SWTAD Vids | Nerlie Preschool! Toys and Dolls Pretend Play – Learning Activities – Colors – Balloons
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SWTAD Vids | Nerlie Preschool! Toys and Dolls Pretend Play – Learning Activities – Colors – Balloons

Storieswithdolls: Hi everyone!!! Stories with Dolls here! And today we’re back at school with the
neonate babies, and guess what friends? Today the babies are going to be learning
the primary colors, and secondary colors. And they’re going to be learning them in a super fun way! With a science experiment! Churro: I can’t see!! The bottles are covering me!! Storieswithdolls: Oh Churro!! You’re right!! Awww haha poor Churro!! I don’t think Atole and Lloyd can see either. So let’s move the bottles. And what we’re going to need for this experiment is vinegar, baking soda, six bottles like these, and six balloons!! In the primary colors! Blue! Red! And yellow! And the secondary colors! Purple! Green! And orange! And since the babies are a bit older now,
we’re all going to participate in today’s experiment! Let’s start with Susiking! Come on Susiking! Let’s start with the red balloon. Susiking: Yay!! Red is my favorite color!! Storieswithdolls: Okay Susiking, very carefully, we’re going to put the baking soda into the balloon. A little bit more. Now Fidgets is next! And we’re going to give Fidgets the blue
balloon! Fidgets: Yay!! It matches with the bows that I have in my hair! Storieswithdolls: Oh yeah!! You’re right Fidgets!! Haha Lloyd: And it’s the same color as me! Storieswithdolls: Lloyd is also right!! He’s blue!! Let’s open the balloon. Fidgets: Oh no!! I messed up *kind of cries* Storieswithdolls: Oh no, Fidgets, it’s okay! Don’t worry! Look, we’re just going to try again. Oh look, you’re doing it now!! Yay!!! Good job Fidgets!! Now our blue balloon is ready! Fidgets: Yay!!! I did it!! I did it!!! Storieswithdolls: Okay, now Bosni! Bosni: I want the purple one, because I am purple! Storieswithdolls: But we’re doing primary colors, and purple isn’t a primary color. Purple is a secondary color. Bosni: Can I wait for the purple? Storieswithdolls: Oh yes of course! Why not! Okay Carrot Kait, you’re going to be doing
the yellow balloon! Let’s put in the baking soda. A little bit more. And the primary colors are all done!! Now we’re going to move on to the secondary colors! And let’s do the purple one first! So Bosni, it’s your turn! Bosni: Yay!!! *kind of singing* Purple, purple, purple!! Storieswithdolls: Let’s see… And the next person will be…. Churro! Now we’re going to do the green! Churro: Yay!! Green!!! Like my glasses!! Ahh, oooooo, it looks like sand from the beach! Storieswithdolls: Yes, baking soda has a very fine texture, just like sand. Churro: More!! More!! I want to put a lot! A lot!! Because I want to know what happens when you put in a lot, a loooooooooot of baking soda! Storieswithdolls: Oh Churro!! What happens if it explodes?! Churro: Hahahaha, that’ll be really fun!! More!!! More!!!! Storieswithdolls: Oh hahaha Churro!! I hope you don’t cause us any problems and we have an explosion or something. Ah friends, look how much Churro filled this balloon with!! What’s going to happen?? Okay, well, no more Churro! Because we don’t know what’s going to
happen, and I don’t want it to explode and have all the bottles break or something like that. And the last one we have is the orange one! Navarie: Me!! Me!! My hair is orange!! Storieswithdolls: Oh yes Navarie!! Come do the orange one! Babies, how about we put the bottles in order of the colors of the rainbow! Babies: Yes! Storieswithdolls: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple! Yay!!! We have the colors of the rainbow!! Jade N, you can start putting in the vinegar! And how about while we pour the vinegar, we say a nursery rhyme? (reciting Johnny Johnny nursery rhyme) And now we’re going to do the best part!! I’m going to attach the balloon here, and
once we’re sure that it’s completely secure, I’m going to add the baking soda to the
vinegar. And we’re going to see what happens. Babies: Wow!! Fidgets: It inflates! Storieswithdolls: Yes!! The balloon inflates!! Isn’t that so cool!??! Let’s do the orange one now. The yellow one. Friends!!! Now we’re going to do the green one that Churro filled with a ton of baking soda! I really really hope that it doesn’t explode. Ready friends? Oh I’m so scared. Haha I’m actually really scared!! Like I’m actually really scared. Ooooo it looks like nothing really happened. Wow, I thought it was at least going to inflate more than the other ones. But no, it looks like it’s basically the
same size. Well, at least nothing exploded haha. The blue one. And the purple one. Friends, after a few minutes, look at this!! Something different did happen to the green one. It was the first one to deflate!! Guys, if you liked this experiment, don’t
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