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Our Distance Learning MBA

I knew I wanted to do
something, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So I started looking around
at different courses, modules. And the MBA really stands
out because it covers a broad spectrum of subjects. There’s not one
kind of specialism. It is business. It’s how to do business,
it’s leadership right through to marketing. So that really appeals. So even if you need a change,
this can open up your mind, really. It just pushes you
to consider things in a much broader context. The reason why I chose to
study the distance learning MBA at the Warwick
Business School was I wanted the opportunity to
continue living in Vancouver, Canada, and at the same
time take an education from a global
recognized university. My method of learning
was strongest through distance learning
just because the ability to study at your own pace
really worked well with me. The UK, in combination
with living in Canada, seemed like a good deal that
I didn’t want to refuse. The distance learning MBA
is incredibly flexible. I have three
children, so I really needed the flexibility to study
when I wanted, when I could. So I’ve studied on the train,
I’ve studied after work, I’ve studied early morning
when the kids are in bed. So a lot of
flexibility and really catered for what I needed. I was very worried about
not actually meeting a lot of people. Part of a reason to do an MBA
is really the networks you make. And I thought,
distance learning, I’m just not going to
meet that many people. But that hasn’t been the case. I mean, we are on
WhatsApp constantly. We’re using the WBS live
forums, the blackboard that they offer all the time. And it’s been great. It’s been very interactive. You’re logging on with
people across the world, and that’s been really helpful. Warwick Week is a
compulsory component of the distance learning MBA. You are expected to
be here twice a year. In the first half, you do you
do your exams and assessments and then in the second half,
you do kind of lectures for what you’re supposed
to be studying next. There’s about 130 people
within the program from all around the world,
from different industries, sectors, positions. So you’re able to put a
face to the name with people within the program that you’ve
been communicating with online for the last couple of months. Being able to
network with them I think is a huge
advantage of Warwick Week. You leave the week feeling
quite accomplished. The distance learning
MBA I definitely think will open a lot of doors. It requires a significant
time commitment, but It’s definitely
fulfilling in the sense that it really expands the
knowledge that you have and it’s worth the
time to go through it because it definitely
does change you. I’m really glad I’ve done
the MBA because I’ve just grown in confidence through
this whole experience. It’s about finding a solution
to whatever problem you’re facing, and that’s
been really helpful. So I’ve felt pushed. I feel that I’m just
being challenged and I just feel that it’s made
me a stronger person overall, really. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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