• Julián Castro: Education And Health Care Are Not Mutually Exclusive | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

    Julián Castro: Education And Health Care Are Not Mutually Exclusive | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

    presidential candidate who Leon Castro happens to be with us former HUD secretary under President Obama former mayor of San Antonio secretary look we have we have escalating tensions with Iran we have an ongoing issue with North Korea we have no named defense secretary we now have a new acting defense secretary and we're not really ever sure around here whether enacting defense secretary is meant to become the actual defense secretary is there any concern that you have about that spot not being filled and basically john bolton who's the president's national security adviser seems to be setting military policy at the moment this one of the things…

  • Grant For Learning Skills To Lift Neighborhoods

    Grant For Learning Skills To Lift Neighborhoods

    good afternoon I'd like to thank everybody for coming out on seems like the typical weather from when we have announcements for this program but coming out for our 2018 learning skills to lift neighborhoods announcement this is a program that we have been jointly running since 2016 with councilmember jazz a page this is a program that really was honestly her brainchild and it has been a great opportunity for us to not only put underutilized properties in our city back to work and make them be great houses again within our community but it's also an opportunity to lift neighborhoods and add skills into our workforce so we're…

  • The Top 10 Problems Faced by Immigrants

    The Top 10 Problems Faced by Immigrants

    the top ten problems faced by immigrants settling in a new region poses many challenges whatever your background and there are some common experiences for migrants across the globe while immigrants to Canada may face some or all of these issues the country has a range of features which can help make the transition smoother in this article we'll look at those issues and how to resolve them when moving to Canada language barriers it's no great surprise that language tops the list of issues facing immigrants to any country being able to communicate or not affects every area of life in which we have to interact with others from…

  • Why Cities Are Still So Segregated | Let's Talk | NPR

    Why Cities Are Still So Segregated | Let's Talk | NPR

    Chris Rock: You know what's so sad, man? You know what's wild? Martin Luther King stood for nonviolence. Now what's Martin Luther King? A street. And I don't give a f*** where you at in America, If you on Martin Luther King Boulevard there's some violence going down. Gene: That, of course, is Chris Rock’s famous joke about streets named for Martin Luther King Jr., which tend to be in — let's say distressed areas. And he’s not wrong, because if you look at the way housing segregation works in America you can see how things ended up this way. Once you see it, you won't be able to unsee…

  • Financial Education Pack - Part 2 Video 1 of 3 - Lou Harty - US Property

    Financial Education Pack – Part 2 Video 1 of 3 – Lou Harty – US Property

    it gives me great pleasure to introduce our next speaker a lovely lady our first female speaker by the way on the main stage give her a hand for that already Lou Hardy I met Lou at a seminar 21st century seminar about six years ago she come to that seminar she was very passionate committed and she went away from that event took the strategies and applied it to her life she did share rantings she invests in real estate she had multiple strategies she did internet marketing which we teach his world she got into training as well she's pretty much diversified in so many strategy and a…

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    How To Plan Your Personal Finance Efficiently

    I innovate in name hello and welcome to another episode of NSF invest part by CNBC tv18 season 3 today we're the Google office of India's leading online financial services platform policy bizarre com policy bizarre com is India's largest insurance website and comparison portal established in 2008 the portal has come to be known as the Gateway to online insurance in India and the seep in waves visited the office of policy bizarre calm in Delhi with the country's finest experts to advise and educate the young employees on investments and Financial Planning and they're now joined by two very special experts we have tanveer alum who's the founder…

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    Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard? | Jon Jandai | TEDxDoiSuthep

    المترجم: Kinan Al Zouabiالمدقّق: Anwar Dafa-Alla هناك عبارة أردت دائماً أن أقولها للجميع في حياتي. تلك العبارة هي "الحياة سهلة." إنها سهلة جداً و ممتعة. في السابق لم أكن أفكر هكذا أبداً عندما كنت في بانكوك, شعرت بأنالحياة صعبة و معقدة للغاية. لقد ولدت في قرية فقيرةفي شمال شرق تايلند و عندما كنت صغيراً,كل شيء كان ممتعاً و سهلاً, ولكن عندما وصل إلينا التلفاز,أتى العديد من الناس إلى القرية, و قالوا, "أنت فقير, عليك أن تطارد النجاح في حياتك. عليك بالذهاب إلى بانكوكحتى تطارد النجاح في حياتك هناك." فشعرت بالسوء و الفقر. و احتجت أن أذهب إلى بانكوك. عندما وصلت إلى بانكوك,لم تكن تلك بالمتعة الحقيقية. عليك أن تتعلم, أن…