• Clover Avenue Elementary – Pledge For Education
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    Clover Avenue Elementary – Pledge For Education

    Welcome to Clover Avenue Elementary, a Department of… …Education National Blue Ribbon School! Where I come to learn and make new friends. But if you’re watching this you probably knew that. Your kids, grandkids or… …your nephew attend Clover. But what you might not know is that while the school… …district pays for the basics, what made your schooling special as a kid is no longer covered. Things like: Teacher’s Aides Art Garden Club Music Computer Lab P.E. ! But we need your help. Whether it’s one dollar or a billion… …the important thing is that we work together to build a better future for… well… us! Thanks for watching…

  • Evil Graduation | Totally Spies - Season 5, Episode 1

    Evil Graduation | Totally Spies – Season 5, Episode 1

    Dude this is it high school is permanently dunzo seriously Bro, who knew senior year would go by so quickly. If only our Bev High days could last forever but like Bissell can Don't be so sure about that I Can't believe we're actually splitting up. It's like sadder than the time. I had to Dandeli put collie in the washing machine Don't worry, Alex. We'll still see each other at least on spy missions It will be the same with us going to college and club recording the fashion Academy of do's and dont's we're certain to drift apart Um speaking of drifting apart, where's clover? Why not wear…

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    Bunjie's Second Doe in the 2017 Crossbow Season!

    are you tired of watching bungee and I shoot dear under the 100-year old apple tree I hope not even if you are watch this video because this one is a little bit different the 2017 pennsylvania crossbow sees in the 37 days of awesome here in northeastern pennsylvania as i like to call it is well underway at this point Bungie and I are looking to take another doe or if a buck comes in take a shot at a buck as well I already did one other video about the hundred year old apple tree this year we had great success there with a very mature nice big…