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– Man, that one’s really hard – This is for young kids; you’re making an old 50-something year old lady do it JESS: Hey guys, welcome back to my channel My name is Jessica and today I’m here with my mom[CHEER]and we’re gonna learn Tik Tok dances together I saw Emma Chamberlain’s video on learning how to do Tik Tok dances and I thought since my mom’s in town, it would be fun to do one together so, yeah JESS: Let’s start with an easy one MOM: Yeah, just a easy one JESS: We’re gonna start with “Say So” by Doja Cat I’ve seen this around a few times; it’s a pretty old dance but I think it’s pretty easy[JESS laughs][BOTH laugh]MOM: It’s not easy JESS: Aw, I wish it would slow it down! MOM: I can do my own way MOM: “sAy sO” JESS: Shrug JESS: Cross arms JESS: Arms up JESS: Punch, snap JESS: Oh, this is hard! JESS: (singing) Say so~ MOM: We’ll get used to it JESS: (continues singing) MOM: There are a lot of people who don’t do the steps right MOM: We can just do what we want JESS: Yeah, it’s just whatever you want but I like to see the steps first MOM: I’m all over the place MOM: When we look at– MOM: Might as well do our own thing, huh? JESS: You punch and then, JESS: (snaps fingers) JESS: you snap MOM: Punch, snap JESS: And then you– JESS: And then you do it slowly– JESS: And then you do this JESS: And then that JESS: Ok? MOM: (laughing) I messed up JESS: Mom! JESS: It’s pretty easy, actually JESS: She uses her legs JESS: Oh my God, that’s hard JESS: Man, that one’s really hard JESS: It’s pretty easy, actually JESS: Oh! Sorry JESS: Ok Mom, I think we’re ready JESS: (laughing) Mom! MOM: I’m too stiff! MOM: I’m a little stiff JESS: Ok, so change of scenery JESS: We’re gonna try to film out here since the lighting is better JESS: We got “Say So” down JESS: and now we’re gonna try a different song JESS: I kinda wanna do “Suicidal” JESS: Ok JESS: Mom, you’re not in frame JESS: Mom, you have to be in frame MOM: No, let me– JESS: Mom, you’re not in the camera! MOM: Why? JESS: (singing) JESS: Oh my God, I’m hot JESS: Different song, different outfit JESS: You know what, let’s try a slow-down version MOM: That’s ok, leave it MOM: Leave it, leave it JESS: No, no, no, we can– JESS: we can slow it down, you know JESS: It just doesn’t look as smooth, you know? JESS: ’cause it’s like– MOM: Ohh JESS: –different time, but whatever MOM: No, then make it fast JESS: No, no, it’s ok MOM: Good JESS: Ok, you like that one? MOM: If you think it’s ok JESS: Let’s try it one time normal speed? MOM: M’kay JESS: Ok, next song we’re gonna do is the hardest– MOM: This is for young kids; you’re making an old 50-something year old lady do it JESS: Mom, stop MOM: How can I possibly do it well? JESS: We’re gonna try one last song before we JESS: have a mental breakdown JESS: So, let’s back up a little bit JESS: Yeah, we’re gonna try this– JESS: It’s pretty long, so we’re gonna do a duet so– JESS: ’cause it’s really hard to memorize MOM: Not yet JESS: Mom! MOM: Too long! JESS: Which one do you want to be, guy or girl? MOM: I’ll just be the guy JESS: Ok JESS: (laughing) Mom, you’re so funny! JESS: Mom, please! MOM: What is it? JESS: Please! MOM: You’re trashing it? JESS: Yes! MOM: I don’t know! I just do it, I don’t know anything JESS: Not too bad MOM: Not too bad, then just upload it JESS: No, no, no, Mom! JESS: We need to try until we succeed! MOM: Succeed?! JESS: Try, try, try, until you succeed JESS: That’s all we have for today JESS: What we learned is that I’m not the next rising Tik Tok star and neither is my mom JESS: Yeah Mom, what do you think of Tik Tok? MOM: I like it but I’m too old for it JESS: Me too MOM: It’s fun…to watch JESS: Thanks for watching, and I will see you in my next video JESS: Bye!


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