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    Managing Game-Based Learning in the Classroom

    >>Ameer: Managing game play is just like managing other learning activities in your classroom. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you see your students helping each other, having fun, and reflecting on what they’re learning.>>Teacher: So mark it first, good, good.>>Student: So I get one, nine, so yellow gets one and I get one number, it’s only the mushroom, so I only have one oh, that’s the nine.>>So you got those.>>Teacher: Who’s the game master?>>Student: I am.>>Teacher: Okay, then Cole, you shouldn’t even be doing this.>>Ameer: So how do you manage game play? Step one, think about how you manage your classroom. A game isn’t some sort of…

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    How to Fix iPad Sound Problem: no sound on iPad games, iPad Apps without sound. Easy! iOS 10,9,8 & 7

    You have an iPad with iOS7… …but, some apps to make any sound? Let’s fix it! First: take a look at the “side switch”… …see the red mark? The iPad is “on mute” Switch it up! Second: put the volume all up! But, if your side switch is used to lock the rotation of the screen, …then you bring up the “Control Center”, and take a look at the Cut Bell: if it is ‘bright’… …just turn it off. Again, put the volume all up, dismiss the Control Center… …and we should have sound! Still, no sound?… let’s close all the running apps: Double-tap the ‘Home Button’… …and there might…

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    How to Teach Your Dog to Speak (and Stop Barking!)

    Hi. I’m Adrena Wilhelm from Canine Companions for Independence. Today, we’re going to learn how to teach your dog to stop barking. It may sound nonsensical, but to stop your dog from barking, first, teach him to bark on command. Give your dog the command to speak. Have someone immediately make a noise, such as knocking on a door, that is sure to make your dog bark. Let him bark two or three times. Then, stick a tasty treat in front of his nose. When he stops barking to sniff the treat, praise him, and give him the treat. Repeat until he starts barking as soon as you say speak.…

  • Alice envisions the future – Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon
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    Alice envisions the future – Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon

    [Instrumental music plays in the background] We are here at Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon and there is such a wonderful atmosphere created by 130 girls and more than 80 mentors, speakers and volunteers. [Music continues in the background] We envisioned this event for high-school girls all over the world and during the 2-day hackathon experience we challenged them to tackle global issues through Artificial Intelligence. So far, they are doing an impressive job! [Joyful instrumental beats in the background] Human population is 50% women. Why don’t we have 50% minimum in our tech industries? [Joyful sounds in the background] I believe the future is female and today is the…

  • How to use Chopsticks in Japan -One minute learning –
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    How to use Chopsticks in Japan -One minute learning –

    It ’s wonderful that you can eat anything with just chopsticks The end of the chopsticks is left facing since right-handed people are common At first, practice with one chopstick.Hold it like a pencil and move it with your index and middle fingers Once you get used to it, let’s move it with two chopsticks It is easy to practice with carrying small food Breach of manners Do not move the plate with chopsticks Don’t grab one food with two people Do not point or swing with chopsticks In Japan, you can become a hero if you are good at using chopsticks Even if you are not good at using…

  • The Paw Patrol Game with Chase In Real Life – Mashems, Slime, Superheroes and Toys – Spin the Wheel
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    The Paw Patrol Game with Chase In Real Life – Mashems, Slime, Superheroes and Toys – Spin the Wheel

    Hi Paw Patrol Fans! Welcome to the Paw Patrol Game! It’s me, Ellie Sparkles. It’s time to spin the wheel again and this time it’s our favorite pups from Paw Patrol! And Today we are going to play the Paw Patrol Game with a surprise guest….It’s Chase!!! Hi Chase! You look so excited to play the game with us. OK Chase, we need you to spin the wheel for us to see which character we open. But before you spin the wheel, let’s see which characters we have in today’s game. We have Chase the police pup, Skye the pink pup, Zuma the orange water dog, Rocky the green recycling…

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    The Boss Baby vs The Smurfs Lost Village Slime Game Part 3 – Trolls Movie Ellie Sparkles

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the Smurfs Movie Slime Game! It’s Me, Ellie Sparkles. In the Smurfs slime game, we have to open surprises from all of our favorite smurf characters without getting slimed by the evil villain team. Let’s see which characters are in our game. We have: Smurfette…Papa Smurf…Melody…the villain Gargamel…the mean Gaston from Beauty and the Beast…Francis the villain from Boss baby…Brainy Smurf, Blossom, and Mystery Character. Let’s see if you guess who the mystery character is…The mystery character is a baby, but he wears a suit and tie just like an adult. Press the thumbs up button if you know who it is already! OK Everyone…are you…