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Are you ready for the PJ masks party Gekko I sure am carefully, but where’s all that I don’t know I don’t see her anywhere. She’s gonna be late for the PJ masks party super owl wings. I love you’re late again I’m sorry guys, I forgot the time. Don’t worry Owlette We got a present for you that will help and it’s also super fun. Cool. What’s the present? It’s the PJ masks toys super outlet learning watch. Cool Hey Dino pals. This is Toy Rex here. Let’s see what toy surprise. We have today’s here’s the pg Masks watch I’ll let watch so cool. You can wear it on your rent, and it looks awesome and there’s outlet games to play so cool When you open up the watch you’ll see I’ll light there and then there’s the time so you’ll never be late It also had a super cool bright lights to remind you and inside the watch. There’s fun games to play There’s the Romeo games. There’s the math from the college There’s the in Janos game find the biggest number with cat boy and you can even choose all these fun PG mess faces That’s so cool. Let’s open up the watch Well, I’ll let’s watch look so cool there’s the house for outlet and you can put this watch on your wrist, let’s open it up So cool Wow There’s a litte cat boy and gecko and presses button. You can see all the cool PJ masks It’s yellow. But and it’s all red just like paola super awesome We can put this watch on star wrist. We just can’t strap it up Well, it looks so cool. I’m ready to be a PJ mass hero. Let’s play some PJ masks games To open the watch. We just have to lift this lid Cool. There’s Alan. She’s flapping her super owl wings and you can tell the time up on the top That’s so cool, but you can even see more PJ masks We press this button. You can choose some next pgms Cool, there’s deco symbol And then we have a light symbol This one is cat boy Look there’s Gekko. He looks so silly Here’s aiyla choo, it’s so pretty And there’s cat boy. He’s ready to show his super cat speed sounds fun. We’ll choose cat boy and Now, let’s play some games Just like all these fun games to play This is the Romeo game you use the gekko-mobile to chase Romeo This is math with Holly And then this one is choosing the biggest number with cat-boy this one we get to see all the super cool in jazz Let’s play the Romeo game we have to chase Romeo There’s Romeo he’s taking off his laboratory. Okay, PG math. Let’s get in the deco Biel Let’s choose Romeo. He left all these garbage to try and stop us, but we just have to avoid it Let’s keep going You can’t stop us Romeo. Oh no, we have to get away Good job. Now. It’s in the middle. We’ll see on this side. Oh, it’s coming great. We got away The middle. Oh, wow, that was close dinah’ll friends Romeo can’t stop life Let’s go gekko-mobile We’re gonna get you Romeo we’re almost there The middle and Bocephus Yes Romeo has taken the hard path. We have to select the heart in order to catch Romeo the hearts on this side That means we have to press this button. Here we go Yes, we got the right path we’re almost gotcha Romeo Wow, it’s really fast this time. We have to be careful Dino friends We’re safe in the middle, that’s awesome. Oh, no here comes something get away You can’t fall this Romeo let’s go PJ masks Yay, nothing can stop us. We’re avoiding all the garbage Almost got you room you it’s cool chameleons. Oh, no, we got hit. Don’t worry. Gekko-mobile. We’ll keep on going We almost got Romeo Yay, we made it to the end Romeo has taken the circle path if we get the Circle Pad Pro find Romeo There’s a heart here and there’s a circle on this side. That means we press this button Yeah, you got the right path no, we’re gonna fight Romeo there he is we got you Romeo the peas your mouth wins yay Let’s see what surprise we got Surprise toys which one should we open up? It’s an Avengers mystery mini I see Captain America Iron Man Black Panther and these are the superheroes we can get Well, we can iron man it needs a bottle head I look so cool. It looks like right ministry is nice out Super strong and he wears his powerful. Iris you if your name is Tony Stark. Let’s see Iron Man Let’s open up this one cool. It’s a Batman money Let’s open up this one my Name is Peter Parker a really smart student and he was trained by Ironman become a superhero time for his Spidey flip Next we can open up this one Summation in this superhero pups look at all the superhero pop. So cool. Which the barrel pump is your favorite? Mine is super Marshall Yellow super cub uniform and check it out. He’s really stretchy. Oh Maybe that’s his superpower. He’s big stretchy Romulo. So cool. Let’s watch rubber go forever Next let’s open up this one. It’s the superheroes. Best trimming. I see Wonder Woman Batman and Superman A red cape and a white shirt blue shoes. She’s really powerful and really strong Three surprise toys left any mini mini load. Well, I’ll put up this one cool. It’s a Transformers Cool is real bellows. Awesome. He’s got blue eyes in a red crown. Yeah. This is his car mode. He can call it her car She’s a member of the Autobots. So he’s worship Optimus Prime. Let’s transform. Did you push him down? Whoa, now, he’s a robot robots in this guy’s ready for action Now let’s open up this one so cool. It’s a Captain America’s mr. Mini. This is so fun Well, we got a crossbones Crossbones is a bad guy that always causes trouble for Captain America. He’s got a scale on his helmet. It’s super powerful Douglas for punching He’s really strong and looks like he’s an is really cool display cake How about a spirit? Here’s our last surprise toy? It’s a superhero surprise egg Captain America, finally he’s charging to the bricks Just a barricade the leader of The Avengers. He’s wearing his blue white and red He’s got a super awesome shield with a start to use it to throw and defend South America super awesome Thanks for watching Daniel Powell’s you guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the Dino Club

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