Living in Singapore – What's it like?

hey what's up everyone hello youtube and welcome to Singapore right now I'm on the eastern side of Singapore called Posterous I might be pronouncing that incorrectly this area is just all residential nothing but apartment building most of them are designed exactly the same so don't normally make videos unless I can put a story behind it and just putting clips of time-lapses and drone footage isn't really entertaining in the end so I actually wasn't going to make a video about Singapore because I came here with a different purpose and that was to decide if living in Singapore would be good or not I want to be able to compare it to where I live in Taipei now and just see what it's like but I do have a lot of friends and family asking me for video clips so I'll put together this little montage right now of course there's lots of pros living in Singapore compared to the rest of Asia especially the air is you know perfect compared to anywhere else very breathable I don't feel like I'm going to die every time I walk outside the weather of course is awesome year-round it always warms the summer might get a little too hot I'm not quite sure on that yet taipei also gets very hot convenient well it's not exactly unconvenient but I'll get into that in a second but really there is a lot of entertainment here tons of food oh my god you can't go wrong eating anywhere the food is just awesome everywhere lots of diversity with the food choices and I was quite surprised the food here is just great all around so after you read about how everyone loves Singapore and how great it is there are some things that I didn't know about until I got here first one is the housing I mean I just mentioned before look all the apartments are the thing gal looks the same and the reason behind that is because a lot of these places are built by the government so like the building I'm living in now the building my friends live in down the street you have to apply to live there and right now the average is about four to five people applying her apartment so you have to win essentially a lottery to be able to live there and then you don't get the pick where you want to live so the housing market here is very controlled by the government heavy regulation [Applause] speaking of regulation cars are something very heavily regulated there is a limit on the number of cars that are allowed in Singapore you have to apply to drive a car here and if you win you earn the right to drive for ten years but that's not the only problem there are some blogs I've been reading that mention highway 37 thousand US dollars Mazda will end up costing you a hundred thousand US dollars here because there are these additional taxes and fees that go on top of it and it makes it almost impossible to have a car and this is a problem because if you look outside there are no stores look below all of these buildings there's no storefronts there's nowhere to get a cup of groceries there's no coffee shops like why aren't there coffee shops down there there's literally nothing so some people have to travel quite quite great distances to actually get to anything if you look down at the streets it's kind of strange the traffic isn't that bad downtown the traffic isn't that bad either so I feel like they could allow a few more cars but they're really trying to keep as many off the roads as possible so since there are any storefront on any of these blocks the only places to buy things or eat things or get your groceries are at malls and most of these are located at MRT stations or near the MRT station so these are the big hubs across all of Singapore this country basically consists of apartment buildings skyscrapers and malls that is what makes up Singapore then there's of course the entertainment and the tourism that goes around downtown and south of there near Sentosa Island which is unbelievable and beautiful beautiful places to see and go and great fun things like you want to spend a vacation here there are tons of fun things you can do going back to regulation there are a number of food and drink item one item is gum not only can you not chew it outside you'll get a fine but you can't buy it because my friend just told me that it's illegal to import it into Singapore so you catch your gum here the other item that stood out was alcohol after 10:30 p.m. you can not buy alcohol at the store it feels like socialism around here and this is the first time I've been to a country where socialism is so apparent and you can see it everywhere now in terms of buying things here in Singapore there are a lot of imports that are not offered in Taiwan and that's a big plus year because there's a lot more diversity in your choices and the prices can often be lower like protein products cost a lot last year in Thailand whey protein cost so much very heavily taxed Taiwan also taxed pretty high the stores you really do have everything you might need and more on top of that there are some great delivery services there's one called I believe red mark I might be saying that wrong but they deliver your groceries to you and other necessities at the end of the day Singapore is definitely a great place to live I mean look at these shots the downtown is beautiful there are beaches there are some outdoor wildlife things a lot of the locals say there aren't but there are so if you're thinking about moving to Asia or looking for a new place hope this video helps you like subscribe we'll see you next time back okay

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