PACE athletes learning soccer skills from professional European coaches

PACE athletes learning soccer skills from professional European coaches

for many kids across the Omaha area their summer days are spent at day camps doing things from sports to arts however camps can be pricey and not everyone can afford them the Omaha pace program which teams at-risk youth with police officers wants to change that today they brought in special coaches reporter Phil Bergman went to check out the camp from Monday through Friday this week a select group of Omaha soccer players are getting hands-on experience from some of the best in the world one kid told one of our recruiters you know he said oh man I finally get my break I finally get my chance the level of training that these guys are gonna provide it's something these kids probably never would have seen coaches from Scotland Glasgow Rangers FC are in Omaha putting on a clinic for the top soccer athletes in the pace program and it's completely free of charge if you put this camp anywhere any other part of Omaha these kids aren't gonna be able to afford to go to it I just think it's awesome for these kids to get that get that chance when they maybe wouldn't get that otherwise Amelia Lopez is one of the young forwards taking part the fourth grader weren't Monday about Cheney directions and what he can do going one-on-one I just like it I have challenges running camps is nothing new for coaches but something is different about this group of athletes I think we're just a little bit hungry oh you know they've got a bit more but more bait about them but more work ethic and you can see that the opportunity is what they make of it it's up there the one I learned but really receptive so far some of these kids parents work multiple jobs meaning it's tough to pick up and drop off their kids from camp so the Peace Officers come every morning and pick up and drop off the kids in this van their skin in the game is to be responsible to bring the appropriate equipment and to be waiting on the you know outside of their house to get picked up and and to give 110% the entire week we want them to get better but more importantly we want to take them to take the skills that they learn here with us take them back to their own teams reporting in a while Phil Bergman 3 news now not only are the kids benefiting from the professional coaches pace relies heavily on volunteer coaches so the Rangers coaches are running a free coaching for them so they can be better coaches for pace programs

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