Master of Occupational Therapy Educational Facility Tour
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Master of Occupational Therapy Educational Facility Tour

Messiah College at Winding Hill is custom
designed to the needs of our Master of Occupational Therapy students. The facility has versatile classrooms, state-of-the-art
simulation and research labs, lounge and study areas and a café. Winding Hill features a full-size apartment
with universal design for activities of daily living. It includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom
and bathroom. Students learn to assess and modify the home
environment to enhance function and participation in activities of daily life — from navigating
living spaces to preparing food and personal care. Messiah College occupational therapy students
work with children who have developmental needs in a simulation pediatric clinic, complete
with a climbing wall, indoor gym and sensory stimulation equipment. This lab includes rooms for assessment, demonstration
and development of fine motor skills. Messiah students engage in occupational analysis,
splinting, assistive-technology design and learn group facilitation skills, engaging
in diverse activities in the multipurpose lab. Winding Hill has a fully equipped cadaver
lab for the study of human anatomical structures and body systems. Our students observe how a variety of conditions
effect movement, function and participation in life tasks. Our facility has versatile classrooms and
the capability to connect with occupational therapy experts and students in the U.S. and
around the world. Winding Hill has modality and musculoskeletal
labs and dedicated space for research, small-group work and independent study. Students can get breakfast, lunch, snacks,
coffee and smoothies at the Café at Winding Hill. There are numerous lounge areas to eat, relax
and study during breaks. Learn more about Messiah College at Winding
Hill and our Master of Occupational Therapy program by visiting our web site and attending
an open house.

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