• InfoLit in Arts & Humanities – Module 2 (Animation 1)
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    InfoLit in Arts & Humanities – Module 2 (Animation 1)

    Thanks for coming to the meeting. I have received funding from the university for a research about the impact of local movies on the development of the local culture of Hong Kong. I definitely need help from you guys. I would like to invite you to take part in the research project with me. We also have to put on an exhibition about the research topic. The exhibition targets the general public and will be held on the campus. You will gain much from this project, knowledge in finding, evaluating and disseminating different resources. I am sure the experience can benefit your study! What do we need to do? Professor

  • Our Distance Learning MBA
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    Our Distance Learning MBA

    I knew I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So I started looking around at different courses, modules. And the MBA really stands out because it covers a broad spectrum of subjects. There’s not one kind of specialism. It is business. It’s how to do business, it’s leadership right through to marketing. So that really appeals. So even if you need a change, this can open up your mind, really. It just pushes you to consider things in a much broader context. The reason why I chose to study the distance learning MBA at the Warwick Business School was I wanted the opportunity…

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    Cass Business School: MSc Careers Team Advice on Assessment Centres

    The role of the Careers service at Cass is to provide students with the tools to become employable. So we provide you with access to employer presentations, workshops and then we give advice on interviews, application forms, CV’s and cover letters. An assessment centre is often the final stage of the employee selection process and they’re carefully designed to measure and evaluate job related skills and they’re are great opportunity for an employer to see how you perform over a sustained period of time in a variety of situations. I’ve used the careers service at Cass quite a lot during my time here. They can offer you workshops in terms…

  • JOB V/S BUSINESS #education #knowledge #job #jobs #business #joborbusiness #whichisbest
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    JOB V/S BUSINESS #education #knowledge #job #jobs #business #joborbusiness #whichisbest

    JOB V/S BUSINESS Gilligan oh yeah a blow job perfected it also have actually movie of every course in Turkey we view each photograph – yeah many shows we are going for our scale like master daily on a PhD a so sloppily this type of a job I usually happen to people kilobyte megabyte closely is all opinions business very miniscule of me after this winter’s day it’s got much out there some visits of Sylvester mrs. s business you see I like personally it stirred up his calculation of those europe look its level de business camp is never afraid that the occupation money ranging in Jessel overweight…

  • Hiring hack: How to better evaluate your candidates | Simon Sinek
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    Hiring hack: How to better evaluate your candidates | Simon Sinek

    I think leadership is one of the most misunderstood responsibilities in business. Too many people confuse leadership with rank or authority. I know many people who sit at the highest levels of organizations who are not leaders. They have authority and we do as they tell us because they have authority over us but we would not follow them. True leaders understand that their responsibility is to take care of their people just like a parent. To see them grow, to see them gain skills, to put them in situations where they get to discover that they’re capable of more than they thought they were capable of. This is what…

  • Get Downtown to Business at the University of Saint Francis
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    Get Downtown to Business at the University of Saint Francis

    >>USF PROFESSOR LIZ UNGER: Our location has changed the game for our business students. Really the best attribute of the School of Business is proximity to businesses, allowing them to walk two blocks down to their internship, to walk to Parkview Field to eat lunch with their mentor, or to have interviews two blocks down the road.>>USF STUDENT CAITLINE SOUTHERN: I really was drawn towards the USF Business program, I’d heard that they are very hands-on within the community and especially being centered downtown, they were able to work with so many different companies. Building those connections is very important for the business world and with the professors and with…

  • Arming Chefs with Information, Education and Support | John Besh | Google Zeitgeist
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    Arming Chefs with Information, Education and Support | John Besh | Google Zeitgeist

    Google Zeitgeist October 15, 2012 The World to Watch [ Video. ] >>Lorraine Twohill: Good afternoon, folks. [ Applause. ] >>Lorraine Twohill: I want to start by thanking our house band, cdza. Aren’t they wonderful? They were just so great. So a big hand. [ Applause. ] >>Lorraine Twohill: As an Irishwoman, I’ve told how to pronounce ZDZA, and not zed A, as we say over in Europe. So I’m excited to be introducing the afternoon sessions. We heard some great stuff this morning, but we have so much more to come in the two sessions this afternoon. I run marketing at Google. One of the things my team works…