I Am TRANSGENDER | Dragun

    hi dragons what's up it's Nick dragon and today I'm coming at you with the V video I have a lot of things to explain and a lot of things that I want to explain not because I feel pressure about anyone or any means but because I have finally arrived at a very happy point in my life and it's finally time for me to share something with you guys I am transgendered well I wanted to start off by just stating the fact that I am transgendered and I want to let you guys know how just appreciative I am of all the things that you guys have…

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    okay we're here in life class again after last night knowing when you know better you do better we're ready to move on to what I think is another powerful lesson that I started to get when I was a really young girl having been raised by my grandmother and then it's six years old being separated for my grandmother being moved to Milwaukee and suddenly in a foreign environment for myself I remember walking into that new space and recognizing that in many ways I was alone which is a terrible feeling if you're six years old but I have always had the deep understanding for myself that if…