Paw Patrol Toys Skye Learning Watch

Super awesome it’s the Paw Patrol sky super learning watch. That’s so cool Hey Dino pals. This is Toy Rex here. Let’s see what toy surprise. We have today’s Skye’s watch is so awesome. We can play lots of fun games That’s so cool. Paw Patrol is on the roll. Let’s open the watch Here is Skye’s super awesome learning watch it’s pink just like Skye and there’s a picture of Skye Wow, this is so fun. Let’s look at all the games This is the animal game This is the math game and this is Skye’s game. Let’s play this game is Skye Its Ryder Okay, this is Zuma’s badge Zuma is the water pup this is Marshall’s badge. And this is a star it’s Chase’s badge that means we need to find Zuma’s badge. It’s this one. We need to find Marshall, is it this one I think so. Let’s try Awesome, it’s Marshall This is a recycling badge Chase is the police pup. So this is Chase’s badge. Awesome, there’s Chase. And here is Skye, okay, that’s the water badge. That’s Zuma’s. Here’s the recycle badge. That’s Rocky. Here Skye’s badge. She is the air pup, press ok. Yay, we did it good job boys and girls. Now lets find Rocky’s badge. This is the water badge. That’s Zuma. This is the recycling badge, that’s right Okay sky bears goggles and here is a digger. This is Skye’s. Its her binoculars. Which one is Zumas? this one is Rubble’s because he drives like a yellow bulldozer. This is Marshall, that means this one is Zuma’s. It’s Rubble Rubble on the double. Rubble is the construction pup. He drives this yellow bulldozer with a digger. Oh This one is Marshall Awesome good job boys and girls this was super fun. That was super fun now, let’s play the animal game with Skye Skye she’s so happy. Let’s see what games we can play Ok, let’s find an animal with the sound it was a Moo sound is Sheep or ducky? It was moo the Cow. What sound was that, is it the Cow the Sheep or the Horsey? Was it the Sheep? Awesome. Think that was the sound of a Horse. Good job boys and girls? Is it a Chicken? A Cow? A Ducky? Let’s try Ducky. Is it a Horsey? A Piggy? Or a Ducky? The sound is a Piggy. Awesome Thanks for watching Dino pals, you guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the Dino Club

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