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    For most of history, the overwhelming majority of the Earth’s inhabitants have owned, more or less, nothing. The clothes they stood up in, some bowls, a pot and a pan, perhaps a broom and, if things were going really well, a few farming implements. Nations and peoples remained consistently poor. Global GDP did not grow at all from year to year: the world was an aggregate as hard up in 1800 as it had been at the beginning of time. However, starting in the early 18th century, in the countries of north-western Europe, a remarkable phenomenon occurred. Economies began to expand and wages to rise. Families who’d never before had…

  • Reginald F. Lewis–America’s First Black Billion Dollar Businessman
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    Reginald F. Lewis–America’s First Black Billion Dollar Businessman

    Hello everyone. How you guys doing?>>Good.>>Good. I’m gonna start with one word and I hope that you guys understand and embody the power of the word dream. All of us have been there. All of us have had a dream. So we understand that word. The next word act. Because whatever dream you have, you have to act upon that dream in order for it to come true. You guys all have a dream, right? You’ve heard the speech around this time of year, you all have one. You guys have taken at least one step in acting towards your dream by just coming and getting some free information from…

  • r/maliciouscompliance - "My NIGHTMARE Maths Teacher..."

    r/maliciouscompliance – "My NIGHTMARE Maths Teacher…"

    hey everyone and welcome to story time my name is Jake and welcome to the hundredth episode of our such malicious compliance I just want to say a really quick thank you to everyone who's watched these stories so far and his to 100ma but without any further ado let's get right into the stories seven items or less okay this isn't my story I was actually kind of collateral damage in it but it was too good not to post on Thursday my dad was holding his annual fourth of July cookout when disaster struck he was low on cinnamon he takes his barbeque rub very seriously and this…

  • Renting vs Buying! House Edition!

    Renting vs Buying! House Edition!

    Tuesday's subscribers thank you so much for joining me today I am Jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we're talking about buying a house versus renting a house or renting an apartment guys we're going to talk about all the different factors on when it makes sense sometimes to rent it honestly does and sometimes it makes sense just to buy and engage that will be allow the way guys I'll run through some scenarios with you guys today and I hope you enjoy this video on renting versus buying a house guys get a thumbs up if you do let's get into this so number one…

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    Living in Singapore – What's it like?

    hey what's up everyone hello youtube and welcome to Singapore right now I'm on the eastern side of Singapore called Posterous I might be pronouncing that incorrectly this area is just all residential nothing but apartment building most of them are designed exactly the same so don't normally make videos unless I can put a story behind it and just putting clips of time-lapses and drone footage isn't really entertaining in the end so I actually wasn't going to make a video about Singapore because I came here with a different purpose and that was to decide if living in Singapore would be good or not I want to be…