Singaporeans Try: Sex Education Quiz

Singaporeans Try: Sex Education Quiz

the smart Mahina is a dog then on to is the hallway he said we're in fertilize my bag well this is the place I'm still 1 to 10 rate your knowledge on sexual health I think you pretty higher like 9 I don't give myself a 10 because there's always room for improvement sexual health so I biology yeah I think I'm a strong tool ah ha me damn uh 5 holoband claws once I think I'm 6 my sexual half knowledge is very limited to what I learn in primary school like sexual education then like diseases and stuff and that's pretty much it I would say probably a three-hour of them to be really on her oh yeah faithful she's four condom Pony I remember from my experience right it's just like very scientific I remember last time the science textbook or like the anatomy excited mine was like it was a video it was the STDs Oh somebody will see that he says so my release at insect eyes there was also this very more oh and I saw peachy element when it's not during sighs a screen this video of like teen moms all of them when I oh I regret having sex I you just have to have sex one time to get pregnant and ruin your lives I'm very shocked tactic to care everyone okay okay sex means like evolve yeah first signs of people in unison when I know everybody is when I start to have a long head saddle get curious then I know that a few of these sleeping mean fhe my first sign of puberty was when my my chilis arrived so it felt saw and then I didn't know that they were supposed to be solvent there like growing a swine I just was iy z 7e cutting if I remember one night right I say goodnight to my mom yeah go under the blanket I pray to underneath which is getting much help your parents ever spoke to you about sex no my mom only spoke to me over six ones and it was so like out of the blue that I was very shocked I was like in the kitchen right name she was like if you okay for the vagina to be fully developed what is the average length of a me cum Reaper I always think that guys with a lot of knowledge about mention of psychos make very caring and considerate boyfriends if a guy buys like peasant tempos for you there's a way is the human dick fertilized by the sperm is it a for a peon to okay it's not in the list five different types of contraceptives so excited firepower it's a large house it's alright alright condom before the boy boy vasectomy cut something I end up boy boy so they cannot like produce them I don't know what the girls call so I can put inside same in drawing why is it called IUDs not both control pill okay spermicides a party is like a forms free your brown doubt about the chemical will kill this phones but I know miss a very strong math ing Q's warning I think mine is the same I said for my last one the percent space which LCD is currently incurable a syphilis be the Nuria C hepatitis B D along with media that is it again exceed hepatitis B is actually a kind of a evil virus the virus will be hidden in Geneva there's no way to really go and find everything where is the majority of testosterone produced in males a penis be fast difference C testes the prostate well I don't even know what that's difference y'all didn't know it's like a museum in France the prostate what is the legal age to have sex in Singapore the a 15 or B 60 ocat on d-21 it was D 24 in law enforcement last time I kind of recalled it commercial sex the legal age in normal sex that is different sixteen when I first found out that's really yummy actually for me right my chopper was in Australia so I was exposed to that company very young so for me I just think it's like very taboo then I'm like oh my god what are three changes that are kind of males you imbue body small banana become big hairy banana happy hair and people's my new ball hey boys mine is more MBA we should hate Delano is there boys – jeez your voice will break and hey no you give him pigs yes very nice so he has acne breakouts the unfit hair like Wharf explosion of Machinists okay and then Adams a potent voice break exemption oh my god this is really difficult the female reproductive system diagram for the uterus and fallopian diagrams and you first difference must be very different from the rest that's why it's got vas deferens it's not look small I do who's got to be if a baby is fine – is this one then the uterus is this one repetitive is very sperm is transferred my fell upon you is this long painting they look like a – oh it does on top is this okay well does not agree say what it will be in the uterus then form on your income into deposit that you retries this one I kinda heard of it before so we just label the pasta we orally familiar with this can be either huh and then the vast difference our liver is well you know my liver how much color on it so nice to get blend the male fallopian tube the first what shape do you ask the crew why is the bus how well do you think you did I think we did very well is you can have sex once you're so very very important because I don't want to break the law based on what does happen here they're not mature enough to be able to make that one decision so they just tell they cannot have sex I and I expect them not to have human urges what will be taught in schools is really not have sex I always Lila as teenager you can like BG I fix her perm ah yes this was like a bias when it comes to such education as I know because it's gonna result in this distance this I should be like a very neutral pronoun I mean you wanna do it yeah we prepare know what to get how to get it I think that's important what do you think growing teens should do if they have questions about their health oh definitely not as a parent's life it would just give you like it shut up no three but yeah I think generally mums and desert quite weird people to us bodies kind of patients I think you as their peers also is like the blind leading the blind yours truly so I'm scared certain people will like fabricate certain things just don't care what they want because there are things you were searching at your own private space yeah yeah you would raise your hand in the middle of class and be like oh it's my penis abnormal is like extra lat maybe what schools can do is like instead of just giving like a top-down approach on teaching sex ed how about we have the stool right question anonymously and send to the person teaching another person can answer all these weird questions that they have thank you for watching this episode Singapore and try you like this video remember to Like share and subscribe and watch our other videos over there


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