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Professional Master of Education

The Professional Master of Education
program is a two-year taught postgrad. Students coming into this program have
completed all their subject content knowledge as part of their undergraduate,
the PME program focuses on pedagogy it focuses on educating people to become
teachers and here at UL we focus on post-primary teacher education. So the teacher education courses here at the University of Limerick allow students the opportunity to teach two subjects. So they will go on to register
with the Teaching Council to teach two subjects. I think one of the really
nice things about doing PME in the School of Education here is there such a
wide and diverse range of expertise in the School of Education which means that the
PME student will be able to undertake a research project in an area that really
interests them. In UL we have a dedicated school placement team and they deal with all issues to do with school placement so that means that students
don’t need to sort out their own schools or worry about where they’re going to be
on placement that’s all sorted for you here in UL. After graduation I went to
abroad for several years to teach and I realized that I wanted to teach as a
career so I came back to UL and challenged myself to get a masters. The
best thing about the course is the chance to go on school placement and put
into practice what we learn here at UL.

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