one from teachers at Cherokee Elementary in Johnson City, Tennessee. [singing] – I just want to celebrate I just want to celebrate Tonight we’re making history I just want to celebrate [dance music] – So two of them are here. Come on down, Mary and Andrea. That was really creative. Whose idea was that dance? – It was actually my idea. – And you’re the principal of the school. – Yes, I’m the principal. I watch your…

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    Counting Coins Song for Kids | Learning About Money Song For Kids

    One penny is worth one cent; one nickel’s worth five of them. One dime has a value of ten; one quarter’s worth twenty-five cents. Five pennies make a nickel (in cents, it’s worth five). Two nickels make ten cents (that means they’re worth a dime). A quarter’s twenty-five pennies, but let’s make it shorter… two dimes and a nickel also equal a quarter. I bought one delicious dill pickle for two dimes, a quarter, and a nickel. To find out how much I spent, I counted them up cent by cent. I started with the quarter; it was worth twenty-five cents. Each dime was worth ten, so I added both…

  • Mad City Money
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    Mad City Money

    Mad City Money is a reality store simulation in which students are learning financial literacy skills. Students are given a walk of life if you will when they entered the room and it’s a scenario of age, of employment, education, family status and from that they need to negotiate a budget and visits approximately twenty different stations around the room. Some other stations are the housing station, the child-care station, the mall where merchants are trying to sell them things that they probably don’t need but maybe things that they want. The car dealership, the credit union or the credit association where they need to go for loans and to…

  • RSU 10 cuts jobs, funding for school programs
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    RSU 10 cuts jobs, funding for school programs

    áááÑ FACING LAYOFFS. RSU-10 IN DIXFIELD AND RUMFORD RECEIVED 1-POINT-1- MILLION DOLLARS LESS FROM THE STATE FOR ITS BUDGET THIS YEAR..AND BECAUSE OF THAT THEY’RE ELIMINATING POSITIONS AND CUTTING SOME MONEY FROM EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITES. WMTW NEWS 8’S ALY MYLES HAS MORE ON THE CUTS FROM DIXFIELD. 44 fulltime positions. 44 fulltime positions. That’s how many people are being eliminated from rsu 10 including a principal at dirigo middle school, 9 teachers as well as educational technicians, a bus driver and two secretaries. The superintendent says these cuts are not easy. Take VO THEY’LL ALSO BE SPENDING LESS MONEY ON AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES LIKE SPORTS AND DRAMA. THE CUTS ARE SPANNED…

  • Key & Peele – TeachingCenter
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    Key & Peele – TeachingCenter

    (male announcer) Teaching Center is brought to you by BMW. The ultimate driving machine. [upbeat rock music] ♪ ♪ Hello and welcome to Teaching Center. I’m Boyd Maxwell, with today’s top stories from the exciting world of teaching. And I’m Perry Schmidt. Well, now we know. The long awaited announcement by star English teacher Ruby Ruhf has sent teaching fans across the nation into a frenzy. I’ve enjoyed my time in Ohio very much, but I’m pleased to announce that I’m taking my talents back to New York City. Thank you very much. Apparently, PS431 has made Ruby an offer she couldn’t refuse. $80 million guaranteed over six years, with…

  • What is Inflation?
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    What is Inflation?

    One of the oddest things about economic life is that the prices for things keeps rising? Incomes and prices in the past were amazingly different from what they are today [in] Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy supposed to have [been] one of the richest people in britain It’s 1813 and his income is 10,000 pounds a year today That’s less [than] [half] of what a primary school teacher straight out of college would earn in sense and sensibility [there’s] an argument about whether an income of 20 pounds a week is enough to make you well-off and the answer is yes It’s there in living [memory] to a cinema ticket…