Learning how to love your body | Who are you Calling Fat? – BBC Stories
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Learning how to love your body | Who are you Calling Fat? – BBC Stories

Bullying in school was horrendous. It made me not want to be
on this Earth any more. I didn’t feel good enough
to be here, cos everybody else was telling me I wasn’t. My first memories from, I think,
maybe five years old was wanting to roll my shirt up and tie it
in a little knot, cos that’s what all the girls were doing,
cos it was really hot, and I knew that, when I did that, it was really
bad, because I had a little tummy. It must be amazing to be of a bigger
size and feel confident. And I didn’t even know
there was something called body positivity and body power
or whatever it is. I didn’t even know that existed
until coming in here. I just assumed everybody
was like me. I’m not confident.
I hate… I hate being this…size. It’s important that they’re shocked,
because it means that what we’re going to do is
going to have an impact. You all right? Um… No, not really. But… F**k it! I’m going to do it. Yay! We are standing for self-love. And if you agree with our message –
that you should love your body and accept who you are – then we invite you to come
and draw a heart on our body. Oh, my God.
My pens have just fallen down! The tighter, the better,
so I can’t see no-one. Hi. I love your nails. Thank you. How are you? I’m good, thank you. Well done. I think you’re doing an
amazing thing. Thank you so much. Great. I’ll take the red one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. No problem. Thank you. Thank you. Hi. Hi, I appreciate you. Oh,
thank you. You’re my hero. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. I’m glad I’m blindfolded. I was mopping up my tears. I’ll do one. Oh, thank you – on the belly. It feels amazing. I just
want to hug everyone. You know, they’re proud of their
bodies, and they should be. Yeah, I think it’s great. I think these women
are absolutely amazing. I’m over the moon. This is amazing. One of the best things
I’ve ever done. You know what’s, like, the most
surprising thing of it all? How many people are walking
past and just don’t care. Yeah, no, I agree. A lot of people don’t care,
and we internalise it. Yeah. To be fair, you could be
really right there. Oh, my God!

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