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    Key & Peele – TeachingCenter

    (male announcer) Teaching Center is brought to you by BMW. The ultimate driving machine. [upbeat rock music] ♪ ♪ Hello and welcome to Teaching Center. I’m Boyd Maxwell, with today’s top stories from the exciting world of teaching. And I’m Perry Schmidt. Well, now we know. The long awaited announcement by star English teacher Ruby Ruhf has sent teaching fans across the nation into a frenzy. I’ve enjoyed my time in Ohio very much, but I’m pleased to announce that I’m taking my talents back to New York City. Thank you very much. Apparently, PS431 has made Ruby an offer she couldn’t refuse. $80 million guaranteed over six years, with…

  • Six Times Table Song! (Cover of CHEERLEADER by OMI)
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    Six Times Table Song! (Cover of CHEERLEADER by OMI)

    When you use multiplication And count by 6, don’t get confused and lose your patience no no See those 6s can be tricky, but if you just sing it with me You’ll be countin’ up to 60 in all your 6s in a jiffy They say, come on try it Sing it, don’t be quiet Wanna hear it from the highest top of the mountains to the sky Then sing it, Oooooo I think that I found a way to count by 6 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36, 4-2, 48, 54, and then 60 Get up out of your seat and sing it with me 6×2 you just double,…

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    Oh, good boy! See! Yes you just walked on water See you’re a natural. Ah, good day everyone, and welcome to today’s video. Santy Claus himself. This is a lil furry little hat. Umm so Storm was getting annoying so I ended up just skinning him, and turned him into a lil Santa hat cause you know gotta be in the Christmas spirit you know just kidding, I would never He’s over here with the piggles … with the piggies Yeah, yeah I’m just hanging on the mirror. I like the mirror it’s nice and cool. Cool for the summer. Cool for the winter. Um so just eating some breakfast.…

  • Chip and Joanna Gaines Teach Jimmy How to Two-Step
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    Chip and Joanna Gaines Teach Jimmy How to Two-Step

    -Chip and Joanna Gaines. We love you guys. Thank you for being not only on our show but on our big Texas show. -Yes. -They love you. We love you. [ Cheers and applause ] I’m so happy you could join us. You know I love you guys. You two are Texans. You live in Waco now, right? -Waco, Texas. Yes, sir. -Waco, Texas. [ Cheers and applause ] That’s where you did “Fixer Upper.” You both went to Baylor University, right? -Yes, sir. -In Waco. Is there — There’s a — Is there a big — [ Laughter ] -Hey, hey. -Is there a big rivalry? -Take it easy.…

  • “Learning Spanish” | Russell Peters – Notorious
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    “Learning Spanish” | Russell Peters – Notorious

    >>Russell Peters: My daughter is pretty smart. I uh– I’m impressed by her. She’s only two, and she’s already speaking Spanish and English. Which is impressive, to me. I wanted her to learn Spanish, first, because, first of all, she’s half Latina, and we live in California, so, you know, I want her to, at least know the language of California. [Laughter] Spanish is a very helpful language, in California, I mean, you go to a restaurant– you want your car back, from valet– you want to know, like, what to say, you know mean, so– [Laughter] So, you know what I did? I told my ex-wife’s family, there from…

  • Learning How To Cook Pasta! w/ 39Daph & AngelsKimi
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    Learning How To Cook Pasta! w/ 39Daph & AngelsKimi

    Yes I’m not wearing this…this is different. It’s just also yellow. I like red and yellow. McDonald’s you know, red and yellow. McDonald’s? Hamburger I’m today morning go to the AM 6, go to the McDonald’s. McDonald’s? Y-y-yes! Why? Um, hungry Ohhh So I go to the, um, McDonald’s and I’m, uh, what is this? Hamburger? McMorning? This is sausage and cheese and egg. Did you like Yes. Yes, very sweet and soft. Good. KKona diet Maybe, we’re friend Ah! Kimi! Ohhh!!! Hi!!!!!! We are so colorful! We actually are, Oh, Elmo! We two swtiched, now you’re Buttercup. I’m, uh, I don’t know what this is. Oh my god! I…

  • maeve wiley “sex education” makeup tutorial + look book
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    maeve wiley “sex education” makeup tutorial + look book

    hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video and we’re creating Maeve Wiley’s look with a makeup transformation bit of hair inspo and then a mini lookbook I don’t normally do fashion so I hope you guys enjoy the extra looks in here and if you do make sure you give this video a thumbs up also if you’ve never seen the show sex education is a British show on Netflix that I have 100% recommend I actually looking to watch it like it didn’t appeal to me just from the thumbnail for some reason and you guys kept requesting these and so I ended up…

  • BRITISH PAPERS PLEASE | Not Tonight – Part 1
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    BRITISH PAPERS PLEASE | Not Tonight – Part 1

    Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called Not Tonight. This just came out on Steam, or at least it just showed up in my Recommended List and it’s a game That’s basically papers, please but I think it’s European as you can see we are in London right now, We have the lovely the lovely European stars right here. It looks really good. I like the art style of it a lot. It seems to have a lot of very similar mechanics to papers, please. So just imagine right now going ‘BUM BUM, BUM’ I miss papers, please. So it’s…

  • Gasp! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows
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    Gasp! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

    MICKEY: Oh. Here, boy. (WHISTLES) Come on, boy. Fetch. That’s my Gubbles. Okay, Gubbles, now sit. Roll over. Now catch your treat. (CLANGS) (STRAINING GRUNT) Hmm, looks like that little house is to small for my big fishy. (PANTING) Well, time to order you a bigger bowl. (MEOWS) (CLINKING) MAN ON PHONE: Fish Bowls Emporium. To continue in English, press one now. Gracias… (SPEAKING SPANISH) (BEEP) (SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Please hold. (MUSIC PLAYING) Hmm? Cat! (SIGHS) And stay out! (GLASS SHATTERS) (GASPING) Gubbles! Water! Water! The kitchen. (SQUEALS) Hmm! Lousy landlord. Stay with me, pal. I’m comin’. I’m comin’. Water! No, that’s chicken. Water! Get me some water. (UTENSILS CLATTER)…

  • How Man Won Crazy Money By Hacking A Game Show
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    How Man Won Crazy Money By Hacking A Game Show

    From the beginning, Michael was a man with a plan. On the Saturday afternoon of May 19, 1984, during the second round of a taping of the CBS game show Press Your Luck, Michael put that plan into action. When all was said and done, Michael walked away with over $100,000 in cash and prizes, at the time the largest one-day total ever won on a game show. This is how Michael Larson cracked the Press Your Luck game show code. Michael, a Mister Softee ice cream truck vendor from the small town of Lebanon, Ohio always had a tendency towards get rich quick schemes. He liked to watch infomercials…