Man is Outraged After Learning Friend is HIV Positive  | What Would You Do? | WWYD
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Man is Outraged After Learning Friend is HIV Positive | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Tonight oh no , what would you do all about the peach!! What would you do head South to the peach state? And the Great city of Atlanta here’s John quinones Good evening from beautiful Centennial Park home of the 1996 Olympic games here in Atlanta Georgia [One] of the City’s Favorite Sons Martin Luther King, Jr. Once said the time is always right to do the right thing well tonight We put that to the [test] our hidden cameras are rolling and we’ve got Georgia on our minds when we ask the question what? [would] you do Hey, it’s on you have a moment to meet for lunch today. Yeah, just need to talk serve You sounded stress or something yeah? I uh I needed to talk to you you’re my oldest friend of course any time I [uh] just found out that I’m hiv positive What? Hiv [we] just shook hands and hug wait Why does that matter like you can’t catch it though it matters because I don’t want you giving your gay disease to me All my family’s the city of Atlanta has one of the country’s highest rates of people diagnosed with hiv and aids Particularly hard-hit is the City’s gay African-American community you’re out in public when you see a man newly infected with hiv reaching out to a good friend for support Instead he’s met with fear and condemnation What would you do? We’ve been friends since we were kids. I had no idea you were this ignat I’m smart enough to know not to let you put me [in] danger of a deadly disease We’re at Harold’s chicken and ice in an Atlanta neighborhood called the old [fourth] War I Found out yesterday. I’m hiv positive What how do you tell me you didn’t put my life in Jeopardy? [you] could have told me that before I got here before I even touched you this customer listens in on Hassan’s Uninformed response you know I could catch it from you I’ll tell you and he’s finally moved to join the conversation. This is disgusting me. What did you sneeze right now? What did you call everybody in here can be infected right now? I’m I’m sneezing [buddies] Ignorant if you think that man, I can’t believe you treat your friend like that, too. It’s Pathetic this Danny Yeah, [you’re] gonna. Tell me you don’t feel right, so thanks Jerry you can’t catch [age] like that You would take that risk. Yeah, you want to see Yeah, you got nothing [to] worry [about] man I’m sorry, you can’t be supportive right now learn how to be a friend. You’re a bigger man Y’all can be all good and friends. I ain’t dealing with it. Don’t worry about You through this But it’s definitely let him get it like that. It’s not me man You’re all [gonna] get it somehow. It’s disgusting right now Listen that warm. Sorry It’s like he’s like my oldest friend. [oh] [me] [so] yeah, that’s good. Hi guys sorry. Are you I’m john quinones. [they’re] actors Were upset yeah [Rajon] man nobody nobody treats anybody like that clearly It’s a pivotal moment and that young man’s life right there where he needs some kind of support and needs some help of a friend What was the final straw for you? You could have aids big deal I shook your hand doesn’t matter [to] your person your creation the breeze Nessa soul Just like I do nice to meet you miss better. Thank you It’s a topic [that] the people of Atlanta are talking about But for our next two customers. It’s not lunchtime conversation Listen yo, I can’t I gotta go wash my hands. I just shook your hand Desaad Brian Apologizes guys I’m sorry if you had to hear that and tries to strike up a conversation that was Rough but they ignore him then they get up cancel their food order How come is everything okay? Yes? All right, and then they leave the restaurant Why we catch up with them outside? What did you think of what you heard? [I] didn’t want to hear it, and I’m hungry. [I] don’t want to hit [I] was hungry, so I just decide to be go somewhere else you guys got upset I killed myself to be honest I wouldn’t want to pass that to nobody [I] wouldn’t say I [can’t] my side wheel, bro But I kept myself in you would worry about sharing silverware glass of water Using them if you were saying some value you add [off] my utensils. I gotta go home and wash them Yeah, there’d be kind of scary to hear you know like I go check myself. You know you can’t catch [it] that way It’s got to be the exchange of bodily fluids water I don’t know [it’s] saliva anything definitely when he turned around and looked at you and said I’m sorry you have to hear that you wouldn’t even look at him. No I couldn’t I could definitely bad for him Yeah, Tom. It was a game thing We roll one last time. What would you do in fact it? I hugged you when I [came] in here Yeah, you could give it to me when hassan steps away these women give something to brian don’t touch my drink Thank you. We’ve known each other for like 10 years I came to him for support Don’t get too close to these ladies it’s But it’s uncomfortable because he can put all of us at where it’s going to feel It’s just scary to not know and now they directly challenged [Hasan] to be a friend and Leave sorry, it’s just just a lot the way oh How are [you]? I’m john quinones. I’m hassan [normally] you’re in tears. [oh], and I’m coming better for you I’m so sorry the world I hate [peering] I’m just tired of What was going through your mind his condition is no worse than someone who has terminally ill cancer or any disease? How big an issue is aids in the gay community in Atlanta? It’s a big issue Especially I think in a black community is you know you have [a] lot of people? That have a problem with with being gay, but I think some people are actually more like that So you know God want us to love everybody? How do we solve it just love? Stop all this judgmental No matter what your religion [is] you’ll believe just love that’s it just love Next I love you, but you can stop being gay today when his parents try to pray away the gay There’s a sickness that’s going on inside of you [that] we need to fix will others join the choir or preach We release Hmm a different way, but it’s not right it’s not right to you When what would you do, Georgia on my mind returns?


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