Mike Rowe says skills gap in America may also be a ‘will’ gap
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Mike Rowe says skills gap in America may also be a ‘will’ gap


  • malcolm clark

    1:50…What if the Binary ' Interdependent ' market of algorithm controled by 20 % of the AFL- CIO's broken Planetary Orbital Gear, which the D.O.L. installed in an UNregulated Free Agency Revolving Door of academic // County non profit Waste Management Enterprise…looks like " The Other Guys ", ' Dirty Mike and the Boys " got something stuck in the Planned Parenthood turnstyle, without a proper registered prophylaxis mechanism identification SAG Warning perferated, clear, poly, acetate, emissions barrier registered DMV placard windshield registration adhesive…to a ' pneumatic, hydro, electronic, pump '…The SAG award is going to have to take Austin Powers back to 1967, to find out…" honestly it's not mine…" but it seems to be all about prosthetics, in this " King Missile " quagmire of " Universal Studios " gender identification to the MCA//SAG UNidentified blue light DOT Bloombabyburger Johnny on the spot drop box…almost like being herded, and harvested…nice and legal like…we gotta reverse Gideon vs Supreme Court…take the Gold Standard back, with the properly registered Space Flag approved by ISM & OSHA through Drivers Education " Confined Space Training "…1968 is the pivot point to this 3rd industrial computer age, as we have met our means,,, but it's our method and mode that are UNcontrolabley out of orbit..

  • Clinton N

    Naw we need to start hiring ppl who are motivated to work and not base the job on the indoctrination degree from the University of Whocostmore. America wasn't built by the extremely educated it was built by the extremely motivated!

  • Bob Phill

    This is honestly true. Everyone in today’s world wants to blame every issue or problem they have on “The white man” to make themselves feel better about their selves.

  • Bill Heathcock

    I think its more of an entire generation beinging brainwashed by the thousands of hard left teachers, that now believes someone OWES them a living, this generation is the product of a democrat idea to impoverish as many as possible because their survey showed that people on entitlements tend to vote democrat to keep those entitlements. They want to create a new minority, the poor minority. Thats why they are pushing for a socialists/communists form of government.

  • Marc Pagan

    "If you have a high school diploma….and can walk and talk…you can graduate from college"

    Harvard Dean, Jerome Murphy

    ………."Hey there Johnny
    …you're ..ah sorry, your high school 2.7 GPA, and SAT score in the top 78th percentile is impressive!!!

    Useless Degree U has a program designed just for you"

    College admissions officer

  • Scott Duffy

    Mexican labor is not skilled labor I am ripping out $9000 worth of their work right now to fix it Does anybody want their shower to drain? Yeah it's poyais 7 and a 1/2 million dollar home on the water I'm the only white guy left Apparently

  • Matt Foley

    The Republican plutocrats love idiots like Mike Rowe. "Don't waste your money on college, dig ditches for us so we can become more rich. And don't even think about joining a union because it costs us money." "Work harder, not smarter."

  • O Day

    Face it folks, there are millions of Americans who have no desire to work period. They want that Free ride off the backs of the taxpayers. I say force them into the labor force by taking away their Free rides. This also applies to the illegals and refugees living here in America.

  • therandomdot

    There's 7 million jobs they "cant' fill", because they only want to hire H1B's they can treat like slave labor and pay peanuts to, not US labor that will expect a fair wage and treatment. There's only so many H1B's that can come into the country every year. So, companies just keep reposting stupidly outrageous or insulting job ads that nobody qualifies for (to scare away US Citizens) until some H1B comes along that just applies to the job even though tthey don't qualify, or a foreign recruiting company that has the inside track to the company has a candidate to toss them. The job market favors H1B, not citizens.

  • jay hiz

    Mike its the pay gap, the American dream is to do better. Why settle for 40k a year, if you can go to school and get a certificate and get 70k or more. Plus why live on 40k or less if you can elevate yourself. Not everyone can be president but we can dam sure control our wages. Especially if thease business owners wont pay a living wage


    Education is simply indoctrination! The educators orientation is the LBGTQ agenda In Oregon. American education has been gone for over a hundred years! People stop being children and sheep try to actually be adults, use some common sense, look at history, look at the policies that brought America to 22 trillion in debt with another 130 trillion underfunded public retirements! Student debt of 1.3 trillion for nothing, these liberal arts, so called educated idiots are simply useless in industry and business. Disgusting judicial policies that don’t even consider America only the persona of yourself as a corporation in the Uniform Commercial Code, you people are Cattle and if you want freedom better support America and American Values the True Rule of Law! To be civil you better follow Constitutional statutes and law as well!
    Public municipal Corporations will eventually be dissolved and unconstitutional planning departments
    Will be held liable for their violations!

  • Sue Scaccia

    Well, some of us, are transitioning to a more independent life, a life without government holding our hand and sneaking under their forced dependency! It's a full time job, man, ducking these socialists in LOCAL government and state government, just trying to find our way to the new "green" economy. (Green= a way to make an income that is not monetarily based (or doesn't fit into those tiny government boxes) and NOT GET CAUGHT!) 😀 Because, you know, SELF-SUFFICIENCY IS ILLEGAL!

  • Matt Foley

    LOL at Mike Rowe equating a college education with job training. A proper college degree teaches you more than just a job.

  • Thanks Obama

    For the Superior ,Elitist, Self Involved children we produce today,,,A place in college or job ,giving to you because of Affirmative Action…Doesnt make you Superior to us…knuckle draggers…if you were ..you wouldnt be at the Bottom of Students worldwide… …MERITOCRACY NOW…..If we had it…Obama and his Husband Big Mike would be flipping burgers at Wendys..

  • Ballistic Bob

    So…do you think, maybe that the corruption that creates a small business environment that has 9 out of 10 businesses going under in less than 9 months of initiation has anything to do with it mike? Maybe college debt? Maybe healthcare costs are totally corrupted and ridiculous? Maybe we are now forced thru corruption to work for mega monopolies that illegally sell our jobs to foreigners to illegally keep wages down while creating an asset owning class that has run the cost of living into the stratosphere? And the only way to get ahead is to take the hand of satan and work directly for the ones that are killing you? Go to hell, mike…

  • Michael Tobin

    Get the welfare republicans to work, remember the republicans have been pushing less funding for general education and trade schools. Labor participation rate is the key, retirees account for 15% of the market. Also retirees are still having to work, in the past 3 republican administrations (yes Obama is a republican hiding in democrat cloths ) labor participation rate has dropped 7%

  • Willam Mulhearn

    Stuart , your guests Mike Rowe, "sewer man" should wise up. The failed education system didn't send 60000 factories to China, and 40 million jobs with them, the deindustrialization of the United States was deliberate and continues to this day. After massive corporate tax cuts delivered, where are the factories, where are the high paying jobs, not in the United States that's certain. Corrupt corporations with corrupt politicians are to blame. Blame those who are responsible and deserve the blame, don't blame the failed education system, or the millennials with limited potential. 21st century manufacturing requires hundreds of thousands of computer literate personnel. However, those careers just don't exist in the United States on any measurable scale. Suggestion Mike, wise up, or at least place the blame where it belongs, blame the political corruption, and corporate leadership greed.
    ☆☆☆☆ TRUTH 20/20☆☆☆☆
    ☆☆MADE IN THE U.S.A.☆☆

  • Kevin Hoffman

    There always be "slave labor" in societies, farming, construction, etc. It's when the white collar loses respect for the blue collar, then we get conflict.

  • Gary May

    I worked at a hospital that paid for college and most of my coworkers would not take advantage of it. But they had every excuse in the book why they didn’t. Truth is, it required some effort on their part. But I got my MBA. Thanks!

  • Mike McElligott

    Close, those upper echelon white collars, Don’t want to PAY those blue collars fairly……. because of no college.

  • K G

    White men need to come out in droves and vote Republican this year. Stop taking abuse from liberal elites who look down their noses at you and accuse you of white male privilege while they discriminate against you.

  • Tim Burton

    The Globalist have PUSHED the US into this situation… President Trump will BRING MANUFACTURING BACK and CAREER 30 year JOBS like our grandparents had… CAREERS over COLLEGE… WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO CHANGE OUR PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM to educate for our futures.

  • Jonathan Blanchard

    One interface with trades is the auto industry, and everyone knows the mechanics are corrupt. The class system isn't taught and most people are corrupt.

  • neal ruth

    Yes many are "Retired" from the Workforce. Why not be if your aged out. Ageism is rampant out there, absolutely no respect for attained know how. Plus the prospect of being penalized for working even Part Time by the IRS and SSA is a NO Starter.

  • Calvin Hikes

    Must be strange being so right and speaking so much Common Sense truth and yet to have most of the nation ignore that truth.

  • b t

    ~25 and younger expects to sit in front of a computer to tell them what is wrong. I see a huge need now and in the near future for people with electronic and technical abilities. it seems to be a dying art that the younger generation understandably doesnt want anything to do with. It is a daily cerebral assault fixing things.

  • The Outlaw Torn

    Trade schools are superior in three ways. 1.) Way cheaper than Uni. 2.) Often you go into apprenticeship after 6-9 months of schooling. 3.) You are in the workforce faster, which means you get more work experience at a younger age.

  • BritishFreedom

    I don't want to work in a Politically Correct environment. So there's no point furthering my skills as many jobs just aren't for me.

  • Дядя Федя

    Biggest problem is that, because of exploited illigal aliens, counstruction positions pay McDonald's wages. There are plenty of people that want to get into trade, but pay same as McDonald's. Why breaking back for a low wage? Let Ricardo and Jose do it

  • weston407

    scaring kids out of the idea of "turning a wrench" as a career has been the worst thing done for the current generation (myself being a part of it) – all my life all i ever heard was that college was the only option so i went to college and now i'm a firefighter/paramedic, a great job that doesn't require a college degree – funny how things work out – that being said, college was really fun (and i had fun while going to class and making pretty good grades) and i recommend the typical four-years-after-high school to anyone who can afford to go

  • Ian Ray

    The only "will gap" is employers being "unwilling" to invest in their employees and providing on the job training so people can bridge their skills gap. We used to have on the job training in this country, so what happened?

  • Andy Funke

    Most of the people I know with degrees, are book smart and life stupid.
    As a certified tradesman I don't mind separating their intelligence from their money.
    What's funny is how many of these people with degrees, which they spent years to get, don't even work in the field for which they studied.
    A degree does not guarantee a career.
    Most millionaires,……….. don't have degrees. They're blue collar millionaires.

  • Dick Biggles

    Maybe dont make the requirements to enter a trade impossible. Unless you grew up in the perfect situation, this country does whatever it can to keep you down. There are more laws to punish the homeless, than there are programs to help them.

  • Logan Cruz

    I remember this guy crawling around in sewer, now i have to listen to him about will power? Thats like listening to trump about not inheriting wealth 😂😂😂

  • cindy

    Love this. It is going on in Europe as we.ll. really shamefull. I have a wonderfull blue collar husband. And he.s gold. Lady.s come on. Toolbelt workboots you get the picture. 😉. Respect for all.

  • Jenna Caruthers

    High schools don't get rated when kids go to a tech school or the military. They get better ratings for every head that goes to a college. So they have exactly NO motivation to introduce kids to the possibility that college is not for them, that there are other opportunities for crafting a great life out there.

  • Blalack77

    For me, I have to break it down a little more, like differentiating between blue collar jobs. I'm from a family where very few of my relatives went to college – we almost all and always have done physical work with our hands – as have I – and actually mainly logging, truck driving, mechanics, farming, and factory work. So I have no qualms with blue collar, physical labor. Granted, I drank the kool-aid and thought it would be a good idea to go to college and get an IT degree since I've always had a knack for computers and internet related stuff. That was 4 years ago – I had been logging with my dad and brother until my dad decided to just start driving a truck for other people's logging operations.

    Anyway, I'm now $50,000 in debt and I work in a factory for 12 hours a day on overnights – I DO NOT LIKE THIS PLACE. Like I said, nothing against blue collar/hard/physical work. I mainly just hate this place because the majority of the time is standing there, waiting on something to come down the line which makes 12 hours seem like 48 – we literally go hours and hours at a time with nothing coming down the line and nothing else to do and we can't even sit while we wait. The place is like my own personalized HELL. Nothing against hard work – I actually prefer it – I'm just not made for factory work.

    Absolute best case scenario, I'd like to work in an IT field with my degree and make pretty good money – acceptably, I'd just like to work a decent middle of the road blue collar, physical work job but one where I stay busy the whole time – electrician, HVAC, construction, pest extermination, etc. Right before this HELLISH factory job, I had just gotten my dream job of being an electrician. About a month into the "pre-apprenticeship", right before they were going to have to send me to electrician school, the master electrician said I had done a good job, been early every day, worked hard and done perfectly well but that he just didn't have time to train an apprentice.

    I think it was almost 100% due to the fact that I didn't already know how to bend 2"+ conduit (funny story: he couldn't either and he was in a bad mood that day because he'd wasted a whole pile of conduit by bending it wrong – he smashed his tape measure against a wall, stormed out (at about 11am), and left me alone for the rest of the day while he was out slamming meth, then came back at the end of the day (about 5pm) and fired me lol). It's crazy because, even as a brand new apprentice, I already knew how to do probably 90%+ of everything we were doing. What more could you ask for? It was an electrician/HVAC combo place and the master electrician was certified in both, so if I'd have been lucky, I could have gotten certified in both.

    So, for me, nothing against hard work – I'd just about prefer it over anything, but everything against working in a factory – for me anyway. It's perfectly respectable work if a person can stand it.

  • Chekov Call

    I Whole heartedly agree; as a teacher, students are allowed to be lazy w/Common Core. My nephew was fliud with basic math facts. Now teachers allow calculators for 4×8. He hasn't evolved; in fact, he's regressed.

    Now teachers skip adding/multiply fractions or decimals whilst teaching basic algebra. It's a travesty. I wouldn't know this if I didn't tutor him daily.

  • William Stephens

    Mike to fix this we need to fix the education system and find people’s desire and aptitude’s. Give people a non academic path to follow into a trade school that they love and would ultimately excel at.

  • Hippi Phuken

    Maybe some of us working class have come to the realization that no matter what we do we will die poor and so will our families


    You can do the best schools you can make it even free, if you dont have the will to seek knowledge, how to put a roof or how to code it doesn't matter the content you never are going to succeed, I'm always laugh when people complain about the education system having internet in their homes the biggest pool of knowledge ever, but there is two type of people the ones waste their times in facebook and the other part is the one who is always learning something new, of course the outcome shouldn't not be the same.

  • Anna Vajda

    It's true when I was dating my ex he was an apprentice for plumbing and he was snobby about the work himself although he is not overly educated or intellectual it was just dirty and hard work. He got fired. My nephew is now taking a plumbing course and I think he will do well although he is a bit of an intellectual he has the common sense to know it's a good paying job in demand and he does not mind working hard. It's a work ethic thing. I grew up in a small town so I don't look down on tradesmen or farmers. Cubicle types are miserable too.

  • Carolyn Barney

    Turning wrenches makes them wonder in the summer and in the winter …but they know it's the only way to put food on the table .❤❤❤👣🕊🦅🗽

  • Thomas Kelly

    Mike I couldn't agree more…….a feeling of entitlement has been sweeping over this country. People have to stop blaming the rich for every issue that comes up. Nothing is given to you (unless you are an illegal alien ) get off your butt and make your own way.

  • Jason Scerbo

    Skills Gap no it's it's pure laziness get up off your butt stop watching TV go get a job pay your bills take care of your kids and don't allow the government to take care of your kids and feed you and house you

  • kurt robinson

    Last night my daughter had a tow truck driver that didn't know how to jumpstart a car battery. This generation is totally hopeless.

  • Gary Creasy

    Correct and democrats buy votes promising everything to everybody and no one will be working. The country will crash unless the democrats can get they bank rollers to bring in enough foreigners to do all the work or they have to follow Stalin or Hilter's examples of forced labor which is the common trait of all socialist style governments with zero capitalism.

  • karen straughan

    When I was in high school, back in the mid 1980s, this was already the case. I was smart–98th and 99th percentile on all our standard aptitude tests–so it was ASSUMED I would matriculate and go into a profession. My parents, school guidance counsellor, teachers and extended family would all have considered me doing anything less as a waste of a good brain.

    Vocational training? Yeah, we had that. Beauty culture, commercial art, automotives, woodworking, etc. You had to decide at the start of high school to take those tracks, and there was a significant stigma on them. They were for the "dummies". The only people who'd ever work with their hands or their backs are those without brains, right?

  • john basterson

    The rich would have to get elbow deep in their own poop and live without professionally weatherproofed homes without the poor. The poor wouldn't be getting paid currency to clean up poop without the rich, they'd be doing it for free just to live. We all need each other. A robot cannot fully replace a human, liars will disagree.

  • Rashone

    People don't want to work hard. Kids out of college want high paying jobs that don't require them to do much. Young people get married and think they should have a big house right away. My parents saved and saved for a house. People used to do that, they didn't expect immediate wealth.

  • Rick Morrow

    Unfortunately, Fox News, Maria Bartiromo and Stuart Varney have climbed onto the cheap foreign worker importation bandwagon. If Donald Trump follows them he will lose my support.

  • Darrell Kirk

    Well I could still be pumping concrete and needing a new back or hip replacement by now all while making $20something an hour. Here in California that will allow me to live in a tent after all that blue collar work. The economy is garbage ever since they took mom out of the house. These trades and skill labor jobs should pay for an entire household, not less than half of monthly expenses. That’s why young adults aren’t interested

  • pullupseattle

    I’ve met so many extremely intelligent people who work skilled labor and own their business. I mean some of them almost genius level intellect so that myth that labor workers are stupid is stupid. The difference is egotistical ways. practical thinking will give you a great wage but ego will tell you the way to be successful is to not work at all with your hands and make money talking. Lol merica

  • Daniel Brown

    Maybe if you didnt need a degree to be a cashier……i see all kinds of people in jobs they are not qualified for, but they have that peice of paper. Yet people with common sense cant go anywhere.

  • George Martell

    When my son went to work for a place he had to leave a lot of his knowledge off his application so he could be a white collar worker and be paid more than show his true skills and be considered a blue collared worker and paid less. We wonder way this country is going backwards.

  • Mark Anthony

    Young people get education at University or College…and they think they should start right at the top and have all the benefits.

  • rick couture

    when people see hope, they try. when opportunity is before them, they try. focus on needed skills, being done. turning the mess around will take time…..

  • jaspertjones

    Not that anyone that has any pull will read this, but I don't believe it is anything of the sort. I believe it is simply that many who would like to change jobs either go online or to whatever place may be hiring, see the "requirements" such as a BA or some such thing, and never apply. They don't see any opportunity for training, and therefore, don't apply. Many of those people could easily learn the job and excel at performing the job. There are some really smart people working checkout lines in grocery stores that rely on insufficient online job sourcing sites that also end up extorting money from them.
    To Mike Rowe, I agree with most of what you typically have to say. I hope that you can encourage business leaders to refine their hiring process to eliminate the imposed requirements and to engage people of all walks of life, AND LET THE PEOPLE KNOW. Maybe work on tax reductions for businesses that take a chance on these individuals and train them for the jobs that are open before we go outsourcing to other countries.

  • David Heller

    Hyper-automation is including contemporary technologies such as natural language processing, robotic process automation, and cognitive process automation to refine the existing technology. However, with hyper-automation, it becomes much easier to give your workforce a better work engagement and manage work with the help of different tools and also support working practices that are frictionless in every possible way.

    Hyper-automation ensures efficiency, quality and overall productivity with better safety. So, a technology that can interpret data, take decisions, and also make predictions is going to be a well sought-after technology this year.

    However, the question that always remains with hyper-automation is, how many businesses are going to give it the sole responsibility to complete work on its own?

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