holy smokers guys what a rough day it is out there in the stock market today Wall Street is is not having a good day so I want to take you through first like the carnage like how bad are things out there today I want to take you through the markets I want to take you through a ton different stocks that I personally own or I track heavily we're gonna look at some of the biggest companies how much some of these stocks are down today it's it's unbelievable out there guys and then I kind of want to go into three points I want to make three points on kind of like where my head is at right now like like what I'm thinking about and just kind of give you my viewpoints there but I think everybody's very interested to hear about so first off it was a carnage on Wall Street now this wasn't even before the end of the day all these screenshots were taking was still about a an hour left in the market trading day and for my understanding it it's gotten worse but needless to say the Dow is down 500 plus points SNPs down over 2% Nasdaq was down about 3% today as far as some stocks I own that took big hits Facebook down around 3% today Alibaba was down 5% today US Steel down three and a half percent today skyworks solutions down 3% today Apple was down to nearly 3% today ok so some bad days for stocks I own now stock sidetracked look look at some of these stocks Tesla was down over 2% stitch fix is down over 4% I've been looking into that company heavily lately that stocks down about 50 plus percent in just the past week or so so I've been kind of looking into that one we have switched down nearly 6 percent that's now $8 and 86 88 cents a stock now at this point Starbucks down over 2% there we have FedEx down over two and a half percent we have eBay down nearly four percent today JD comm cannot get a break that stock is down nearly another 4% today it's crashing through its 52-week low day-after-day Sketchers which is a shoe company that ones down nearly 5% today we had David and Buster's down three and a half percent today into it the ones that make TurboTax and some of those products QuickBooks that stock was down over 6% today Disney down over 2% today Google mcdougal down over 3% today we have Michael Kors down over 6% today big downward move for Michael Kors they're allowing technology you makes invisible braces and things like that this one was down over a brown six percent today Roku was down over 11 percent today in mind you know these companies reported earnings they're just awesome massively in video is down over five and a half percent it might have added up down more than six percent you know with what happened of the rest of the trading day we have snapchat down five and a half percent today we had Marvell technologies down nearly six percent today trans end tricks down over seven percent today Matson technology down six and a half percent today to pull down over two percent today Shopify down six percent today ambarella down over five percent today Iowa robot down about six percent today Groupon down six percent today Qualcomm one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world down over three and a half percent today Amazings on down around five percent today AMD down over seven percent today Textron down over three percent today my goodness guys it's ugly out there Zillow down around three percent today for a Rory down over 8 percent today oh my goodness guys squared down nearly 10 percent today Twitter down seven over seven percent today Activision Blizzard a huge video game maker out there down over four and a half percent today Shake Shack down seven plus percent caterpillar down three plus percent Netflix down around seven percent today it was a bad day in the stock market to say the least okay guys it was a bad day to say at least in the stock market so there are three things I want to go over with you and kind of in this video around where my head is at and so let's just get into these alright guys the first thing I want to talk about here is you know it was a few weeks ago I made a video on this channel it said something like the stock market is lying and what I talked about in that videos I talked about how the indexes looked so high you know near the mirror like all-time highs but how tons of industries and tons of stocks were actually near there 52-week low so was it like everything is so great sometimes you know everything is so grand in the stock market and almost all stocks are near their 52-week highs maybe you have a few exceptions here and there that are down but almost all stocks are just doing great okay this is not one of those particular times the indexes looked so high but when I look at industry after industry if I look at stock after stock would I find in stocks that are massively off – off their 52-week highs what does he has tons of stocks that have crashed through their 52-week lows I'm talking about a ton of semiconductor stocks if you look at a massive amount of semiconductor stock you will see a lot of stocks that are near their 52-week lows are at their 52-week lows if you talk about the homebuilders you're gonna see a ton of stocks almost every single stock out there is at their 52-week low or very close to their 52-week low all right if you look at stocks like even some of the high flyers I got Tesla a facebook on Netflix those stocks have been absolutely damaged in a massive massive way guys you can go industry by industry and you will find a ton of industries that their stocks are near they're 52 week lows or have crashed through them guys it's not like it's just a few random stocks here it's a massive amount of stocks the stock market has looked so much better the indexes have looked so much higher because of three companies in particular that have huge weights on that stock market have performed very well and it's made the stock in the stock market in general look like it's at some really high level when really you break it down and you start looking at things and it's like things aren't as good as the stock market says at least as far as stock performances out there it's been Apple it's been Google and it's been Amazon those three stocks right now have helped the stock markets outperform and look like they're so high because those stocks have so much weight we're talking about apples over a trillion dollar market cap Amazon is around a trillion dollar market cap and Google's like a 700 800 billion plus dollar market cap so those three companies have massive weights in the stock market and they make just a stock market looks so much better than it really is guys take a look at all the Chinese stocks that's another industry almost every single Chinese stock out there right now is that its 52-week low or has crashed there was 52 week low okay that's another massive industry of stocks so it's not it's not like we're in some grand times as far as the stock market goes right now if you're just looking at what the Dow says if you're just looking at what the sp500 says if you're just looking at what the Nasdaq index says it looks like wow things are really great and then when you break it down you start looking at individual stocks individual industries you're going to find a massive industries are not at their 52-week highs or any rare remotely close to that okay so the stock market has been lying as I said and it continues to be true and I saw a ton of stocks out there a ton of industries continue to get killed so I don't believe in this notion that old man we're up so high in the stock market no not when you really you break it down and you actually look at some of these stocks we're actually not in a good place as far as stock performance for a ton of industries alright let's get into point number two the second point I want to bring out is keep in mind that the stock market in stocks in general over the long term it's only about what is going on with underlying businesses some people like to point out interest rates or or this or that and all those type of things have small impacts on the stock market in the short term okay in the short term all those things have have you know impacts on the stock market but if you go back to 2008-2009 right interest rates were at zero and you couldn't find a person to buy stocks in 2008 or 2009 the stock markets were crashing well I was probably the only person actually buying stocks out there though I was buying my first stocks ever at that time right you couldn't find a person to buy stocks in 2008-2009 an interest rates were at zero okay why because underlying businesses were absolutely garbage no one wanted a piece of underlying businesses everybody's earnings were going down massively everybody's revenue was going down massively and what ended up happening was companies started saying hey we're starting to see a bottom in this and what ended up happening was stocks started to move back up okay and they crashed I think the Dow was down to six thousand seven hundred or something like that it was ugly it was ugly situation and then also this company said okay we're starting to see a bottom around here and also stock started to move back up okay interest rates are at zero that entire time you couldn't find people to want to stock okay so interest rates those type of things they absolutely do have some type of minor short-term effect and anything can come out of anywhere any fear it doesn't matter if it was North Korea at a time or if it was all we might have a double-dip recession or this or that there's a million different things that since I've been the stock burger for ten years that have been you know set out there and get the stock market to move down in a big way or just decently in a short term period but over the long term it's only about what companies are actually doing so what we've has last earnings season was amazing okay to report phenomenal earnings and most companies unfortunately the stock prices didn't move or didn't go up that much alright so this earnings season is about to kick off next week okay and then going from here we're gonna be in a massive earning season it's gonna be very important to hear what company's current numbers are and what their their future guidance is because those numbers are what's gonna really dictate where stocks go over time okay once again anything could happen in the short term anything can get to the stock market attention but over the long term it's about what those underlying businesses are actually doing what type of numbers are they reporting a lot of people are worried about those Chinese tariffs maybe going to 25% here at the end of this year what do companies have to say about that how many businesses are gonna be hurt from that and if they are hurt from that how much are they gonna be hurt from that and what about the businesses that are actually helped by that okay I want a business that's going to be helped in probably a bigger way than anybody by these tariffs and that's US Steel okay there's probably no one that benefits more than then a company like a steel maker all right from from all these tariffs so the question is how many companies is this hurting how many companies is is helping and then and then what's the effect on all this okay our company's got to seem at their earnings go down massively not massively what's the situation it's all about companies underlying business we've got to pay attention that in this earning season I really see like where companies are at here okay let's get into my last point point number three my third point has to do with what happened to everybody's five-year vision okay when the stock market is going up when any asset class is going up all you hear is people talking about long-term visions and kind of looking and just excitement excitement all sudden when things start to struggle you get people that go into their show like a turtle and kind of like oh my gosh everything's bad and they only start looking at what's going on today and and Mike my point is what happens to your five-year vision your five-year vision should never go away it regardless if you're in the best times ever the worst times ever if the stock market's shooting up and all the stocks are doing great and you're making money hand over fist if you're losing money hand over fist the vision should always be for the long term you should always be in that five-year vision regardless of what's going on out there what has happened – everybody's five-year vision everybody just gets so scared they just get in their their shells and they're like start thinking about today and I'm like wait a minute you know you know six months ago everybody was thinking long-term and they're talking about all these long term you know bullish thesis is on a ton of different businesses and now all of a sudden the stock market struggles industry struggle and people go into a shell like a turtle and all senate's all about what's going on today or something like that people you got to stay with a five-year vision out there imagine where businesses are going over time okay when I've been buying stocks like crazy for the last week or two okay like I've been putting out a lot of money in the stock market a ridiculous amount okay and the way I think about it is I'm thinking about like the three five-year visions on these companies where's Alibaba gonna be over time where's facebook gonna be over time where's Apple Apple gonna be over time where's skyworks solution gonna be over time cirrus logic where are these businesses gonna be three years from now five years from now that's where I'm thinking not where these these stock prices are gonna be tomorrow or something like that I'm willing to bet against any of anybody can short sell any of my stocks and I guarantee over the next three to five years you will lose a massive amount of money and I will make a massive amount of money you can go ahead and short the sp500 or whatever you want a short for the next 5 10 years I can almost guarantee you you're gonna lose a massive amount of money if you stay short that maybe you can make a little money one week one month or something like that but if you stay short of a long term it's like Warren Buffett says you will get absolutely destroyed okay Warren Buffett he oh he's willing to bet any hedge fund manager out there that he will outperform or the essent not even he the sp500 will outperform any hedge fund manager overtime is a great video that went viral recently on YouTube about him exposing hedge funds okay you probably type in Warren Buffett exposes hedge funds if you want to watch that video he exposes hedge funds and points out how poor their performances because they're always trying to jump in and out of things they're taking their massive commissions and whatnot instead of just staying long-term on things it says just focusing over the long term buying businesses that are gonna likely do great over the next three five ten years that's the name of the game regardless if you're in the greatest economy which our economy is extremely strong right now whether you're in a weak economy a decent economy a stock market that's booming a stock market that's not booming like it is right now it doesn't matter the vision should be on five years guys that's what that's where it's at those are my points on this video I hope you enjoyed this thank you for watching and have a great day


  • Bonnie Archie

    Every fukcing thing I sold for a loss has come back up.When mutual funds lose 13-17% in a month that's terrifying..Lesson learned, no. Is it ever? We always nhave t lose money to learn a lesson and it changes so much its one big guess…

  • Bonnie Archie

    I love to come back months later after watching all of you end of the world guys..SEll sell sell..Markets back to over 25,000.I watched countless videos months ago as dow dipped below 22…Come with us follow me get into silver, yadda yafdda yadda..History tells us you're always wrong.I panicked like a little bitch and moved some funds around and absorbed losses. Remember all, the guys on here calling for the end are always trying to sell you somethng else..What a joke…

  • Joyce Koch

    If the stock market burns off 30% it still will be overvalued. The correction of 2008 was never allowed to play out so the market is more overvalued today than it was in 2008.

  • Vishal Vishwakarma

    Stock market may recover temporarily but, next 50% is coming in 2019 or 2020. Major recession. Smart money will seek safe heavens now.

  • James Musbach

    Crashing- Now you're a fear monger. for those who don't know what this is. It's called a pullback. In bull markets, the market will correct down to their MA's. Esp since this is Oct. traditionally a down time. This is first PB in a 2-year bull run. Low tide sinks All ships. Everything's "On sale" but scared people, such as yourself. Will run & hide….Your choice. You talk like a scared lil kid. sad.

  • StratX/O - opportunity management

    Whales ride the crashes because they're too big to react in time. Retailers ride the crashes because whales have convinced them to tolerate foreseeable 50% losses. I thought the rule was "first, lose no money."

  • jaxton funk

    I made my first stock trading account on Robin Hood on Tuesday and after yesterday I just thought I was really bad at trading lol just my luck

  • mzt#10

    Hey guys, question for "Financial education" (Jeremy I think is his name?) or anybody who can answer it. So I have this stock that I spent a lot time researching about, found out it has excellent financials and very good future growth, and at the time of purchase which was around a week ago it was heavily undervalued and oversold, so I bought it. Now the stock market is closed and I see after hours trading it has gone up 7% (which is a good thing because I bought it) but I'm not sure what to make out of 7% spike afterhours. I tried researching but couldn't find what something like this actually means. Another thing to note, I bought it near support when it was under valued. So my question is, is 7% spike up generally a good bullish sign where its going to rally up or can it crash down and its a false sense of hope? of course nothing is certain but would definitely love to hear from some of you with more experience to what to make out of it? The stock is called ABEO for anybody wondering

  • sebastian janiszewski

    gold mining inc 15 % up
    barrick gold 9.20% up
    First Majestic Silver Corp 8.45 % up
    Today it was a very good day on the stock market You just been on the wrong side, just stop telling people to buy the stock where is so expensive. You will make bankrupt all those people.

  • interests10

    Hmm I looked at some stocks they haven’t really gone down much. Could this be a proper stock market crash. Hope not…

  • tone ping ping

    told you yesterday don't go shopping yet..and don't blame the fed because of interest rates going up a fraction of 1% 25 basis points..rates went up late last month, why didn't the market correct down 500 points..who went shopping yesterday..


    Now is a great time to be sitting on cash in your portfolio to buy at the lowest price possible!

  • Matt Millard

    I'm new to investing, I've been investing for the last 6 months. Right now I'm panicking as my investments are diving. I know that the companies I have invested in are superb companies, otherwise I wouldn't have invested in them. I have read many books on investing, listened to many investors strategies, watched untold amounts of youtube videos on the subject and studied numerous company accounts. I'm now 10% down on my investments and finding it tough dealing with the negative feelings I have. I am now questioning whether I made the right decision in investing. I am a long term investor, at least 3, probably 5, years. Depending on how the investments go, longer than that. How can I combat my urges to take my money out, accept the loss and forget about investing?

  • Vc Jr

    the problem with the "5 year vision" is that if over the year you made over 50k in profits (example) but you don't take your money out when the market is been going down for a few days (not the case today) those 50k you made are now Gone, so what i'd do is cash out, (Again, ONLY if the stock market is been down for a few days or sings of recession) and once the stocks are low, put my money back in, just that in this case i would buy DOUBLE or even 3x more shares than the first time because now i got a lot more cash. rather than holding on to my money seeing it get wiped out and wait for them to come back up just because of my "5 year vision" because then is like starting all over again with no gains, or even starting at a Loss.

    Hold on in a raining day, get the fuck out of there in a storm.

  • Play4Keeps


  • Play4Keeps


  • Play4Keeps


  • Vladimir Simic

    What was happening to the Amazon stock for example when the stock market was going down, was it the same as today?

  • tubewoodycool

    And it hit Europe today. My portfolio is down almost 7% today. FML. Worst thing one could do now is to sell anything though, because surely, it will bounce back

  • Pinhead Luke

    I sold my SNAP last week at a loss. And I just sold my GOOG and AMZ at nice profits, I'm expecting a global downturn so thought I'd cash in. Still holding a few other positions including TSLA. I think with a big market correction and with global uncertainty we're in for a rough ride.

  • andy

    this is just an excuse for the Fed to start QE4 the market is 100% managed and this happened for a reason by the world central banks.

  • Practical Business Tips

    Now is a good time to buy and get some good deals. I am thinking when Q3 earning season is in full swing many companies will report great earnings and partially help the market rebound.

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