Male Catheterization
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Male Catheterization

Okay, Mr. Fox, I’m going
to go ahead and drape you now. I’m going to be using this white drape and I make sure that I put
the shiny side down, grab the edges with my thumb here,
and bring in like so. Just place underneath the client. That way, I keep– My hands remain sterile. Now, I’m also, Mr. Fox,
going to apply this blue drape. Perfect. There we go. Now I’m going to bring my sterile field
over to my client’s perineum here, making sure that I’m
within my one inch border. I’m going to go ahead and clean, so I’m going to use my non-dominant hand and I’m grasping with my thumb
and my forefinger here so that I can see
the opening of the urinary meatus and now that I’ve placed my hand here, this hand is going to remain here
for the entire procedure. I’m also going to be
holding Mr. Fox’s penis in a perpendicular position. Now I’m going to go ahead and clean
with the cotton swabs here. I’ll be cleaning in a circular motion and I’m going to clean around,
and then down, and then discard. I’m going to do that three times. Around, down, and discard. Around, down, and discard. So now that’s clean. Now I’m going to insert the catheter. For the male patient,
we will be inserting 17 to 22 centimeters. If you happen to feel resistance,
we don’t want you to continue against the resistance. I’m going to be holding the catheter about ten centimeters from the tip. I’ll grab the other part here. Then I’m going to ask
Mr. Fox to bear down. Mr. Fox, can you bear down for me
like you feel the urge to urinate? Then I’ll go ahead and insert the catheter 17 to 22.5 centimeters,
until I get urine return. Now I have urine return, so I’ll insert it
another 2.5 to five centimeters. There we go. Now I’m going to inflate the balloon with five milliliters of the sterile solution. I’ve done that. And I’m going to disconnect. Now I’m ready to attach my catheter bag, so I’ll grab the tip of my catheter bag, remove the blue cap
so that my tip remains sterile, and I’ll go ahead and connect it
to the end of the catheter drainage system so I have that connected, and now the urine is draining
into the catheter bag. Now I can go ahead and remove this drape. (paper tearing and crumpling) Now I’d be able to go ahead
and tape it to his leg. In some agencies you might
have access to a flexi-track. In this particular agency we have tape, so I want to make sure
that when I’m taping it to his leg that I do it in such a way
that there is some slack so that it’s not pulling taut. There you go, so I’ll go ahead
and clean up the area, Mr. Fox, and get you comfortable, get you
in a more comfortable position and I’m going to talk to you a little bit about how to do your activities
while you have your catheter in, alright?


  • Big Bruno

    If the man has an enlarged prostate, you may want your audience this procedure will cause great pain while passing through the prostate. Thanks.

  • MS KS

    As usual a female sexually abusing a male customer. Why is it they don't show a male nurse doing this on a female customer? Is it because to females men are second class pieces of meat to be abused and They feel women are more important. Ask if men would prefer a male nurse for this.

  • Robert Alexander Tracey

    Trust me i had this done.. there is nothing that causes arousal.. you’re in a emergency room for pain. Plus the embarrassment of being unable to urinate and being in an area were others may see it get done.. nurses are very understanding to the situation you’re in and try their best to keep you calm.. man or female

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