Special Needs Acronyms – IEP IDEA FAPE and more

hi I'm Jane DeVoe be an attorney with a busy educational advocates often parents are involved in the special education process and they get a little overwhelmed with the acronyms I know that they are confusing and we I'd like to try to help you with explaining what some of them mean an IEP is an individual educational plan and that is done through an IEP team and it is basically your contract with the district on what the district is going to provide for your child and what the district is hoping to provide for your child is a faith FAPE that is a free and appropriate public education and then they say well we're gonna put that in the LRE and what is that that's the least restrictive environment and then what you'll see on your IEP is as often services that are designated ot occupational therapy you might have la s language and speech you might have RT which is ready for it recreational therapy a PE is a tricky one because it's adaptive physical education then you might be getting the one-to-one aid services and they could be from my b ID which is a behavioral supervisor and don't ask me how the letters work on that but that's what it is or you may have a b III which is your one-to-one behavioral aide the other kinds of acronyms that you may see would be an IEE which is an independent educational evaluation there is another video that discusses IES in detail I hope this has been helpful as you travel through the process of special especially vacation if you find some others that I missed please let me know you can reach us at WWE to see educational advocates calm or you can call us at 888 IDE a a da thank you not to be confused with the BFF or what your teenager might say is BFD so okay

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