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    (music) I love watching our students like learn to work with kids with disabilities. It’s just the best thing. It opens their eyes to a whole new world that they never really planned on doing. I love seeing the progression of our students across the two classes because when I first see students in the PT 276 class, many of them have never thought about working with people with disabilities before and it kind of opens their eyes to the fact that they will get to, and they kind of have to as a part of their teaching. But then you know the experiences that they get the hands-on experiences…

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    Arnaldo ep.3 – Teaching in Japan | The Great Grad Job Hunt

    Hey, good morning, good afternoon, depending on where you are in the world. I am in Tokyo, Japan. I recently applied for an internship, for a company that deals with education, educational consulting and English language instruction based in Japan. And, the reason why I’m vlogging this experience is because initially I wasn’t really interested in the internship because it’s based in Asia, and my interests are more South America, continental Africa, Middle East and so I wasn’t going to apply but then I said ‘why not leave my options open’. The internship is fully funded and it includes accomodation, food, it’s giving and has given me already – because…

  • Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching | HarvardX on edX | About Video
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    Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching | HarvardX on edX | About Video

    KATHRYN BOUDETT: There’s so much going on in schools, so many different ways in which we want to improve student learning that it’s really important to focus your efforts. The Data Wise Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is dedicated to supporting educators in using the process and cultivating the habits of mind that make improvement possible. DEIRDRA AIKENS: I could involve Data Wise when I first became principal here. I saw that we had a problem that needed to be solved. KATHRYN BOUDETT: It’s a systematic approach to organizing the core work of schools around instructional improvement. BRIAN LEE: We used our data to help our students.…

  • Why take a gap year? Listen to 6 Minute English
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    Why take a gap year? Listen to 6 Minute English

    Neil: Hello. This is 6 Minute English and I’m Neil. And joining me to do this is Georgina. Georgina: Hello. Neil: Now, Georgina, I know you went to university to study for a degree but before you moved from college to university, did you take a year off? Georgina: I did. Neil: Well, you’re not alone. Many students choose to take a break from their studies to travel or gain work experience before moving on to university. Georgina: Yes, and this is what we call a ‘gap year’. Neil: And in this programme we’re talking about taking a gap year and why doing this has become more important than ever.…

  • U of M Creative class takes learning to new level
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    U of M Creative class takes learning to new level

    A lot goes into a top-notch education. “It’s fun to be able to do something really crazy like wear an adult diaper or race down a hill in a go-kart made out of a 200-pound pumpkin and say that it’s for class.” “We had to carve pumpkins in crazy ways and my family thinks I’m mentally insane now, as a result of this class, but it’s really fun.” Yes, at the University of Minnesota, there’s more to offer than molecular engineering. But that doesn’t mean the more non-traditional courses are any less worthwhile. “The real idea of the class and of this exercise is to develop their creativity.” Brad Hokanson’s…

  • Career and Technical Education at CRC
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    Career and Technical Education at CRC

    That’s definitely something I wish I would have thought of straight out of high school. Oh, this is definitely the place to be! Well, when I was thinking about what school to go to, what I wanted to do, um, I knew I wanted to get into the autmotive industry. I’ve always been passionate about vehicles. So, I looked around at different options. CRC was really the best option as far as something local, something reasonable in price and I’ve always been partial to Ford, so the Ford Asset Program was just a perfect fit. You can come to a community college and take classes across a wide variety of…

  • Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory: Punching Bobo.
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    Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory: Punching Bobo.

    Will playing video games cause me to murder my friends? Hi. I’m Matt and this is Simply Psyc. (music) Albert Bandura was a famous psychologist. Also he was Canadian. Fortunately he worked at Stanford University in California so we won’t hold that against him. But he was curious to know how we learn. Specifically whether or not we learn just through observing other people’s actions. This makes the question of whether or not playing video games that are violent or watching violent movies can truly cause one to be more violent. Let’s get into this. See Bandura (Music) ran a number of experiments to try and answer that question. His…