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    Lauren – NCOP summer schools

    Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m here on a specialist hair and makeup summer school at UCB this week. I found out about it through my career’s officer at school and I knew it was something that I wanted to do because I’ve always been interested in things like theater but I think you can really branch out and explore different areas of it so it’s not just perform in its production as well and that’s opened up a completely new path to me so I really think that you can really explore so many different areas and find something that you really do want to do if you’re not 100%…

  • How to Study for Your Learning Style
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    How to Study for Your Learning Style

    HACC Tutoring presents, “How to Study forYour Learning Style”! Alright, you’ve got a big test coming up— what are you gonna do? How will you study for it? Some students think that there’s one magical technique that will help everyone learn, but that is NOT the case. Sure, one strategy might work well for some, but it won’t work for others because we all learn in different ways. That’s why it is so important to identify your own personal learning styles and use study tips that work best for the way that you learn. The most commonly identified learning styles are visual, auditory, and tactile or kinesthetic. So, the first…

  • Reshaping Doctoral Education
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    Reshaping Doctoral Education

    I look around the world these days, and especially in the United States, and think that we need to work harder as academics to get the great work we do out there and accessible and make it an interest to the public that’s voting, that’s thinking about their communities, that’s thinking about the future we want this country to have, and the world to have. Is great research and all the skills that go into producing great research incompatible with communication to the larger public? And my answer is “absolutely not.” These things are integral. They should be bound together. Then the Graduate Center is a great place to do…

  • Teaching and study spaces at York
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    Teaching and study spaces at York

    The transition from school to uni is a big change for most people here at York we’ve got loads of great teaching and study spaces so you’ll always be able to find a space that suits your style of learning I’m going to show you some of the best places to get your work done on campus as you’d expect we’ve got a fantastic library it’s open 24/7 362 days a year and is home to over a million books e-books and journals but here at York there’s so much more the first place we’ll take a look at is right in the center of campus West the spring lane…

  • Why ‘Free College’ Is a Terrible Idea
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    Why ‘Free College’ Is a Terrible Idea

    Since he was a kid, Michael Gamez wanted to work on cars just like his dad and his grandfather. He fixed up and sold his first used car when he was fourteen. It felt really good to build something up and sell it for a profit. The fact that I was able to do something like that, which was kind of like, ok you know, I know what I’m doing, this is what I want to do. But Gamez’s teachers conditioned him to believe that he needed to go to college. They kind of just thought that my dream of being a mechanic was kind of like one of those…

  • *Education Not Guaranteed: A Louisiana State University Case Study
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    *Education Not Guaranteed: A Louisiana State University Case Study

    How would it feel to learn your daughter, your son, your grandchild…YOUR future was compromised for the financial gain of others? What if the institution that is supposed to uphold the highest standards of education and intellectual development, instead, took advantage of its students? It’s 2008, Lehman brothers went bust and brought the national economy down with it. As government funding for higher education dwindled, costs were going up for students. And job prospects for recent graduates were falling. In Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, the state’s newly elected governor made economic development a top priority. He looked to Digital Media as a solution. Bobby Jindal: “We are quickly becoming a major…

  • Principal’s Conversation
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    Principal’s Conversation

    It’s time for an important conversation. I think the university needs to return to a conversation about its goals, its ambitions, its values and how do we see our impact in the world. That to me is the critical point. I hope everyone will join with me in this conversation. It will take place over this fall term and into the spring We are interested in everyone’s opinion. Think big and think in an ambitious way about our institution. I’m interested in talking about the ways in which we can define it as an outstanding institution in the future

  • Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Deborah Gorman-Smith’s 2019 Aims of Education Address
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    Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Deborah Gorman-Smith’s 2019 Aims of Education Address

    JOHN BOYER: Good evening. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Aims of Education address for 2019. All colleges and universities have venerable customs. And the University of Chicago has more than most. Appropriate for a university that was founded in 1890 as an engine of educational innovation, one of our most esteemed annual traditions involves thinking about and even debating the aims of liberal education. Each fall, in the week before classes resume and the academic year is upon us with full force, we invite a senior faculty member to address the entering first year class and transfer students. Assembled in Rockefeller Chapel with his or her thoughts…