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Program Highlight Blended Learning

[music] I am Susan Bigham and I teach
third grade at Timrod Elementary School. We started Blended Learning a few years
ago and what that really entails is online learning with a mix of also face-to-face
instruction. So what that might look like in the classroom is we are working on
technology devices and we’re using those as educational tools. We are working in a collaboration
station. So a lot of work is going on together and the students are
collaborating together. We also have a teacher-led station where students have a small group instruction, which is very
important to students because in that station I can
also work with them one-on-one. So it is also a lot of students
are working at their own pace and at their own time so that’s helping them become more
independent learners. [Trenton Orange] And all the stations are
the same. Its just slightly different … different things and stuff. Like I learned
the same thing but just like a different place and station. Lynn Humphrey] I found that Blended
Learning cuts down on any type of discipline issues because children are
actively engaged. I don’t have children that are not attending to something
because they’re all have something to do. They all have a task that’s in front of
them, a choice of tasks. They have a computer or they’re with a teacher so we don’t have
distractions like I used to have or children that are off task. [Susan Bigham] A big thing I think for
Blended Learning for me is that they have… they’re provided with all these
opportunities. They’re not just growing academically, which is extremely
important, but there are so many other things that are important for teachers to
provide for their students. So they’re building on their social skills because
they are working together. They are make… they’re becoming more familiar with
technology. They’re having that one-on-one instruction. They’re becoming independent
learners and being more responsible students as well. [Lynn Humphrey] I know
my children. I can’t stress that enough. I know my children in a different way than
how I knew them before I started Blending Learning. And that’s my favorite part,
being able to say this child really needs to focus on this and this one needs
to focus on that and in a small group setting I can help, even if it’s the same
small group, I can help this child with this skill and this child with this skill. [Susan Bigham] It is extremely important
for our students to show growth. So with these stations, I’m able to meet my
students where they are and we’re able to work on individual skills that they need. [Music]

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