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Number One Reason Why People Don’t Invest In Property – Touchstone Education

– So in today’s episode I wanna show you the number one reason why people don’t get
started property investing and what stops them. So if you didn’t see
the episode last week, it was all about me (laughs),
why I got into property and why I think it’s a really good idea that you get into property,
so please go back and view it. If you haven’t already, hit
subscribe and we’ll get started. In today’s episode, I want to talk to you about vision boards. The reason why so many people
are interested in property but never get started, is because they don’t have a
strong vision, a strong plan. So it’s very, very important
that you understand your why, why you’re doing it and what’s gonna make you do something about it every single day,
take action, overcome fear, and that’s huge because I was frightened when I first started property investing because I didn’t think I had any money, I worried about my mortgage,
what if something goes wrong, how can I pay lots of different mortgages? But they were all irrational fears that I needed to get over
and part of getting over them is having a very, very
strong vision board. Now there’s a few ways you can do this. So a lot of people just
take a blank notice board and they pin stuff to it
and have a vision board. I have, from Amazon, it
was only about 13 pounds, got this ’cause I really like
pegs and little washing lines so I thought, that’ll be really good. So I have printed out lots of
things that are gonna help me with my vision board. So how a vision board can help you is every day you look at it and it reinforces your reason
why and a lot of people say, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And that’s the whole ethos
around the vision board. Getting your dreams so every single day you do something for your dream. Now, so all I’ve done is I’ve
ordered this off of Amazon for 13 pound, put it on my
wall, got my tiny little pegs, which I really like, and
then I’ve printed out a load of things that are really important to me and a load of things that
I would like for the future and that’s what I am aiming for. So the first thing I have
printed out is a picture of Thomas and Ellie ’cause
they are my everything. I grew up without money, I
grew up not having things that other children could have and I don’t want this for them. I want them to grow up,
not be stuck in a rat race, not have to work a
nine-to-five job they hate and I wanna build an empire for them and make our family quite wealthy. So they’re going on my vision board and because they’re number one,
they’re going right up here. Now my second thing on my vision board is, this is a photo of Estepona in Spain and I really love this Estepona. It’s near Puerto Banus and Marbella and it’s a lovely village
in Spain by the sea. So this is going on second because I want a holiday home in Estepona. So I’m gonna put that
here with my little peg. So the next thing that’s going
on my vision board is this ’cause this resembles love for me. I want to live in a world
where there’s lots of love and I want lots of love with my children, lots of love with
everyone I interact with, and I want to give back, so that resembles to me
love and giving back. I want to help other people
that are in my situation that have been single mums,
that haven’t had a lot of money, that have been through divorces, so that for me is symbolising everything of me giving love back,
so that’s important. That was me about six years
ago, I was really skinny and I was in a size eight so I’ve really got to
stop eating crisps, cake and stuffing my face. So that’s going on there
to help me everyday reinforce the fact that
I do not want to pick up that pork pie, that
pizza and to put it down. So that’s going on there. Then my next one that’s going on there is, I already have homes in the Peak District but I want a really, really
big home in the Peak District ’cause I’d love to live
there in the future. So I’ve got this, because
I just feel relaxed when I go to the Peak
District, I love it that much, I would like to live there full-time and run my property business
from the Peak District. So this is a hot tub
looking out over a lake in the Peak District, and I
just love that type of life, being able to relax with a
glass of wine on a Friday. Now this is really important ’cause I know I can’t be
happy every single day ’cause life doesn’t work like
that, life always balances. So I’ve got spiritual, mental,
pleasurable, professional, physical, social, material, emotional, I want everything to balance
and, not live a happy life, but be content with my life and be happy. ‘Cause I know I say this a lot of times, life isn’t a rehearsal,
you’ve got one life so that’s really important that
I keep everything in balance and for me, one of the
biggest things for me, is I love going out with my friends, I love catching up with the
girls and it’s really important, however busy I am with
kids, work, my property, that I make time for that. So this reminds me to make
time for everything in my life. So this reminds me from
being a little girl, where I used to play
Monopoly and I won houses, and so I currently have
five buy-to-let houses, so I want to play Monopoly in
real-life property investing and buy lots more houses. So that’s my vision to
me about buying houses. Now my next one, a map. I want to travel the world,
I want to have freedom, I don’t wanna to be tied to the UK. I want to be able to take my children, when they’re older and finished school, and I want to travel them
all around the world, I desperately wanna go to Fiji, so I wanna do that in the next two years, and I just wanna experience
lots of different things. I want to be able to wake up
on a Monday morning and go, do you know, I just fancy
going to China today, or I fancy doing this today, and be able to do it and
jump on a plane and go. So that’s really important to me ’cause again, we’ve only got one life and a lot of the time people
only see a few countries in their whole, entire life and I want to see loads more countries and have the wealth, the money that comes with seeing all these countries. So the next things are on
Gordie’s, my partner’s, vision board, so these are
really important with him and ’cause we do our property together, it’s very important we’re aligned. So as Gordie’s a 30-year-old
male, he wants a Ferrari, so that’s going on there. I’m not bothered about cars
and it’s really interesting ’cause a couple of years
ago I wanted a Range Rover and that was like my ideal
car, I really wanted it and I always used to think about
it and I had it on my phone as my screensaver, today
I have a Range Rover. So it just shows you this stuff works but for Gordie it’s a Ferrari,
so that’s what he wants. Gordie also wants a private jet because he hates airports,
queuing, waiting in line, doing the checks, it’s
just wasted time for him so that’s what he would like. So we’ve not quite worked out how we’re gonna get one of those yet, so that’s part of the big master plan. So that’s going on here, private jet. Then Gordie wants to go to South Africa, so we have a picture
of an elephant for him, but that’s one of the countries that he’s really desperate to go, he also wants to get involved with a charity of saving elephants. That’s important to him, that can go on. And then very lastly, which
will be no surprise to people, what’s important to Gordie, he loves Ibiza and he loves partying in Ibiza. So this is a villa that he
would like to own in Ibiza. So the next thing you
need to do is every day you need to come down and
look at your vision board so it needs to be
somewhere where you see it. Some people have them in their bedrooms, some people have them next to a mirror where they’re getting ready,
so every day they reinforce what’s important and why
they’re doing what they do. But mine’s down here in my office ’cause every day, sometimes
I get up at half five, six, I’m in here and I’m working
and I have a quick look at my vision board and I smile and I remember all the
things I want to do . So that’s part one, get
your why really straight. And then no matter what happens, you will get started in property. When the fear hits, when the doubt hits, when other people tell you, ’cause I have this and I
have this from my own family, that Abi what are you doing, or this property malarkey, it’s stupid, just have a normal job, just do this, when all that negativity is going round, you’ve got this to keep you
on the straight and narrow. Now what I have to do from
this, is I convert this into a one-year plan,
five-year plan, 10-year plan and then I have a plan
with mini-steps for goals. And in each month I break them down with what I’m wanting to achieve. So this month I’m
building my estate agency, so I’m doing a lot of work there and I’m also doing a lotta work ’cause I’m buying another
property, another house. So that’s my mini-goals. So this is what you need, your
vision board, your big plan and then your mini-plans every
single month to help you. And it’s nearly 2020, guys,
so you need to think about what do you want next year? Last year I set myself
the target in January of 20 houses that I want to have. I don’t quite have 20
houses but I got five and I got a new holiday home in Whitby as well as a cashflow
business that makes me money. So I didn’t quite hit my ideal goals but I gave it a good shot. So that’s what you need
to start working on. Your vision board, your plans for 2020, and then setting yourself
mini-tasks, mini, bite-size chunks to help you get there
and be really successful. So I hope you’ve enjoyed
this week’s episode and looking at vision boards and getting your why
really, really straight. So if you haven’t already,
make sure you subscribe and then comment below
or leave me any questions if you’ve got any to help
you on your property journey. Now tune in for next week’s
episode ’cause next week we’re gonna be looking
at the very first step to starting your property
investing journey, and it’s how to use Rightmove and Zoopla. How to use these tools to
find investment properties and what is a good investment property. So I look forward to seeing you next week. (gentle music)


  • paul griffin

    Its amazing how your brain works, isn't it. I remember having a discussion with an auntie of mine about how the police who look through pornographic images because they have to check out who has done what, whether any children are involved etc etc. Not a nice topic at all. But I argued that their brain must become corrupted by these images, as their neurons will create deeper & deeper channels of memory, of all that horrible stuff. It's just about impossible to ignore it. The corollary of that, is that vision boards must work too, through constant exposure to images. I believe the brain can be fooled by this visualisation process, so that looking at these images, for long enough, on enough occasions, must make a deeper channel in your brain, to the point that whatever you view, must become part of your 'truth'.

  • shaon mukherjee

    I think most people are scared of rent arrears, maintenance and the property getting trashed. Sure you outsouce management and pay extortionate renewal fees and monthly comission on rent plus maintenance hence you probably a lot more than 5 single BTL to be financially free unless those 5 have low gearing or unencumbered. Lets not forget section 24. All the above put people off. Whether thats good or bad is debatable

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