• Alice envisions the future – Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon
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    Alice envisions the future – Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon

    [Instrumental music plays in the background] We are here at Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon and there is such a wonderful atmosphere created by 130 girls and more than 80 mentors, speakers and volunteers. [Music continues in the background] We envisioned this event for high-school girls all over the world and during the 2-day hackathon experience we challenged them to tackle global issues through Artificial Intelligence. So far, they are doing an impressive job! [Joyful instrumental beats in the background] Human population is 50% women. Why don’t we have 50% minimum in our tech industries? [Joyful sounds in the background] I believe the future is female and today is the…

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    School Teacher Tattoos His Entire Body | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

    SYLVAIN HELAINE: I’ll never stop getting tattoos because I’m passionate about it and I’ll end up, eventually, full black. SYLVAIN HELAINE: I’ll show you my favourite room. I’m really proud of this one because I built it and I’ve bought everything and this is my personal home gym. I’ve chosen to paint the wall in red because red gives you energy and stamina to, to go through your training. SYLVAIN HELAINE: I’m fully covered from head to toe literally. I have the sole of my feet. I have both of my palms. All of my genitals, things on my mouth. On my head, there is a snake with wings. Obviously…

  • 4G vs 5G – How Do The Speeds Actually Compare?
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    4G vs 5G – How Do The Speeds Actually Compare?

    Much has been said about 5g and how it will transform the way we use computers. Not only will the increased speeds make ordinary consumers happy when using their devices, but it will help usher in new technologies that change the world we live in. There’s also the fact that a lot of people are saying it could be dangerous, but we’ve covered that topic in another show. Today we’ll focus more on the positives. First of all, when we talk about fifth generation technology and how fast it will be, well, that depends on where you’ll be using it; what network you are connecting to and how busy that…

  • Public hearing: Education and learning, Townsville – November 2019 – Day 4
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    Public hearing: Education and learning, Townsville – November 2019 – Day 4

    COMMISSIONER SACKVILLE: Yes. Ms. Eastman. MS K. EASTMAN SC: If the Commission pleases, Ms Eastman. I appear for the Royal Commission as Counsel Assisting with Dr. Mellifont, and with Mr Fraser. COMMISSIONER SACKVILLE: Thank you, Ms. Eastman. MS EASTMAN: My task this morning is to deal with the evidence of Deborah Dunstone, if the Commission pleases. COMMISSIONER SACKVILLE: Good morning. You may take – I’m sure you’ve been advised – the oath or affirmation as you wish. If you follow the instructions of the associate. Thank you very much. WOMAN: I swear by Almighty God… DEBORAH DUNSTONE: I swear by Almighty God… WOMAN: ..that the evidence I shall give… DEBORAH:…

  • What’s New in Microsoft EDU | Episode 39
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    What’s New in Microsoft EDU | Episode 39

    – And the Excel app lets you take a picture of a printed data table, and then it converts it into a fully editable table in Excel. Good day everybody, what a year it’s been. I’m here back in the Windows 10 Video Editor, which you can find in the Start menu if you type in ‘video editor.’ And I’m here. – Hi Mark! – We’re excited. – And delighted to be invited. – Provided you stay and care what we share. – Our top tips and tricks of 2019. – What an ensemble, and perfect to kick off our holiday recap of the year in EDU. – Hello there,…

  • 2019 IFEZ Arts and Charity Market promotes “togetherness” in Incheon
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    2019 IFEZ Arts and Charity Market promotes “togetherness” in Incheon

    it’s the season of giving and sharing more and more people are coming together to help those in need over in Incheon expat communities are doing their part by using their special talents Yellen takes us to this special charity market sure while you love and help neighbors in need the expec community in the city of incheon came together Friday to share their talents and raise funds at the arson charity market held in the Incheon free economic zone the organization is called catchy which in Korean means together and they hope their charity market will promote a more inclusive society to bring lots of people within the community…